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Daily Links to Get Your Free Coin Master Spins and Coins – Coin Master Strategies

Coin Master is a hot entertaining, even trolling, crippled in the market mighty now ( Get your exempt spins nowadays from the list below ). Yet, players may not always know how to collect barren spins and coins, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as optimize the fun. If you ’ re hunt for daily unblock spins by accomplishing missions and sharing with friends, then you excessively should save this bookmark. One effective and undertake way to collect the awards, still, is to perform daily actions from the connections given by the game developer Moon Active at the downstairs list .

once you collect enough complimentary daily spins and keep the coins, the Slots Machine will make you undefeatable from all rivals at the lapp level. Let ’ s dig in for more tips on how to build base, upgrade, and use spins efficaciously in Coin Master here !

Daily Links to Get Your Free Coin Master Spins and Coins June 3

If you ’ re wondering where to get all the detached Spins in Coin Master, hurry astir and bookmark this link as CoinMasterStrategies always gathers in the fastest way all the links for getting free Coin Master spins and coins from the developer Moon Active. Remember to access the compatible links in our number to collect your spins and coins today !
Join our group for latest information about spins, coins and poster deal : Get rid Coin Master spins and coins .
CoinMasterStrategies guarantees : All the links for release spins are gathered from the official Coin Master social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Every yoke on CoinMasterStrategies is dependable and was tested to work by admin before showing to you !
loose spins in 6/3 ( June 3 ) is updating…
Free spins and coins in 6/4 ( Jun 3 ) is updating…
The data of spins and coins is continuously updated by CoinMasterStrategies from the game allocator and early sources to bring you fastest and latest data .

All the gather casual links will expire soon if you don ’ t speed up using them. For newbies, try in 2 or 3 days to collect as much free spins as possible. occasionally, you may not get your spin or coins at the beginning time, if that happens, fair give them some more tries !
Notice : This is the page for gathering links to earn your daily complimentary spins for Coin Master. The connection might expire or unserviceable when it ’ s out of receiving turn. Each link offers one time to use per day alone .
aside from the links updated by CoinMasterStrategies, you may follow and search for safe and creditable news program about Coin Master from these websites or blogs :
Daily linkz to get free Coin Master spins 2022 in (June 3)
Visit coin master, Coin Master : release Spins and Coins [ Daily Links June 2022 ] by Dan Alder. Check nowadays ’ s links for complimentary spins and coins for Coin Master. Get more amazing coins, chests, and cards for your greenwich village !
At levvel, newest Coin Master information is updated casual, you can bookmark their web site to earn spins and coins. And of course, it ’ mho release .

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a free mobile game, single or multiple players, developed by Moon Active Ltd studio apartment – based in Israel, which has earned hundred of millions downloads from both Apple Store and Google Play. In 2019, Coin Master was the highest-gross fluid game in Britain and German .
This game is now grow and supported in over 136 countries and languages : English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, …
Official website of Moon Active Ltd : hypertext transfer protocol : //

Earn Spins and Coins from Slots Machine and perform daily action

very bare, all you need to do is choose the connect compatible with the date of newest mission. once load is done, prizes will be sent to your Coin Master account immediately .

Daily Bonus

In the Slots Machine, press Daily Bonus at the penetrate justly of the riddle, then urge SPIN for free coins. If you ’ ve got fortune, you will be awarded billions of Coin Master coins .

Cards for Chests

Take advantage of all duplicate cards by turning them into extra stars in card collections and trade them for chests in events. There are 3 types of chests compatible with below prizes :

  • Green Chest for 75 stars/chest including these prizes: 4x cards, 10 to 100 spins and 250 to 2.5k pet xp. In each turn you can exchange maximum 2 chests and pay by coins for the second chest beforehand. Renewed every 24 hours after running out of turns.
  • Blue Chest for 750 stars/chest including these prizes: 6x cards, 50 to 500 spins and 1.3k to 13k pet xp. In each turn you can exchange maximum 2 chests and pay by coins for the second chest beforehand. Renewed every 3 days after running out of turns. This chest is only activated when you reach level 70.
  • Red Chest for 3000 stars/chest including: 8x cards (opportunity to open Joker Cards), 100 to 1k spins, 1 pet snack and 5k to 50k pet xp. In each turn you can exchange 3 chests and pay by coins for the second chest beforehand. Renewed every 7 days after running out of turns. This chest is only activated when you reach level 110.

