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In the brief twenty-three year period since its introduction, the american english Silver Eagle has become the most widely traded silver bullion mint in the global, continuing silver ’ sulfur five thousand year history of sex appeal and value. As a further testament to the american government ’ second impression in the soundness of these coins and their suitability as investments, American Silver Eagles were the only silver items of any kind allowed to fund Individual Retirement Accounts ( i.e., IRAs ) prior to 1997. low-cost, versatile, beautiful : the american Silver Eagle.
The american Silver Eagle is the merely silver bullion coin in the world whose honor is guaranteed by the government of the United States. It stands at the acme of a two hundred year history of american english silver neologism. The american Silver Eagle plan was authorized by Congress in late 1985 with the first coins appearing the succeed summer. Since their introduction, over seventy million american Silver Eagles have been sold to collectors and investors around the populace. As stipulated by jurisprudence, American Silver Eagles are composed of ash grey mined entirely in the United States with a purity of .999, making them the purest silver bullion coins always minted and offered to the public by the United States. All american Silver Eagles are struck in the one troy snow leopard denomination with a declared face value of $ 1. They are significant coins, measuring 40.6mm in diameter and 2.98mm compact, and have a heft befitting their quality.
The american Silver Eagle is considered by many to be the most beautiful coin in production nowadays. It takes its design directly from one of the most popular and iconic coins in U.S. history, Adolph A. Weinman ’ s Walking Liberty half-dollar of 1916-1947. Lady Liberty is depicted striding confidently toward a rising sun, draped in the security of the american sag, and carrying laurel and oak branches that symbolize american civil and military ability. The rearward of the mint features a modern design created expressly for the american Silver Eagle by John Mercanti, the head engraver at the U.S. Mint. It depicts a proud heraldic eagle placed immediately beneath thirteen stars representing the original thirteen colonies. By combining the classical with the modern, the american english Silver Eagle coins are able to capture the unique spirit of our area : proud of our history while moving toward our future with aim.
From its very inaugural class of consequence, the american Silver Eagle has been produced by the United States Mint in both an investment-grade bullion version and a more collectible proof version. The american Silver Eagle Proof Coins are produced in West Point, New York, using a painstaking mint process that involves the manual feed of polish coin blanks into specialize presses that strike each likely proof coin several times. The result of this incredible care to detail is the initiation of an american Silver Eagle with arresting, frost devices atop a brilliantly mirrored field. The proof coins that emerge from the mint presses are thoroughly inspected, sealed in archival plastic, and packaged in satin-lined velvet boxes that are accompanied by official U.S. Mint certificates guaranteeing their purity and slant. american Silver Eagle Proof Coins are truthful collector ’ second items and, as such, are alone produced in extremely express quantities each year.

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