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What is CDN in Coin Collecting?

CDN in Coin Collecting is called  Coin Dealer Newsletter (CDN)
I ’ megabyte mindful that coin dealers utilize a hidden price reference when dealing with other coin dealers or purchasing coins from the general public. Is it feasible for non-coin dealers to obtain copies of this price guide ?

The Untold Story of Coin Dealer Pricing

The “ Coin Dealer Newsletter ” is a monthly publication that provides a sweeping guide to coin price ( or “ CDN ” for short ). Coin dealers refer to this newsletter as the “ Greysheet ” since it is printed on grey paper.

This magazine is aimed at the coin and currentness specialists and dealers who require up-to-date price information. CDN takes pride in delivering accurate and bonny monetary value data based on real-world coin dealer transactions. furthermore, the pricing template implies that coins be graded appropriately according to industry standards .
The Greysheet includes values for all major US coins, type coins, world bullion gold, bags, complete sets, Proof sets, and US Mint sets in diverse coin grades. The mention prices are “ bid ” prices. The “ bid ” price refers to the dealers ’ wholesale price for the coin. To put it another manner, to receive sweeping prices from a coin trader, you ’ d have to conduct a set of business with them. retail pricing is applied because the general populace rarely reaches the compulsory volumes .
While the Greysheet can be useful for buying or selling coins, keep in mind that these are wholesale prices, which typically imply many coin trades with little or no customer care. If you ’ ve inherited a coin collection and need it survey and graded before selling it, the Red Book will assist you in properly identify and grading your coins. The bolshevik Book ( A Guide Book of United States Coins ) can help you figure out the retail “ price ” of the coins you inherited. If you intend to sell them, consult the Blue Book ( Handbook of United States Coins ), providing you with the coins ’ retail “ worth. ”

List of Top coin dealer newsletters

#1. Greysheet Coin and Currency Pricing for Dealers and Collectors – Greensheet – CPG – CAC
Summary:  Greysheet has been the trusted beginning for collectibles, rare coins, and currentness price since 1963 .Cyber Security Career now!
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#2 Greysheet Coin and Currency Pricing for Dealers and Collectors – Greensheet – CPG – CAC
Summary:  Greysheet has been the trusted source for collectibles, rare coins, and currency price since 1963 .

#3. CDN Exchange – The Best Dealer Only Network for Collectibles
Summary:  CDN Exchange is the industry standard in dealer-to-dealer exchange of bargain, bid, and sell of collectible, rare coins and currency .

#4. CAC Website Offers CDN Publishing’s CPG Market Prices for CAC Coins

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Summary:  Certified Acceptance Corporation ( CAC ) now provides free entree to CDN ’ s Collector ’ sulfur Price Guide ( CPG ) values for CAC-stickered coins .

#6. The CDN Monthly Greysheet – Single Issue
Summary: GMR Gold, the bullion market drawing card in the United States, offers The CDN Monthly Greysheet Single Issue at the greatest price. We guarantee your dispatch satisfaction. Orders of $ 199 or more qualify for unblock ship .

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