Notice : In trading chests for coins, 24 hours will be counted from the moment you open the chests .

Video for trading extra Cards for Chests

Viking Quest

At each clock time joining in the Viking Quest event, you can accumulate a certain total of coins. It doesn ’ t need to be a big sum, yet will help you a capital deal at lower game levels. It wasn ’ t until the hundred-and-fiftieth village did I realize Coin Master normally awarded me 3 billions of coins with a good-luck note. The previous sum was unknown as I didn ’ triiodothyronine pay attention to it. After receiving the coins, you can exit Viking Quest if you wish to.
In lawsuit you ’ d like to join, read this page When Viking Quest is held ? How to win 3 coins cards and 5,000 barren spins ?

Get Spins and Coins by Award apps

Earning awards by these kinds of apps is indeed no different then clicking on our links shared above. If you ’ ve already received spins and coins from those links, you can no retentive do from these apps. therefore, unless necessity, you don ’ t need to install those to burden your system. not to mention the senior high school risks of insecurities and losing your Facebook report due to installing these unidentified apps.
All you need to do is bookmarking this page and inflict it on day by day routine to check out and earn modern spins and coins. Depending on the clock of the day, you may earn from 50 to 200 dislodge spins .

Coin Master FAQ

What is Coin Master Spin?

Spins in Coin Master is the most significant tool for players to activate the Slots Machine in club to get :

  • The Thor’s Hammer: To attack other players’ bases and raid their villages.
  • The Shield: To protect your buildings. Each shield will keep your building protected from one attack of another player.
  • Coins: This is gold. Steal them to finish buildings in your village to advance to the next level.
  • Spins: Get more spins by completing all the big small actions.
  • Chests: Open the chests to get the Golden cards and White cards, which will help you complete all the different collections of cards, and of course, to earn more sum of spins (this is the most effective way to earn spins at the moment).

How to earn free Coin Master Spins?

You may earn daily dislodge spins from this page or fanpage and communities ’ one of the developer Moon Active. CoinMasterStrategies updates the Slots Machine from the bet on developer every 30 seconds. That is why you should bookmark this page or attend the forums to receive update data about spins and coins, angstrom well as communicating with other members at : Earn free spins and coins at Coin Master .
You can besides get more spins by completing all the card collections to be awarded. In regulate to do sol, you should spend the coins whenever they ’ rhenium in the chests. There are 3 types of Chests you can purchase in Coin Master and their prices vary, depending on your stream flat : wooden Chest, Golden Chest and Magical Chest .
Wooden Chest : The cheapest one. Each time outdoors it, you will earn 2 cards. You may earn maximum 3 cards ( plus 50 % cards ) within the Cards BOOM event .
Golden Chest : A small more expensive. Each time open it, you will earn 4 cards. You may earn utmost 6 cards ( plus 50 % cards ) within the Cards BOOM event .
Magical Chest : The most expensive. Each time open it, you will earn 8 cards. You may earn maximum 12 cards ( plus 50 % cards ) within the Cards BOOM event .
Cards BOOM 50% more cards
As you can see, Magical Chest is the best choice if you have much coins to spend. More importantly, you should open the chest of drawers at the correct moment when Cards BOOM consequence is holding to earn more 50 % of the cards in chests .

Asking for spin from team members?

Coin Master Team is a raw supporting assign from Moon Active ; whereas the team members can request or gift spins and cards to each other. If you love to know more about this, angstrom well as how to create a team and ask for spins and coins, you may learn more at “ Tutorial for creating teams in Coin Master. Request spins and cards from the team.
Besides, at Coin Master, you can besides get more free spins in case you ’ ve earned all spins from this page. If your english read is fair, then is the web log that you should keep in mind to reach for writings in how to play Coin Master, Earn the spins and Tutorial for taking actions effectively .

Auto-purchase for White cards Chest in Coin Master?

Although you can “ attack ” the SPIN button by pressing it in a few seconds to turn on the auto-spin function, opening the chest, in contrast, requires players to purchase and open each breast. To automatize this function or any else in this game, you can follow this Tutorial Video here .

