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Vault Silver: 1 Troy oz .999 Silver, Securely Stored – Money Metals Exchange

Introducing the Lowest Cost Way to Buy .999 Pure Silver

**NOTE: Vault Silver is a storage only product. The ounces purchased are held in bailment on your behalf and stored in a licensed, third-party Class 3 vault. Clients must complete a storage agreement after checkout and there is an affordable fee for storage. The fee starts at just $96 per year and goes as low at 39 basis points (.0039) per year for holdings of $1,000,000 or more. Clients with $100,000 in Value stored pay just $490 per year (.0049 x $100,000), for example.** 
now you can buy forcible argent without the markup of most minted bullion products. You can avoid the price, fuss, and delay associated with having your silver medal shipped. And you get the ultimate in security for your silver by storing in Class 3 state-of-the-art vaults at CNT Depository in Massachusetts or Delaware Depository in Delaware .
Thousand-ounce silver medal bars by and large offer the lowest cost. The challenge is in making them authentically available to clients — not via hypocrite paper derivatives which purport to represent silver .
The worry is that each browning automatic rifle weighs approximately 70 lbs making them expensive and bad to ship — and hard to handle. Later, when it is fourth dimension to sell, bars which have left the vault system must be melted and re-assayed. This means meaning extra price and check. low-cost exchange-sized bars work best for investors when they remain in an exchange-approved depository.

The solution is Vault Silver.

How do we do it ? By providing clients with the ability to accumulate ounces through steer, allocate ownership in exchange-sized ( 1000 oz ) silver bars ( or other size .999 silver bullion items if ever available at lower premiums ) which are stored physically segregated for Vault Metals customers.

Why do we do it ? There very is merely one reason. Clients want it .
More specifically :

  • Fabricated coins, rounds and smaller bars are often in short supply, particularly during periods of turmoil and high demand. SIlver is either unavailable, or premiums go sky-high, just when investors need silver most.
  • Some customers worry about security and the difficulty of handling silver at home — especially when it comes to large holdings.
  • Some customers prefer to avoid the cost, hassle, and delay associated with shipping silver — particularly when it is time for them to sell some of their holding.
  • Customers can liquidate their Vault Silver ounces anytime for U.S. dollars — or convert the ounces into items that can be shipped directly to them using a standard exchange transaction (charges may apply).
  • Although these large commercial bars are too heavy and too risky to ship via common carriers, customers can arrange to take direct personal possession of these large bars directly by picking them up at the depository.
  • We also have a few clients who want to more frequently buy and sell silver. They don’t want to trade securities or paper contracts with crooked Wall Street bankers, in the COMEX’s highly leveraged casino which some feel is rigged by the big banks. They want the security and trust associated with holding unleveraged physical metal owned by them directly, securely stored by someone they can trust, outside and away from Wall Street and the rickety financial system. But they need an option with a low bid/ask spread.

Vault Silver is low-cost — like an ETF. however, unlike an ETF, Vault Silver holders own actual physical silver directly — quite through a security musical instrument with counterparty risk.   Every ounce our clients own is insured, securely stored without encumbrances, and available for them to liquidate quickly for cash, exchange into other items, or take direct personal possession of these large bars from the depository.

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