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A Mule Coin Makes A Fascinating Treasure For Error Coin Collectors

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Have you ever heard anybody use the term mule coin ? A mule is a type of error coin. It has an obverse ( heads side ) purpose and a reversion ( tail side ) design that wouldn ’ thyroxine normally go together on the same coin.

Mule error coins are peculiarly interesting pieces. They derive their name from the offspring of a donkey and a sawhorse. This creation ( a blend of 2 distinctly different species ) normally serves as a working animal. While mule coins aren ’ t necessarily beasts of charge, they are very a lot analogous to the mule of the animal kingdom — because they consist of 2 coins that wouldn ’ thymine typically be together.

Whether they are by chance strike or intentionally made, mule coins are quite rare. Mule error coins have long attracted the interests of coin collectors. These coins are high on the need lists of many error mint collectors !

Popular Mule Error Coins

2000 Sacagawea/Washington Quarter Dollar Mule Error

One of the most popular mules is a dollar-size mint showing the obverse of the Washington country quarter and the overrule of a Sacagawea dollar — struck on a dollar planchet in the year 2000. This mule mint, as it happens, is actually a legitimate error that the US Mint confirmed. batch officials say that a Sacagawea dollar coin die cracked in output, and a Washington quarter die was by chance used to replace the broken die. The discovery happened after thousands of these erroneousness coins were made. Most of them were destroyed, however a few apparently got out. There are 18 of these rare error coins known to exist. This 2000 Sacagawea dollar coin sold for over $ 29,900 when it was first found and authenticated. Another of these Sacagawea dollar/Washington quarter mules sold for an astounding $ 155,250 !

1959-D Lincoln Cent Mule

Another democratic mule coin is the 1959-D Lincoln cent. This 1959 Lincoln wheat penny is a rare wheat penny erroneousness that ’ s worth $ 50,000.

There is only one of them known to exist. While it has been authenticated by the U.S. politics and the mint is genuine — there is actually no record of the 1959-D wheat penny always being made at the U.S. Mint !

Of course, that doesn ’ thymine mean the coin was not made there — but it has left many to speculate that the 1959-D penny error was made as a one-off piece. For exemplar, it may have been struck as a prank, a gag, a make bold, or even as an intentional attempt by a Mint employee to make a singular coin that would someday become very valuable. There ’ mho decidedly a set of mystery behind the 1959-D penny mule !

Other Famous Mule Error Coins

early mule coins that are known to exist:

  • A 1967 New Zealand 2 cent coin with the obverse of a Bahama 5 cent coin
  • A dateless British 20 pence mule incorporating old and new designs from before and after the 2008 redesign of British coins
  • Several 2010 Winter Olympic coins from Canada are interesting mule coins

How To Find Mule Error Coins

Remember, mule coins are highly rare — then even if you ’ ra looking through bags, boxes, and rolls of coins for years and years on end, there ’ s no guarantee you ’ ll find one. But there are a few ways you can increase your chances of finding a mule error coin:

  • Check bags, boxes, and rolls of NEW coins — Chances are better you’ll find a mule this way, rather than looking at bunches of coins that people have already sifted through.
  • Visit estate sales and yard sales looking for coin collections — You may find something unusual this way. Be wary though. Many big “discoveries” made this way turn out to be altered coins or coins with post-mint damage.
  • Tell people you’re looking for strange coins — And don’t forget to offer payment for these coins, because people probably won’t just give you free coins and tokens! But you might just find what you’re looking for. (Remember the story of how Leon Baller stumbled upon his 1959-D mule penny?)

adept luck… and glad collect !

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