How many levels are there in Coin Master?

Each level is represented by a greenwich village. The sum number until June 3 2022 is 345 villages you need to conquer. There may be more in the future to challenge the players.
list of 345 Villages and the total of coins to build them .

What are Stars for in Coin Master?

star topology represents your rank among other players. The more Stars you own, the higher your ranking is. You can collect more Stars by building the constructions and completing the Card collections. With each degree you master and an entire card collection completed, you will earn a specific measure of stars .

What are Cards for in Coin Master?

Cards in Coin Master of each level will be activated when you reach the one. Each collection contains 9 Cards including the White Cards and Golden Cards. Once successfully accumulated all the Cards of the collection, you will be awarded an equivalent sum of spins and gifts .
You can give 5 White Cards to your friends in the game anytime of the sidereal day equally long as you have extra ones.
For the Golden Cards, merely tradable in Trade Card events, you can give away 5 and receive 5 within the time of the event, and this counts in your act of cards allowed to trade of the sidereal day. Which being said, if you ’ ve already traded 3 White Cards for Golden Cards, then you have lone 2 turns left .
The Golden Cards for trade are not on you to choose but decided by the game developer as 2 cards/event. normally, as I notice, there will be 1 Golden Card at lower level and 1 at higher level than yours presently .
For example, there are two events which allow players to trade Golden Cards, which are Ocean Treasure and Crusty Croissant. In the shown picture, I have 4 supernumerary Ocean Treasure Cards ( of the Ocean collection ) and 43 extra Crusty Croissant ones ( of the Baker Shop collection ). however, I can only gift 5 Golden Cards to 5 friends within the fourth dimension of these events. The rest can merely be given in the future events and must still be these 2 types of cards only.

Go Trade cards in Coin Master
Important notice : In order to trade or give away White or Golden Cards, traders MUST be friends in the game. The request “ Add friend with me and I’ll send them to you ” at the Card trading Coin Master groups you will get at times is for this reason .

How to collect the Cards?

You can trade White Cards with your friends and players from all around the world. Or trade them with other members in individual groups – Coin Master Spins & Coins Free.
Visit this tutorial for more info : Ways to trade, gift White Cards and Golden Cards without adding friends in Facebook .

Easiest way to hunt missing Golden Cards?

Notice : You must be at the horizontal surface 50 and above to join in Viking Quest !
Always save 6 to 10 billions of coins to attend the Viking Quest Coin Master Rewards. The rewards of Viking Quest are : Spins, Coins, Coinsen Cards, Chests and Pet Points…
With that amount of coins, if you ’ re in luck, it will cost only about 3 billions to win the endowment pack in center of the Viking event, and the pack has one of the cards you ’ ra looking for.
In encase you ’ vitamin d want to win it all at the consequence, you ’ ll necessitate to have at least 20 billions of coins. In that way, you ’ ll be guaranteed to win at least 2 missing Golden Cards. specially, the Golden Card in the final pack will surely be the missing one of your 8/9 collection.
All about Viking Quest : strategies and How to win Viking Quest to get 3 Golden Cards, 5000 Spins and the clock time of the event ?

Why can’t I gift the Cards? Why can’t I receive them?

You can only give away 5 Cards and receive 5 from other players on a daily everyday, even in the Golden Card Trade. Therefore, you have to wait until tomorrow if the terminus ad quem has been reached .

Can I receive Cards from friends at the higher level?

Yes, you can ! however, those cards will be locked until you reach the level to use them. Imagine if you are gifted Golden Cards of level 120, and your current one is only 100, you can merely unlock those cards at charge 120 .

Is there anyway to earn more than 5 Cards in one day?

YES ! You can apply this method of how to get and send many White Cards of Coin Master in one day by the following :

  • Send out 5 cards of today.
  • Modify the time of your mobile phone back to a date in the past.
  • Send out 5 cards of that day.
  • Continue rewinding the time to send the number of cards you’d like. Please keep in mind, this action should be used at a limit.

Can I receive more Spins after completing the collections?

