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Coin Buyer’s Guide to 18k vs. 22k vs. 24k Gold | U.S. Money Reserve

gold is gold is gold. Or is it ? The likely of your cute metals portfolio could be importantly impacted by the purity of the gold coins within it—and yes, gold purity can vary. Learn the winder differences between 18k, 22k, and 24k amber coins so you can choose the best intersection for your needs.

Karat vs. Fineness

Before we get excessively far, let ’ s go over a couple of major definitions : karatage and daintiness.

  • Karatage: Karatage refers to the purity of gold (such as 18 karats or 18k).
  • Fineness: Fineness expresses the precious metal content of gold in parts per thousand, such as 750—meaning 75% gold, which translates to 18k.

What follows is the breakdown of valued metallic element contentedness for 18k, 22k, and 24k gold.

Precious Metal Content of Gold
Karatage Fineness Coin
18k Gold Gold: 75%,
Silver: 15%
Copper: 10%
Generally reserved for gold jewelry
22k Gold Gold: 91.7%
Silver: 5%
Copper: 2%
Zinc: 1.3%
Gold American Eagle Coin
24k Gold Gold: 99.99%
(the purest type of gold you can buy)
Gold American Buffalo Coin

In the world of coins, those made of 24k gold can be among the most covet, but 22k gold coins surely don ’ thymine go unnoticed. gold american Eagle Coins are made of 22k gold and despite the fact that the U.S. Mint is required to issue Gold Eagles “ in quantities sufficient to meet populace necessitate, ” they ’ ve been ineffective to do so multiple times. The demand for the coins was simple excessively high. besides, because 22k coins contain copper, they ‘re physically sturdier than 24k aureate coins.

Gold Coin Prices by Purity

As you might imagine, since 24k gold coins are made of pure aureate, their prices tend to be higher than 22k aureate coin prices. And 22k gold coins tend to carry higher prices than 18k gold coins. More gold normally equals more money paid for a coin, particularly with gold bullion coins, but that ‘s not always the character. Certified aureate mint prices can besides vary based on a mint ‘s grade, stipulate, and handiness. here are examples of a democratic 22k gold bullion mint and a popular 24k gold bullion mint :

  • The 22k Gold American Eagle Coin is one of the top-selling gold bullion coins in the United States. The 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin is designated as official legal tender, meaning the federal government backs its gold content, weight, and purity. It’s a popular addition to any gold owner’s portfolio. It’s also the only 22k gold coin authorized by the IRS for inclusion in a Self-Directed IRA.
  • The 24k Gold American Buffalo Coin is a fine example of American coinage and is said to recall “a golden age of coin artistry.” Introduced in 2006, it’s the nation’s first-ever 24k gold coin. Plus, this 1 oz. coin is authorized U.S. legal tender. The Gold American Buffalo Coin takes its inspiration from one of the most recognizable designs ever struck by the U.S. Mint. declares that the American Eagle and American Buffalo are among the best gold coins for north american asset holders.

Why buy gold coins over jewelry?

therefore, why buy gold coins such as the american Eagle or American Buffalo ( or even gold bars ) alternatively of gold jewelry ? annual jewelry demand scantily changed in 2018, after a 3 percentage YoY devolve in Q4 demand reversed the Q3 gains, reports the World Gold Council. The reason for this flatcar demand could be threefold :

  1. Coins and bars can be easier to sell than gold jewelry, mainly because their purity and fineness are simpler to determine.
  2. Bullion coins and bars could sell closer to the spot price of gold than jewelry.
  3. Some would argue that the coin and bar pricing is more objective and consistent than jewelry, since fashion, added gemstones, and the history of a particular piece of jewelry could have a significant impact on its price.

The TaxAct Blog cites several other reasons to consider adding gold coins to your portfolio, including :

  • Gold tends to go up when other assets decline, providing a stabilizing effect for your portfolio.
  • Gold can work as a hedge against inflation.
  • Gold isn’t hit with capital gains taxes until you sell it.*

The bottom lineage is that coins can be one of the best ways for asset holders to buy gold, according to, because they ’ ra highly liquid and easily to sell or trade. Plus, gold coins may offer higher premiums than gold bars do. These are fair a couple of golden reasons to buy aureate coins vs. other types of the cherished metallic.

Are you wondering where to buy 24k gold coins ? Or 22k amber coins ? U.S. Money Reserve is America ’ s Gold Authority® for a argue. We know gold ! Shop government-issued 22k and 24k amber coins today. *Nothing herein should be considered as tax or retirement advice as U.S. Money Reserve can not and does not offer tax advice. Clients should consult an lawyer or tax adviser for specific tax or legal advice. U.S. Money Reserve does not guarantee the performance or service of any depository or IRA custodian. Estimated third-party storage and administrative fees are discipline to change at the free will of the selected autonomous IRA custodian and depository.

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