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Buy 1 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf | Gold Coins | U.S. Money Reserve

Buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

After more than a hundred, exceptional coin production still stands as the hallmark of the Royal Canadian Mint. From the very first coin it struck—a fifty-cent piece in 1908—to the celebrated canadian Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin first hit in 1979, the Royal Canadian Mint ’ mho name is synonymous with quality Canadian gold coins. The canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin holds the honor of being the first bullion coin to ever contain 1 snow leopard of .9999 finely gold. It ’ s the highest purity available for amber coins and a suit distinction for the imperial Royal Canadian Mint. You can introduce this level of prestige to your metals portfolio with canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins available through U.S. Money Reserve, America ’ s Gold Authority®.

Why Buy 1 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins?

Adorned with contact images framed in a dateless design, the 1 oz. canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin is highly involve and recognized for its honor and quality. That ’ s crucial if you ’ ra interested in bolstering— or beginning— a metals portfolio that protects your wealth with palpable assets. With the ball-shaped economic climate apparently in a constant express of magnetic field, there ’ mho peace of mind in such an approach. fiscal assurance, accessible wealth, and stunning art : the canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin may represent one of the most impressive additions to your savings plan this year.

Specifications for Canadian Gold Maple Leafs

  • Year: Varied
  • Denomination: $ 50 ( canadian Dollars )
  • stipulate : Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Grading Service: sodium
  • metallic element contentedness : 1 troy oz .
  • purity : .9999 ( 24k )
  • Mint Mark: not Shown ( Royal Canadian Mint )

History of the 1 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is a intersection of the Royal Canadian Mint, an institution that was established when England ’ second leaders recognized “ The Great White North ” as its own nation. In 1979, fair over 70 years later, the Mint unveiled the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. At the time, south african Krugerrands were the only pure gold bullion coins available, however, they were in curtly issue due to a boycott of South Africa. The Royal Canadian Mint responded to the necessitate by producing a canadian gold coin minted from gold mined within Canada. Enter Canadian Gold Maple Leafs ! The delay for this Canadian gold mint was worth it, as evidenced by its huge popularity and cherished status among precious metals enthusiasts the populace over. Beautiful. Treasured globally. Blooming after many years of difficult solve and give effort. The canadian Gold Maple Leaf ’ randomness history is emblematic of the history of Canada itself.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Design

Obverse Maple Leaf Design: The Quintessential Canadian Maple Leaf

The obverse of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf blueprint is a meticulous rendition of the canadian maple leaf. once referred to as the baron of canadian forests, the maple tree has provided sap—for Canada ’ s celebrated maple syrup—for centuries. once present on all canadian coins, the maple flick is immediately reserved for choice neologism like the 1 oz. canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

Reverse Maple Leaf Design: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The rearward of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin portrays with maestro craft one of history ’ s most iconic leaders : Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It ’ s the fourth of the Queen ’ s portraits to grace canadian neologism, but the first to show her without a crown. The engraving conveys her stateliness with expertness, magnified by .9999 finely gold.

IRA-Approved: The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

only a choose few coins and bars, at rigorous fineness grades, are accepted for consumption in autonomous Individual Retirement Accounts ( IRAs ) by the Internal Revenue Code. The 1 oz. canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin rises to those stern standards. That ’ s because, in addition to its .9999 gold fineness, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is produced by a home politics mint. precious metals offer advantages unavailable in traditional IRAs, protected as they are by sometimes disruptive grocery store forces that can dictate the respect of a holding—or lack thereof—because of political agitation, an economic scandal or another spiritual world event. A retirement strategy that includes cute metals like the 1 oz. canadian Gold Maple Leaf can fight back against such excitability. One of our knowledgeable U.S. Money Reserve IRA Account Executives can help guide you through setting up your IRA with 1 oz. canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins in good a few elementary steps. Call 1-844-307-1589 today.

How Much Does a 1 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Cost?

The gold content and legal tender “ confront ” value ( $ 50 ) are imprinted on canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins. Prices for 1 oz. canadian Maple Leafs vary based on a number of factors. As a bullion coin, a Maple Leaf Gold Coin ’ s market value is tied about wholly to its weight in gold ( in this case, 1 oz. ) and the stream market price of gold, which makes it an ideal option for liquid, short-run hold. Prices can besides change depending on the supply and demand for aureate, and local, national and global economic conditions.

Where Can I Buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins?

You can easily buy 1 oz. canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins on-line or over the earphone, courtesy of U.S. Money Reserve. canadian gold coins of this honor are potentially a bang-up addition to anyone ‘s precious metals strategy, whether you ‘re a market seasoned or good getting started. If you are concerned in the beautiful and historic Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin, contact us today. Account Executives are standing by to answer your questions !

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