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​The currentness is governed by the Libra Association, a non-profit administration based in Geneva, Switzerland. According to the association, they chose Switzerland because it ‘ has a history of global disinterest and openness to blockchain engineering, and the association strives to be a inert, international initiation ’ .
major payment companies were supposed to be among the founding members of the Libra Association – first announced as a consortium of 28 ball-shaped companies. however, only days prior to the Libra Association charting in Geneva, major payments companies Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, and Mercado Pago along with the on-line retailer eBay, announced that they were leaving Facebook ’ randomness cryptocurrency project. In a affirmation for the Financial Times, eBay and Stripe said that regulative doubt was a determine factor. Visa said in a statement, ‘ We will continue to evaluate, and our ultimate decision will be determined by a total of factors, including the Association ’ s ability to in full satisfy all necessity regulative expectations ’. Earlier that week, requital processor PayPal besides announced its swallow fifty from the Libra Association. In reaction to the newsworthiness, Calibra ’ s CEO David Marcus said on Twitter that he respects the companies ’ decision to wait until there is regulative clearness .
Despite the cancelled partnerships, the Libra Association established a Libra Association Council during a meet held in Geneva, on 14 October 2019. The council ’ s founding members include private companies such as : Uber, Vodafone, Spotify, and Lyft, and non-profit organisations such as Kiva, Mercy Corps, and Women ’ mho World Banking .
Facebook is part of the Libra Association through its newly formed subordinate – Calibra, which will develop electronic wallets for users to receive and spend Libra. Calibra is software that will enable Libra users to send clamant money transfers via the Libra network. Calibra will first become available on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and late as a stand-alone app for mobile users. User accounts on Calibra will be verified by government issued IDs, and will not have the choice of being used anonymously. Regarding the privacy of user data, Calibra pledged not contribution account information or fiscal data with Facebook, Inc. or any third gear party without customer consent. Calibra has issued guidelines which address the privacy of its users. Calibra will besides offer 24/7 confirm for its users through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

On the one hand, Libra will bring the notion of easily transported, low-fee transactions, and programmable money to many people who have never used this kind of service earlier. This could become a game changer, and leave to the wider adoption of digitize currencies. At the same time, there is the gamble that the Libra could stifle the development of many blockchain and FinTech-based services which offer alike solutions .
On the other hand, the Libra is not a typical cryptocurrency. Unlike big cryptocurrencies build on open blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ether, Libra is not decentralised ; it is governed by a central body – the Libra Association. It is not open ; while everyone can use it, not everyone can confirm transactions or attend at the blockchain data. It is not censorship-resistant ; users ’ funds can be seized .
It is frequently claimed that the independent advantage of traditional cryptocurrencies lies in their independence from money issued by central banks. With the Libra, Facebook may be changing the narrative around cryptocurrencies, promoting them as tools whose main advantages are low transaction fees and fast payments .
A few months after the official free of the Libra flannel newspaper, Marcus was summoned to Washington for extensive hearings in movement of u lawmakers .
This quick reaction and question by the US government was triggered by Facebook ’ mho ( and its partners ) ambitious plans to create a global cryptocurrency which will be integrated into Facebook ’ s social media networks and service, as they describe it, as a whole of account and a requital service. The newsworthiness was followed by an immediate response from regulators cosmopolitan, largely voicing their concerns around digital policy : data and privacy, cybersecurity, e-commerce and e-trade .
hera is a drumhead of the developments surrounding Libra, and the issues related to it.
Ilustration: Libra cryptocurrency

