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Foreshadowing in The Kite Runner: Examples & Quotes – Video & Lesson Transcript |

The Flashback

Hosseini uses foreshadowing right away in chapter matchless. ” I became what I am today at the long time of twelve, on a arctic overcast day in the winter of 1975, ” the narrator, Amir, begins. This type of bode is paired with a flashback. The chapter is headed with a date of December 2001, so we know this novel will contain a flashback to Amir ‘s childhood. The reader ‘s interest is piqued when Amir prefaces his fib with things like, “ I remember the accurate moment, crouching behind a crumbling mud wall, peeking into the alley. ” What alley ? What was he peeking at ? Amir refers to his “ past of unatoned sins. ” Again, the lector is full of questions. What happened in his by ? What sins ? And how is this tied to the alley ? chapter one foreshadows the entire novel. As Amir sets up his history, dropping little hints along the manner, we realize that the novel will answer our questions in due naturally. The chapter is sprinkled with names : Rahim Khan, Hassan, Baba, Ali. Who are these people, and how are they all connected ? right from the start, the Hosseini prepares us for the travel we are about to take with Amir .

Subtle Foreshadowing

then, as we ‘ve seen, chapter one foreshadowed events of the novel in a rather obvious way. We are introduced to names and places that we can expect to encounter as we read. Throughout the perch of the fresh, foreshadowing comes to play in a much more elusive manner. Let ‘s take a closer expression at some of these examples.

Chapter Six – Hassan’s ”Two Faces”

Amir describes a strange feel he sometimes gets when he looks at his cheeseparing ally Hassan. ” I abruptly had the spirit I was looking at two faces, the one I knew. .. and another, a second face, this one loiter precisely beneath the surface. ” This is not the first time Amir has had this strange impression. ” I ‘d seen it happen before – it constantly shook me up a fiddling. ” This “ other boldness ” of Hassan would appear momentarily, giving Amir an “ faze feel ” that he had seen it somewhere else. then the moment would pass and Hassan would be “ equitable Hassan ” again. This passage is a insidious hint to the proofreader — remember that red flag, that “ Psst ! Pay care ! ” Hosseini employs it hera to foreshadow what we learn late in the novel ; that Hassan and Amir are actually half-brothers. That “ irregular confront ” that Amir sometimes sees in Hassan is his own .

Chapters Seven and 22 – Tormentor to Father and Son

In Chapter 22 we learn of a atrocious irony : Hassan ‘s raper, Assef, is now keeping Hassan ‘s son, Sohrab, as a arouse slave. Sohrab ‘s intimate abuse at the hands of the Assef is foreshadowed by the horrifying rape of Hassan in chapter seven. The scene is brief but sickening, and as Amir watches, excessively scared to stand up for his friend, he notes the “ resignation ” in Hassan ‘s face. He has “ the search of the lamb, ” an impeccant victim.

The comparison of Hassan to a lamb foreshadows the lyric used to describe his son, years belated. Right before the confrontation with Assef, Sohrab looks beseechingly at Amir. Amir takes note of Sohrab ‘s “ slaughter sheep ‘s eyes. ” The moment is made all the more chilling by the fact that we ‘ve already seen those eyes on Sohrab ‘s father .

Chapters Five and 22 – A Threat Followed Through

The orgasm of the fresh, in chapter 22, includes a antic scene in which Sohrab puts out Assef ‘s center with a slingshot. The consequence is shocking, however not wholly surprise. There ‘s something familiar about it. .. where have we seen this before ? Ah, yes ! The climactic action is foreshadowed back in chapter five, when Hassan is a child. Hassan and Amir run into Assef, who is about to hurt Amir. Assef is stopped mid-punch by the view of Hassan, holding a slingshot pointed at Assef ‘s eye. Hassan tells Assef that if he makes a move on Amir, his raw dub will be “ one-eyed Assef. ” Assef relents, and Hassan does n’t follow through. Years by and by, his son will carry out justice by bestowing that nickname on Assef once and for all.

Chapters 18 and 22 – The Table

sometimes foreshadowing can seem out of place, and only makes smell late. In chapter 18, Amir goes to get a cup of tea in Pakistan. He sits toss off and notices “ where the table ‘s legs crossed like an adam, there was a surround of brass balls, each walnut sized. ” Amir tightens one of the balls, which has come unscrewed. The here and now seems odd. Amir is trying to come to terms with some life-changing newsworthiness, why are we spending so much meter talking about the way the table is constructed ? In Chapter 22 we get our answer. Amir is in a room with Assef, and there is a coffee table : “ the establish was X-shaped, walnut-sized brass balls studding the band. ” sound familiar ? Amir is reminded of the table in Pakistan. Why are we still talking about tables ? Keep read, and there it is : as Assef beats Amir, Sohrab holds a slingshot loaded with “ something glazed and yellow. ” Amir recognizes one of the brass balls from the board. This is the weapon that puts out Assef ‘s eye and enables Amir and Sohrab ‘s evasion .

Lesson Summary

All right, nowadays that we ‘ve looked at all these examples, let ‘s take a brief moment to recap what we ‘ve learned. As we saw, Khaled Hosseini ‘s The Kite Runner makes great manipulation of foreshadowing, which is a literary device which gives elusive hints about what will occur as the floor unfolds. Remember, it ‘s like the writer nudge you and telling you to pay attention. As we learned, the first chapter foreshadows events in the novel through use of flashbacks. This chapter creates suspense and grabs the reviewer ‘s interest. Throughout the lie of the novel, foreshadowing comes to play in a assortment of elusive ways. In hindsight, after reading the final chapter, the attentive reader realizes the clues he has been given along the way .

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