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Learn Coin Grading From NGC: Prooflike and Deep Prooflike

This new monthly have in the NGC eNewsletter promotes a better agreement of NGC ’ s coin grade and designations
NGC mint grading uses a numeral grade to succinctly describe a problem-free mint ’ second condition. Certain coins, however, require a more nuanced description of their condition and appearance. For these coins, NGC graders follow the numeral grade with a appellation, often called a “ Strike Character ” .
Most circulation issue coins have minimally brooding fields, flush in Mint State ( MS ) grades. When a circulation issue coin ’ sulfur fields exhibit a higher-than-normal degree of reflection, the coin is said to be “ Prooflike ” ( or “ PL ” ) because it is evocative of a Proof coin. If the fields are deeply mirrored, the mint is said to be “ Deep Prooflike ” ( or “ DPL ” ) .
NGC coin grading uses the PL or DPL modifiers after an MS coin ’ second numeric rate, when applicable. These designations indicate alone the degree of reflection discernible in a mint ’ south fields and make no implication as to other qualities associated with Proof coins, such as frost devices and superior sharpness.

Morgan Dollars are often found in a PL or DPL state. The PL and DPL strike characters can be used with a broad variety of coins, however .
United States 2017 American Eagle Palladium coin in Mint State. Image courtesy NGC
United States 2017 American Eagle Palladium coin in Prooflike. Image courtesy NGC
These 2017-W American Palladium Eagles are Mint State ( top ) and Prooflike. Images courtesy NGC
In 2017, for exercise, numismatists were excited to discover that some of the newfangled Palladium Eagles produced by the US Mint had Prooflike surfaces .
China 1998 Alligator in Mint State. Image courtesy NGC
China 1997 Crested Ibis in Prooflike. Image courtesy NGC

China 1998 Alligator ( top ), graded NGC MS 66 RD, and China 1997 Crested Ibis, graded NGC MS 68 RD PL
China 1995 Monkey in Deep Prooflike. Image courtesy NGC
China 1995 Monkey in Ultra Cameo. Image courtesy NGC
China 1995 Monkey, graded NGC MS 67 RD DPL ( top ) and NGC PF 68 RD Ultra Cameo
Above are mint grading examples of that prove circulation-issue ( MS ) China 1995 Monkey 5 Yuan coins without a strike character, with the PL changer and with the DPL strike fictional character a well as a Proof ( PF ) exercise for comparison. There is besides a like coin with a DPL modifier, and a Proof ( PF ) .
NGC coin grading applies the PL and DPL designations mechanically to qualified coins at the time of scaling and at no extra cost. NGC ’ mho use of “ DPL ” is equivalent to the “ DMPL ” appointment used by some other grade services .
PL and DPL may be used on the NGC Label in junction with other modifiers, including :

  • 5FS (Five Full Steps; used for Jefferson Nickels);
  • 6FS (Six Full Steps on Jefferson Nickels);
  • BN (Brown; used on copper coins);
  • RB (Red Brown; used on copper coins);
  • RD (Red; used on copper coins);
  • FB (Full Bands; used on Mercury Dimes);
  • FH (Full Head; used on Standing Liberty Quarters); and,
  • Full Torch (Full Torch; used on Roosevelt Dimes).

The NGC Census reports populations for coins with no strike character, the PL strike character and the DPL strike character on freestanding lines. Coins with a combination of rap characters ( such as Brown, Prooflike ) are besides reported on divide lines. For a accomplished list of how hit characters appear on the NGC documentation label and in the NGC Census, suction stop here .
The degree of coefficient of reflection is imparted on a mint at the time it is struck. professional conservation by NCS can not change the degree of reflectively unless the fundamental coefficient of reflection is obscured by haze, remainder or other contaminants. Amateur and artificial attempts to enhance a coin ’ s reflectiveness may result in the coin being considered “ Altered Surfaces ” or “ Cleaned ” and such a mint would not be encapsulated by NGC. Learn more at

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