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Match-Trade Releases CoinMatch, a Crypto Exchange Platform to Meet High Demands for Cryptocurrency Trading

Irvine, CA, Jan. 21, 2018 ( GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) — Match-Trade Technologies LLC, ( “ Match-Trade ” ), headquartered in Irvine, California, in full integrated forex and cryptocurrency engineering company, is pleased to announce the launch of its raw Crypto Exchange Platform named as CoinMatch. It is the most significant development in Company ’ second cryptocurrency portfolio of products and services which include – crypto feeds, requital gateways, and liquid solutions. As cryptocurrencies gain more grip and credence as an asset class in 2018, the demand for proved and higher performance platforms continue to rise. As a consequence, the market saw the launching of several modern cryptocurrency deal platforms final year. however, not all deal platforms are created equal, nor they meet the needed capabilities that users ’ need. CoinMatch ( ) is the leading platform which provides a accomplished solution for physical cryptocurrency trade. Michael Karczewski – Head of Business Operations at Match-Trade, far elaborated, “ CoinMatch was one of the most ambitious projects in Company ’ s history, and we have received big interest from versatile businesses across the globe seeking to enter cryptocurrency exchange market, and we are providing them with full technical support and confer services so that they enter, play and grow their successful crypto exchange business. ”
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Next-Generation Functionality today ’ s crypto rally platforms require more serviceability and capabilities to meet users ’ requirements. Users presently are looking for options that exceed traditional investment instruments and platforms. An in-depth look at CoinMatch ’ s chopine reveals a model that is streamlined for rest of use. This is further reinforced by a drawn-out list of functionalities supported on the chopine. This includes the handiness of interactional charts, complete with drawing options, a grocery store watch that lists all instruments, ampere well as full deposit/withdrawal options in each cryptocurrency or FIAT currentness. furthermore, CoinMatch besides includes a detail history of deposits and withdrawals arsenic well as a live order Book. Users have a entire range of information at their fingertips with limit, grocery store, and catch orders ampere well as a wide display of all orders. The stallion interface is available for customization, including lyric features. As a major product feature, CoinMatch ’ s platform is highly secure, with a two-factor authentication and presentment settings. One of the useful attributes of the platform is its ability to have crypto wallets integrated with exchange and memory of any leading cryptos being traded.

hypertext transfer protocol : // The platform goes with a detail Backoffice and administrator application for fully drug user manipulate including KYC and AML functionalities. CoinMatch besides provides REST API, which is now criterion functionality for each exchange. Crypto Liquidity in focus Along with the engineering, Match-Trade will be providing entree to crypto liquid for all companies, who will be using CoinMatch platform. This is one of the most crucial factors for all exchanges which often suffer from insufficient liquidity and warn users from active trade.

Liquidity will be provided for leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Moving forward, we expect to expand on the tilt of cryptocurrencies. Users and clients requested to explore and test the CoinMatch ’ s interface and fluidity options. Match-Trade Technologies will be exhibiting at fiscal B2B iFX EXPO Asia in Hong Kong on 23-25 January 2018, where the official release of the CoinMatch platform will take plaza. About Match-Trade Technologies
Match-Trade Technologies LLC, ( “ Match-Trade ” ), headquartered in Irvine, California is a fully integrated forex and cryptocurrency technology provider that delivers prison guard matching engine solutions to all forex market participants looking to entree the retail and institutional position forex markets. Match-Trade has combined country of the art software components of matching engine technology that enables forex providers ( Brokers, Prime Brokers, and other LPs ) to participate in the newfangled generation of diaphanous, distributed and autonomous ECN forex market.

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