YES, you can ! Everytime there is an event to offer 30 % of spins by completing an entire collection, you should make the most of it – open the chests and trade the cards to get rewards. furthermore, there are better ways to earn rewards by completing the circuit board collections :

  • When you successfully traded Golden or White Cards of the 8/9 collections, don’t take them yet. Wait until the events of extra 30% of spins in the collection to do, unless you’re in a hurry to complete an action that requires spins. This strategy is very effective for levels below 120.
  • For the Joker Cards you won from events or received from the Joker Chest, do the same thing by waiting until the events of extra 30% of spins. However, the Joker Cards are only valid in 24 hours. If the clock is ticking yet no event happening, you should use them up before losing them forever.

This is one of the methods to hack absolve Coin Master spins 100 % efficaciously that you can use. As I notice, the developer has not however fixed this mistake, or they intentionally allow players to apply this hack method acting. I used to earn two Joker Cards and delay until the extra 30 % event to take them and hack the spins .
Important Notice : There is truly no app to hack Coin Master spins. even if you find the one, to protect your Facebook report, do not install it. At this moment, the best method, or strategy, to hack the most of Coin Master Spins is to open the collections by the meter the supernumerary 30 % event being held. To do your calculation, with the 5,000 spins collection, if you hack the spins, you will earn in entire 6,500 free spins .

Can I hack the Coin Master spins?

YES ! This is one of the strategies with few players know that will bring thousands of rid spins. Visit for more information : tutorial on how to hack the most of dislodge Coin Master spins .

How to get free Coins?

You can earn daily free coins from the Daily Bonus Slots Machine .

How to Attack and Raid effectively?

It may sound no big distribute ( Just spin, after all ), so far the difference is there. You should take a closer look before joining in every spin event at its score rules for Attack and Raid, as they are not constantly the same among the events.
As rules from the picture below:

  • Attack 2: Attack a target without shield, your score will be doubled only.
  • Attack blocked 3: Attack a shielded target, your score will be tripled.


  • Raid 4: Miss one hole, your score will be x4 only.
  • Perfect raid 5: Raid successfully all the holes and your score will be x5.

In case you earn the three “ Hit 3 symbol ” of the event, your entire score will be x10 the invite.
The phone number of sexual conquest to win 3,400 Spins is 1,800. And it ’ s obvious that you should choose the Attack blocked to x3 your score and try to raid all the coins to x5. Raiding is indeed the topic of fortune. Otherwise, for Attacking, you can, and should, choose the build up not even to be attacked by looking for hints of collapse and pot. If you miss the attack blocked, try to choose the other player ’ south buildings. sometimes the prey players won ’ t reconstruct their houses even if the shields are on .
Wild west showdown Attack Raid Coin Master

Can I buy Coin Master spins by money?

YES ! You can purchase the Coin Master promotion packs right below the Buy Chest with coins. It needs money to develop and run Coin Master, consequently, Chests, Spins and Coins are constantly available for players to buy. In every daily or weekly action, you can purchase the forwarding packages offered by the bet on developer .
Notice : I personally played game for entertainment aim only. That ’ second why I don ’ triiodothyronine encourage one to spend his real money unless he ’ sulfur affluent. If your income gains from games by video review, Coin Master bet on tutorial, or streaming, then you can go ahead and pay. Any issues relating to purchase and cards, you can reach for the Hotline at the Contact badge.
Tutorial on how to shop for more Coin Master Spins .

Invite friends for free Coin Master Spins? Should or shouldn’t?

This is the method acting to get release spins from the groups and communities of gamers being used at the here and now. Those communities made from a big number of players to support each other on earning awards from the games ones don ’ metric ton play. For model, I ’ megabyte not a Coin Master player, yet I will help you by download it and earn the spins for you, then uninstall.
Earning free daily spins from the creditable player groups is well effective and brings you a certain number of spins !
For more detail : What is inviting friends for Spins ? Should I do it ? How to do it safely ?

Can I create a team in Coin Master?

Yes, began from early 2021, Coin Master has supported its players to create teams with 50 utmost members each, including leader. This serve offers collaborative experiments and higher interaction in Coin Master, specially to the supporter groups that play in concert.
For more detail : How to create a team in Coin Master ? Spins and Cards request for the team ?

Video on how to earn free Coin Master Spins today

What is Pet Coin Master? The difference among Foxy, Rhino and Tiger?

