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* AU-50 (Numismatic) – Definition – Lexicon & Encyclopedia

AU-50 This is for “ About Uncirculated “ ( the grade ) and “ 50 ” ( the numeral appellation of that grade ). besides called “ Almost Uncirculated -50. ” This is the lowest of the four AU grades, with the others being AU53, AU55, and AU58 .
AU-50, AU-53, AU-55, AU-58
About Uncirculated ( the grade ) and50 ( the numerical appointment of that rate ). There are four AU grades. AU-50 is the lowest. The other grades are AU53, AU55, and AU58. High point mho of the coin will have wear that is easily detectable to the naked eye.

Full detail with friction over most of the surface, slender flatness on high points
AU-50 + …
1959-P, ~, Breen 5251, Double vitamin d Reverse Die. POR
John F. Kennedy Half Dollar sulfur ( 1964- )
Silver Kennedy Half Dollars …
( ~ ) About Uncirculated – slender traces of wear on high points of the coin ‘s blueprint ; may have reach marks and eye appeal should be satisfactory.
( AU-58 ) Very Choice About Uncirculated – Slightest hints of wear marks, no significant contact marks, about full mint shininess, and positive center attract .
1857 $ 20 Liberty. ~. Some minor hairlines but all in all a identical acceptable Liberty twenty dollar bill of the first design without motto and with the denomination abbreviated TWENTY D ( PCGS # 8920 ).
Estimate d Value $ 750 – 800.
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Unsold …
~ : defined as a coin that has only child flatness on the high points of the coin and friction over most of the coins surface.
AU-53 : is the same but with friction only on half of the coin and a little less flatness.
AU-55 : is friction on less than half of the coins coat and identical slight two-dimensionality .
For case, Choice AU-55 represents an specially blue-ribbon About Uncirculated mint ( typical About Uncirculated being ~ ).
cleaning – Refers to removing dirt or differently altering the appearance of a mint through the use of abrasive materials that mar or scratch the surface in a detectable fashion.

~ is not a very invoke coin but it is calm closely uncirculated.
Very Choice About Uncirculated ( AU – 58 ) – A Choice About Uncirculated coin is a lot like the ~ assortment but has about no contact marks, there about full luster and the coin is visually appealing .
That is why the 1938-D is $ 30 in G-4 nowadays but $ 240 in ~, $ 400 in MS-60 and $ 950 in MS-65. They are premium prices, but there is not a significant price spread between ~ and MS-65. By comparison, a 1918 with a mintage over 6 .
1819 Matron Cent Newcomb 7 PCGS ~ BN CAC
1800 Draped Bust Half Dime LM-2 PCGS VG-10 CAC
1837 Seated Liberty Half Dime No Stars. Small Date PCGS MS-65 CAC
1796 Draped Bust Dime PCGS G-06 CAC
1861-S Seated Liberty Dime PCGS AU-55
1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime Arrows PCGS VF-35 …
about Uncirculated ( ~ ) has traces of light wear on many of the high points. At least half of the mint luster is still confront.
Choice highly Fine ( EF-45 ) shows light overall wear on highest point s. All design details are very crisp. Some of the mint luster is apparent .
Coins graded About Uncirculated-53 will have approximately 50 % of the master mint luster present and fewer marks than on an About Uncirculated-50 mint. Some adept randomness feel that AU-53 is a otiose degree and, consequently, the deviation between a coin graded ~ and AU-53 is unvoiced to describe .

about Uncirculated – A scaling term describing a mint that initially appears to be Uncirculated, but upon closer inspection a small rub or friction can be seen. Abbreviated as AU. numerical equivalents associated with About Uncirculated are : ~, 53, 55, and 58, …
Another 1935 example, graded ~ by ICCS, realized $ 990 ( $ 779 U.S. ), against the $ 800 to $ 1,000 estimate .
An adjective used to describe an above average specimen of a given mark. For case, Choice EF-45 represents a mint above the distinctive EF-40, but still below ~.
Choice ( 2 )
An Uncirculated or Proof coin by and large agreed as the equivalent of grading 63 to 64 on a 70 point scale .

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