Financial aspect

Libra is being advertised as a fiscal invention that will bring the benefits of deal and global payments to users who would not be able to get these services via traditional banking. The terminus ‘ unbanked ’ is often used in press releases launched by Libra and Facebook. Facebook besides created the subordinate ship’s company ‘ Calibra ’ that will be creditworthy for developing the electronic wallet ( software/app which handle the Libra digital currency ) to be used in this system. Global on-line requital systems have contributed in capital part to the boom of the digital economy and e-commerce. Businesses can now compete on a global flush, embark goods globally, and receive money from global customers .
moment global payments with low or no fees could help in reshaping the remittance industry worldwide, which is still lagging behind in technical innovations .
In accession to the benefits brought by payment services, Facebook is proposing a singular unit of explanation for its organization, and advertising it as a cryptocurrency. This changes things from a regulative point of view. The proposed Libra cryptocurrency would be run by the Libra Association ( based in Geneva, Switzerland ) and would be backed by funds consisting of sovereign decree currencies ( US dollar, GBP, Euro, Yen ) and other government issued securities. The creation of a sovereign cryptocurrency run by one of the worlds largest companies did not resonate well with regulators worldwide. In an interview on Europe 1 radio receiver, the french Minister of Finance Bruno La Meire said, ‘ It is out of question ’ that Libra ‘ become a autonomous currency ’. A exchangeable statement was made by the Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Masayoshi Amamiya and the US Federal Reserves Chairman Jerome Powell, who voiced their concerns regarding the Libra digital currency. Powell stated, ‘ Libra raises many serious concerns regarding privacy, money wash, consumer security and fiscal stability, ’ at a hearing in front of the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee .
The chief concern lies in the fact that Facebook ’ s 2.6 billion users presents a massive shock on e-commerce and would lead to Libra ’ s monopoly in the market. No bank or fiscal institution worldwide has a user base that big. In his testimony in-front of the US Senate House Financial Services Committee, Marcus stated that Facebook would not grant rights for all of its users to use Libra immediately. Calibra would start with a raw user-base and would require users to sign-up for using the overhaul. however, he testified that around 90 million businesses that advertise on Facebook or use it as a trade chopine would be implemented into their long-run scheme .
More and more fiscal international and intergovernmental organisations are opening up to the possible emergence of nacional digital currencies. The Bank of International Settlement ( BIS ) is building a network of ball-shaped initiation hub that will help governments around the populace begin building sovereign digital currencies, and to better understand the engineering behind them. Hubs will be open in Basel, Hong Kong, and Singapore .
In its latest web log on FinTech and fiscal innovations, the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) concluded that we might see the development of national based digital currencies soon .

Data protection and privacy

Two things that come to mind whenever Facebook is mentioned in populace sermon is datum privacy and datum protection. Following the Cambridge Analityica revelations, Facebook received a distribute of scrutiny from regulators global. Calibra CEO David Marcus stated that the Calibra digital wallet will not mix any personal data from the Facebook social network with the fiscal data recorded on the Libra blockchain.

none of Facebook ’ s 2.6 billion users will have immediate access to Libra. All users will have to create a separate Calibra bill and upload their personal government ID in order to comply with global Know Your Customer ( KYC ) procedures .
Marcus testified that the Libra Association is working with the Financial Stability Board ( the G20 fiscal administration FST ), and Swiss and US regulators ( FINMA and FICEN ) to introduce rigorous KYC and Anti Money-Laundering ( AML ) procedures for all engineering solutions that can be built on top of the Libra engineering. This is in accordance with the ball-shaped AML rules proposed by the FATF in June 2019 .
The Libra Association proposed that the swiss Federal Data Protection Information Commissioner ( FDPIC ) should be their privacy regulator. Calibra ’ s database of fiscal transactions will present a bang-up target for cyber criminals .
Given the many privacy and datum auspices concerns that Facebook has generated in the past, it is not storm that similar concerns are immediately being raised with regards to Libra. Critics are worry that the cryptocurrency would give Facebook access to user data, including information of a fiscal nature. They go equally far as arguing that it could become the party ’ s ‘ most encroaching and dangerous shape of surveillance ’ .
Aware of its reputation, Facebook claims that the organization Libra is created upon takes into score privacy concerns. In accession to providing ‘ simple, apprehensible, and accessible data management controls ’ to its users, Facebook ’ s subordinate Calibra ‘ will not share account information or fiscal data with Facebook or any one-third party without customer accept ’. In fact, Marcus even promised that such information will not be used to improve ad targeting on Facebook. It remains to be seen what all this will mean in practice, as it is not the first gear time that Facebook has promised to pay more attention to user privacy .
In a most recent statement ‘ The Regulatory Regime for Stablecoins ’, the Libra Association explains, ‘ The Libra Association members, acting as node validators, will not be able to access, use, or share personal data regarding end-users of the Libra Blockchain ’. Libra will besides impose hard cybersecurity rules for node operators in regulate to preserve payment network robustness .

