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Parent reviews for Star Stable

first I want to precise that I joined SSO in 2012. It ‘s not a review written after two weeks of playing in a loose account, I ‘m a life rider since early 2013, I took clock time to discover what they had to offer and observe the evolution of the product. And you ‘ll be surprised to learn that SSO was a better game in 2012 than in 2021. Ironic is n’t it ? What is SSO ? A massively multiplayer on-line role-playing game revolving about two themes : knight ride and saving the world of Jorvik from evil forces with your sorority. Yes, sorority. Because when people want to give a more impersonal double for horse games, SSO dig thick into the little girl theme and just REFUSE males characters. Either you play a girlfriend, either you ca n’t play. Where ‘s the inclusivity ? ( because inclusivity is their darling topic, they put a large compass of LGBTQ+ characters, which is n’t a problem if they have a good backstory or a character in the game, but here it ‘s more to say “ look at what we added, we are therefore nice ! Give us likes if you agree ! ” than for anything else, they use trends a bunch but to make money, not to give a positive message and teach tolerance to their players ) Oh, they use “ they ” alternatively of “ she ” and give you abruptly haircuts or inert clothing. But you ‘re still have to be a girl as they constantly remind you that it ‘s a sorority. speaking of your sorority, well … You wo n’t see them frequently. Because there ‘s not a lot of quests in that game, but truly not. And most of the time you will be like a secondary character, ineffective to to anything more than watching the other characters doing stupid things, or saying stupid things. You just do n’t have any influence or real number choice to make. And you ca n’t fight monsters so … How are you supposed to stop the malefic ones ? Well, cipher knows as we hush do n’t have enough quests since the release of the game and that they do n’t have a dedicated team for creating quests, always putting them on other projects. ( consultation on themanequest ). They do n’t even care to keep their lore consistent and modify it every clock, like their junior-grade antagonists the colored riders who are wholly different from the begin of the game and their initial look. so basically if you do n’t have quests to do after a clock ( and a identical brusque one sadly, it took me around a year while playing few days a workweek as the quests are short and you do n’t have to redo it, it ‘s then simpleton that you plainly ca n’t fail. ) ? You have few “ exciting ” choices : either you go on the social side and try to meet people but you ‘ll notice that the old world chat is so censor that you scantily can speak, or that there ‘s a distribute of uncivil and brainless people on the game, strong-arm is common and distribute of players are good creating play for the pleasure. character play is popular but have the lapp problems. only remain rush and ohio son ! The race system is awful ! It took them YEARS to try to do something to stop cheaters and I ‘m pretty certain they will manage to find a bug to use again. The races are very similar and elementary, presenting no challenge at all. Same for the championships, be aware that despite all the breeds supposed to have the lapp speed, some of them will be faster like the gen 2 pintabian. not very professional but it ‘s SSO, it ‘s not the worst separate to be honest. immediately let ‘s spill the beans about the customer service, do n’t expect them to be concerned or efficient, you ‘ll be disappointed. Their replies are copy-paste ones and most of the meter do n’t even reply to your doubt. commodity luck if you have a payment problem. And they will try to make you the guilt one. You can find lot of testimonies on youtube from other players. I experimented myself troubles with the game and they never helped me in any means despite all my attempts to contact them. If you have young or impressionable children, do n’t let them spending besides much time on the social media because the main forte of SSO and their ambassadors & hard-core fans is to make you believe that they are your best acquaintance, they manipulate you to make you think that all their own mistakes a good thing and thay you need to be “ patient and grateful ” for having nothing to do except using your credit tease for another pixel sawhorse. And will make you guilt trip each clock time you dare to express yourself, will say that if you ‘re not happy to can quit the game. Just keep in thinker that it ‘s not a team of amateurs, it ‘s a company, and not a small one. To sum up SSO is : -expensive -empty -the community is by and large baffling and toxic -the customer service a live sin -the gameplay is antediluvian and boring -the total of quests is laughably little -too easy after 8 yo -constantly push you to buy with real money -making money on minorities while pretending to care about them -do n’t have a consistent lore I suggest you to check at the youtube channels of Rattle and Ginny O to have a more detail vision of what I just tried to explain. Just do n’t spend any money on that bet on, it ‘s not deserving it. But you can enjoy it as a absolve game and expect for star rider codes, which happen preferably frequently.

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