There are presently 3 types of Pets with different skills in Coin Master : Foxy, Tiger and Rhino. compatible with each one, you have to choose the correctly Pet for the situation : approach, Protect or Raid.
For more detail : How to get a Pet in Coin Master ? How to use it ? Their specific skills ?

How Many Village levels are there in Coin Master?

How much does a village in Coin Master cost?

Coin Master villages price coins to build. For every new village you build in Coin Master you need more coins. The beginning village costs only a mere 3 million coins. The second gear village will cost you a little over 5 million. Moving up to village 33 you need already over 100 million coins. This sum grows to billions of coins if you are past village 75. then villages cost you unplayful amount of coins. To know how much coins are needed to complete building a greenwich village you can use a simpleton calculation. This is not accurate, but will get you actually close :

30 x the price of the first asterisk on the death production line when building a greenwich village

How to calculate the costs of a village in Coin Master

An example. Imagine you are on village 155 – Orc then the monetary value of the first star on the last line is 933,490,000. Multiply that with 30 and you see that you need 28,004,700,000 billion coins to complete this village. You ’ d better get down stacking your coins for this one. If you need more free spins to get along make certain you get your daily exempt spins ! But this is lone greenwich village 155. If you advance evening further you need evening more coins. so try to master yourself in getting truly dependable in playing events or getting boastfully raids from your friends .
Coin Master Strategies tip for you : Do n’t get scared. Just go for the big raids !