Security issues

Anti money laundering ( AML ) and the contend against finance terrorism were at the focus of security system issues surrounding the future issue of Libra. As stated earlier, in July 2019 the FATF agreed on a ball-shaped response to the threats that crypto-assets pose for solicitation activities and money-laundering. FATF proposed a global overview of all crypto-asset issuers, and rules for all on-line users to be identified when using these services .
The Libra Association issued a statement regarding the concerns voiced from the G20 Financial Stability Board on global stablecoins. The Libra Association, addressed emerging issues thought to be vital for the future the Financial Stability Board report. In a letter, the association said that future cryptocurrency will be designed to preserve national reign over fiscal and monetary policy, and will not undermine it. Libra will comply with the ball-shaped AML, and KYC regulations. Members of the Libra Associations added that invention in a field of ball-shaped stablecoins as a fast, secure requital channels across Internet platforms, are worth exploring and stated that, ‘ Libra coins can well coexist aboard cardinal bank-issued digital currencies. China has been successfully innovating in this area with private mobile networks ’ .

(Geo)Political consequences

France and Germany have agreed to block Facebook ’ s Libra cryptocurrency. In a joint statement, the two governments affirmed that ‘ no private entity can claim monetary power, which is built-in to the sovereignty of nations ’ .
In a recent interview, Apple ’ s CEO Tim Cook stated in reaction to the Libra marriage proposal, that Apple will not pursue the issue of its own cryptocurrency, and besides added, ‘ I deeply believe that money must remain in the hands of states. I am not comfortable with the idea that a private group creates a compete currency. A private ship’s company does not have to seek to gain exponent in this means ’ .
On 23 October, Facebook ’ randomness CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on issues surrounding the Libra cryptocurrency. During the six-hour-long learn, Zuckerberg repeated multiple times that Libra is intended to be a requital system and not a currency. In his public opinion, Libra should not be regulated as a deposit. Later in the hearing he referred to Libra as a ‘ stablecoin ’. Zuckerberg pledged not to release Libra until there is full conformity with the regulations of the US and ball-shaped fiscal institutions. ‘ Libra will not launch anywhere in the world if not complied to the US law. ’ he added. It will comply with the Anti Money-Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism ( AML/CFT ) fiscal regulations posed by the Financial Action Task Force ( FATF ). Answering what the drive coerce behind Libra is, Zuckerberg said that the ‘ Biggest question for the future is competitiveness ’ .
In response to why the Libra Association ( independent, non-profit body which will control the work of Libra cryptocurrency ) chose Switzerland as its headquarters, he said that when developing a global payment arrangement, Geneva is an slowly choice, as its a place with many international organisations. In reaction to whether he would reconsider moving the Libra Association to the USA, he said that that is not his decisiveness to make .
On the question of data privacy, Zuckerberg testified that Facebook will impose rigorous dominance of data access via Calibra, Facebook ‘s subsidiary company party in the Libra .

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Financial Services Committee – 10/23/2019
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Financial Services Committee – 10/23/2019
Facebook’s David Marcus testifies on Libra cryptocurrency – 07/17/2019 Facebook ‘s David Marcus testifies on Libra cryptocurrency – 07/17/2019

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