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U.S. Counterstamped Coin Values | APMEX®

Counterstamped Coin Design

A counterstamped mint is not a particular type of mint, but quite something that was done to it. There are several unlike names for the commit depending on how it was done, including countermark, counterstamp, punchmark and chopmark. Coins were created with a specific design stamped onto them by the die when they were created, but at some point after their creation counterstamped coins were stamped by another authority .
Most of these coins are early U.S. Large Cents, but there are a broad kind of early coins as well, including most of the Capped and Draped Bust Silver quarters, half dollars and dollars. Trade dollars were frequently chopmarked, as they were designed for use in the Far East for barter and the practice of stamping a “ chop ” or little cross off in the coin to certify its authenticity was common .
early U.S. coins and alien currency were frequently marked with a counterstamp, and there are many counterstamps that are good known for their use throughout the colonies and the fledgling United States of America. Some like “ J.M. Taylor ” are fecund and easily recognized by collectors .
Counterstamps were used for many different purposes. Some repurposed coins into tokens or tickets of admission. Others turned them into tokens accepted at a particular store or broker. Some were used as advertisements for business. Some U.S. coins were shipped to places like Puerto Rico and counterstamped to make them legal tender in that country. The purposes were varied.

Counterstamping fell out of favor over the years, and it ’ sulfur unusual for it to be practiced in mod times. It falls in a partition of questionable legality. revision of currency is not inevitably illegal — machines to flatten and stamp pennies are normally used to create souvenirs. But the government does not tend to appreciate counterstamping, and many of the reasons for its use are disused now .

Historical Significance

Counterstamps are singular and often tied to belittled local events and shopkeepers, making them a fascinate glimpse into trade and department of commerce at the time of the counterstamp. While coins tell the fib of the country or minting authority that created them, counterstamps tell the stories of the businesses and unconstipated people of their age .

Numismatic Value

Counterstamped coins are a unique collectible and the commercialize can vary. It is a recess market among collectors. Some coins are collected in cattiness of counterstamps because there are not that many in being, but others are collected because of them. Prices are very individual .

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