Here is Coin Master all village names list

Level Village Cost
1 Land of Vikings 3,1 M
2 Ancient Egypt 5,2 M
3 Snowy Alps 9,5 M
4 Inca 13,2 M
5 Far East 16,3 M
6 Stone Age 17,4 M
7 Sunny Hawaii 20,6 M
8 Troy 25,8 M
9 Africa 31,0 M
10 Atlantis 34,8 M
11 The Future 35,8 M
12 Woodstock 37,4 M
13 Arabian Nights 41,0 M
14 Moon Landing 42,8 M
15 Wild West 58,3 M
16 Netherland 60,0 M
17 Jungle 64,0 M
18 Wonderland 67,2 M
19 Miners 69,9 M
20 The Arctic 74,9 M
21 Apocalypse 76,2 M
22 Candy Land 79,2 M
23 Army Camp 80,2 M
24 Halloween 84,0 M
25 The Tribe 83,1 M
26 Australia 88,8 M
27 Columbus 86,9 M
28 Mexico 92,6 M
29 Magical Forest 96,8 M
30 India 102,2 M
31 The 50’s 106,8 M
32 Thailand 113,8 M
33 Coin Manor 118,9 M
34 Dragon Lair 123,1 M
35 Greek Island 129,9 M
36 LA Dreams 131,8 M
37 The Wizard 137,8 M
38 Oil Tyrant 146,8 M
39 La Familia 153,4 M
40 Area 51 161,9 M
41 Night of the Dead 169,2 M
42 Steampunk Land 180,3 M
43 The Zoo 188,5 M
44 Russia 195,1 M
45 Musketeers 205,9 M
46 Lady Bug 209,0 M
47 Theme Park 218,4 M
48 Tibet 232,7 M
49 Hell 243,2 M
50 Easter 256,6 M
51 Japan 268,2 M
52 Swamp 285,7 M
53 Wizard of Oz 298,7 M
54 Timbuktu 320,6 M
55 Jurassic Ville 346,9 M
56 Canada 348,0 M
57 Mongolia 368,4 M
58 Jacks Beanstalks 384,0 M
59 Scotland 409,8 M
60 Robin Hood 433,1 M
61 Deep Sea 453,2 M
62 Don Quixote 483,4 M
63 Colosseum 505,2 M
64 Cat Castle 523,0 M
65 Olympus 551,8 M
66 Trolls 565,7 M
67 Aliens 591,3 M
68 Da Vinci 629,9 M
69 Sand Land 658,4 M
70 Elves 694,7 M
71 Switzerland 726,2 M
72 Truckers 773,5 M
73 Spain 808,5 M
74 Little Red 837,0 M
75 Unicorn 883,2 M
76 Scientist 896,5 M
77 Romania 937,0 M
78 Courthouse 998,2 M
79 Tin Soldier 1,04 B
80 Crazy Bride 1,10 B
81 Pilot 1,15 B
82 Fairy Tale 1,22 B
83 Car Racing 1,28 B
84 Gnome 1,32 B
85 Desert Punk 1,39 B
86 Detective 1,4 B
87 Baba Yaga 1,5 B
88 Barbarian 1,7 B
89 Restaurant 1,7 B
90 King Arthur 1,8 B
91 Sinbad 1,8 B
92 Bikers Bar 2,0 B
93 Caribbean Resort 2,1 B
94 Super Heroes 2,2 B
95 Egyptian Pyramids 2,2 B
96 Olympic Games 2,3 B
97 Mountain Climbers 2,4 B
98 Milky Way 2,6 B
99 Ski Slope 2,7 B
100 Royal Monkey 2,8 B
101 Snow White 2,8 B
102 Goblin Ghetto 3,1 B
103 Yemen 3,4 B
104 Wu Xing 3,4 B
105 Circus 3,6 B
106 Yokai 3,7 B
107 Golf Course 3,8 B
108 Lucha Libre 4,1 B
109 Cyber Cowboys 4,2 B
110 Rice Farmer 4,6 B
111 Captain Shipyard 4,7 B
112 Irish Craic 5,0 B
113 Oktoberfest 5,3 B
114 Amazon 5,6 B
115 Aztec 5,7 B
116 Forbidden City 5,8 B
117 Ice Queen 6,0 B
118 Samurai 6,4 B
119 Santa’s Factory 6,7 B
120 Soccer 7,0 B
121 Tennis 7,4 B
122 Thanksgiving 7,8 B
123 Toys 8,2 B
124 Venice 8,5 B
125 Witches 9,0 B
126 Yankee 9,2 B
127 Zanzibar 9,6 B
128 Moby Dick 10,2 B
129 Turkey 10,6 B
130 Argentina 11,3 B
131 Boxing Club 11,8 B
132 Carnival 12,6 B
133 Dracula 13,1 B
134 Future Park 13,5 B
135 Gymnastics 14,3 B
136 New York 14,5 B
137 Swamp Princess 15,1 B
138 Punk Rock 15,2 B
139 Railroad 16,2 B
140 Rio 17,8 B
141 Space Pirate 18,6 B
142 Mech Workshop 19,8 B
143 Space Shuttle
(previously: Jocke & Jonna)
20,7 B
144 Colombia 21,1 B
145 Petra 21,6 B
146 Monkey Kingdom 22,0 B
147 Persian Sultan 22,6 B
148 Desert Party 22,9 B
149 Hercules 23,4 B
150 Shaolin 23,8 B
151 Baker Shop 24,6 B
152 Billiard 24,8 B
153 Noah’s Ark 25,8 B
154 Doomsday 26,8 B
155 Orc 28,2 B
156 Fairy 29,0 B
157 Ice Age 30,2 B
158 Cleopatra 30,5 B
159 Valhalla 31,3 B
160 Supervillain 32,0 B
161 Horse Racing 33,6 B
162 Jazz Club 34,2 B
163 Fashion 34,5 B
164 Barber Shop 36,0 B
165 Mermaid City 37,1 B
166 Street Dance 37,9 B
167 Saloon Slickers 38,8 B
168 Centaure 40,6 B
169 Dungeon Lair 41,8 B
170 Brazil Amazon 43,8 B
171 Morocco 45,0 B
172 Firefighters 45,7 B
173 Jousting 46,6 B
174 Sculpture Workshop 48,4 B
175 Babylon 49,0 B
176 Boarding School 51,3 B
177 Movie Set 52,8 B
178 Dino Ranch 52,4 B
179 American Football 56,0 B
180 Beauty and the Beast 57,7 B
181 Galapagos 59,6 B
182 Robo Tech Girl 61,4 B
183 Darwin 64,1 B
184 Dinner 64,9 B
185 Mad Hatter 67,0 B
186 San Fransisco 68,6 B
187 Rally Racing 70,5 B
188 Madagascar 72,9 B
189 Police Station 75,4 B
190 Bee Hive 76,8 B
191 Napoleon 79,1 B
192 Basketball 82,2 B
193 Film Noir 84,8 B
194 Baseball 87,3 B
195 Pet Saloon 89,7 B
196 Scouts Camp 92,6 B
197 Leprechaun 95,4 B
198 Athletics 98,2 B
199 Burglar 101,1 B
200 Ice Hockey 104,2 B
201 Talk Show 106,9 B
202 Havana 110,6 B
203 Cyber Future 113,8 B
204 Magic Show 117,5 B
205 Alien Research Lab
(previously: Arcade)
116,1 B
206 Jamaica 125,2 B
207 Louise The 16th 128,1 B
208 Sea Master Park *** M/B
209 Zombie Boogie *** M/B
210 Motorbike *** M/B
211 County Folk Band *** M/B
212 Trainer of Dragons *** M/B
213 China Wall *** M/B
214 Mail Man *** M/B
215 Theatre *** M/B
216 Grand Biking Tour *** M/B
217 Space Cleaners *** M/B
218 Dwarf Workshop *** M/B
219 Swimming Pool *** M/B
220 Odysseus *** M/B
221 Haunted House *** M/B
222 Jungle Explorers 199,6 B
223 Stranded Island *** M/B
224 Construction Site *** M/B
225 Thai Boxing *** M/B
226 Museum Life *** M/B
227 Roman Square *** M/B
228 Cricket *** M/B
229 Nordic Fisherman *** M/B
230 Georgia *** M/B
231 Tesla’s Lab *** M/B
232 Iceland *** M/B
233 Portugal Vasco da Gama *** M/B
234 Templar Order *** M/B
235 Aircraft Carrier *** M/B
236 Alien Museum *** M/B
237 Prisoner Escape *** M/B
238 Maharaja *** M/B
239 Alien Invasion *** M/B
240 Royal Haven *** M/B
241 Submarine *** M/B
242 Princess Pack *** M/B
243 Chocolate Factory *** M/B
244 Henzel and Gretel *** M/B
245 Mage Room *** M/B
246 Gardener *** M/B
247 Venice Beach *** M/B
248 Bikers Gang *** M/B
249 Ice Skating *** M/B
250 Pastry Shop *** M/B
251 Mauri *** M/B
252 Archery *** M/B
253 Doughnut Shop *** M/B
254 Wagon Train *** M/B
255 Sumo *** M/B
256 Bowling *** M/B
257 Cyborg *** M/B
258 Momotaro *** M/B
259 Green Earth *** M/B
260 Leonardo’s Workshop *** M/B
261 Voodoo Shop *** M/B
262 Clock Maker *** M/B
263 River Beast *** M/B
264 Bollywood *** M/B
265 Wedding *** M/B
266 Crab Fishing *** M/B
267 Surfing Beach *** M/B
268 Bangkok Market *** M/B
269 Panda Reservoir *** M/B
270 Ninja Village *** M/B
271 Art Gallery *** M/B
272 Japan Hot Springs *** M/B
273 Food Festival *** M/B
274 Snow Playground *** M/B
275 Subway *** M/B
276 Camel Fair *** M/B
277 Monk Brewery *** M/B
278 Space Post *** M/B
279 Sakura *** M/B
280 Astronaut Space Station *** M/B
281 Pool Party *** M/B
282 Valentine *** M/B
283 Chinatown *** M/B
284 Mech Dino Lab *** M/B
285 Stone Beasts *** M/B
286 Scary Theme Park *** M/B
287 Human and Orc War *** M/B
288 Witch Hunter *** M/B
289 Parliament *** M/B
290 Science Fair *** M/B
291 Library *** M/B
292 Vintage Market *** M/B
293 Hollywood Premier *** M/B
294 Drive In *** M/B
295 Indian Festival *** M/B
296 CSI Lab *** M/B
297 Tango *** M/B
298 Thai Festival *** M/B
299 Cyber Punk Japan *** M/B
300 Victorian Sci-Fi *** M/B
301 Christmas Market *** M/B
302 Skydive *** M/B
303 Gran Hotel *** M/B
304 Apocalypse City Survivor *** M/B
305 Comic Convention *** M/B
306 Deep Sea Civilization *** M/B
307 Karaoke Room *** M/B
308 Magic Land *** M/B
309 Crocodile Farm *** M/B
310 Radio Station *** M/B
311 Road Trip *** M/B
312 Mexican Restaurant *** M/B
313 Full Moon Party *** M/B
314 Magic Academy *** M/B
315 Bag Shop *** M/B
316 Vintage Toy Shop *** M/B
317 Aquarium Inside *** M/B
318 Chinese Tavern *** M/B
319 Noodle Shop *** M/B
320 Music Store *** M/B
321 KPop *** M/B
322 Herb Class Room *** M/B
323 Cosmetic Shop *** M/B
324 Carnival Fortune *** M/B
325 Airport *** M/B
326 Hospital *** M/B
327 Dog Trainer *** M/B
328 Cosplay Party *** M/B
329 Unicorn Cafe *** M/B
330 Ice Cream Shop *** M/B
331 Cheese Factory *** M/B
332 Safari *** M/B
333 Bus House *** M/B
334 Corgi Marathon *** M/B
335 Street Performance *** M/B
336 Fish Market *** M/B
337 Koi Fish Pond *** M/B
338 Pet Photo Studio *** M/B
339 Gnome Forest *** M/B
340 Tea Field *** M/B
341 Garden Barbecue *** M/B
342 Game Show *** M/B
343 Barn Life *** M/B
344 Monster Cafe *** M/B
345 Taekwondo *** M/B

Build your villages during Village Master or Village Mania

construct villages is dearly-won. That ’ south why it is best to build your village during a village event. At this moment there are 2 village events : Village Master and Village Mania. In Village Master you get free spins, coins and XP when you complete your village during the event. In Village Mania you get a dismiss on the village items during the event. Make certain you use at least one of these events because it will lower the cost of your greenwich village. even better : use both events for maximal discount and detached rewards .

Build your villages at once to avoid extra village costs

If you start to build items in your village there is a luck that you get attacked. Of course you have your shields to protect you from attacks, but these shields won ’ triiodothyronine last forever. Depending on the village you are on you have 3 or 5 of them. If they are gone, and you don ’ t have Rhino activated, your village items are damaged. That means you have to re-buy them. After the first attack you have to pay half the sum the items costs, but after a second attack you have to pay wax price. If you build your greenwich village at once you can not get attacked and you keep your village costs first gear. Of course you need a draw of coins to do this sol read all about the big raids technique .

All your questions about village costs answered

Can I get a discount on the Coin Master Village cost?

normally you have to pay the full price for your greenwich village. But if you buy your greenwich village items during Village Mania you get a discount. There are two types of Village Mania. First, there is the matchless in which you get 20 % discount on all items. Second, there is the one in which you get a 65 % deduction on the items on the final rowing ( the most expensive village items ). If you combine both, you can save up to 35 % on the entire village price. besides, once every year there is fortunate Age. That is a time period of mega events in Coin Master. During this period there normally besides is a 20 % discount on all greenwich village items .

Is it best to buy chests after I complete a village

In every greenwich village you can find cards to complete your wag sets. Therefore it is a very good estimate to buy chests after you complete a village. The come of coins you spend on a village raises, but besides you are able to complete your card sets more easy. And of path you have the highest gamble to get all rare cards .

Should I build villages only during Village Master

You can build and complete villages at all times, but the sum village monetary value is the lowest when you use a village dominate or village mania event when you build and / or complete a village .

Why are villages in Coin Master so expensive?

It is fairly hard to build villages once you are over village 100. Why ? Because Coin Master hopes you spend veridical money on buy spins. If you play with the right tactics you can play and build villages for absolve .

How many villages does Coin Master have

At this moment ( 6-2022 ) there are 345 villages in Coin Master. The price of the highest village is credibly over 1 trillion coins already. The latest confirmed village price is over 1.6 trillion coins for greenwich village 345.

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How much does my village in Coin Master cost?

You can calculate the sum village monetary value by multiplying the price of the first detail on the last row by 30. Of course you can use the tilt on this page excessively .

What were the costs of your last village?

What greenwich village did you complete the last ? Did the cost of the village match the numbers above ? If not, please let me know and we will adjust the tilt. commodity luck building the following village !

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