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Gold & Silver Certified Coins (PCGS) | U.S. Money Reserve

Mintage and Population

The coinage of a government-issued gold, silver or platinum mint refers to how many of a specific coin were in the first place issued by its mint of lineage. population refers to the count of a finical coin that has received a certain grade by a third-party mint grading service, such as Professional Coin Grading Service ( PCGS ). population is particularly crucial to the potential growth in retail price of a U.S. government-issued coin, because it can most determine how rare a mint in a particular condition is and may become. For example, while a aureate proof mint of a certain class may have a total coinage of 100,000 coins produced, the count of coins that grade a perfect PCGS PR-70 may only be several hundred. That would mean that, of the 100,000 coins in the first place produced, there were fewer than 1,000 coins graded 70 in universe.


A rate, or certified, gold, eloquent or platinum coin is one that has undergo careful scrutiny by an independent coin grading overhaul in ordain to determine the coin ’ s overall condition. Coins are graded on a scale from 1 to 70, with a grad of 70 reserved for coins determined to be flawless. closely all mod certified gold, flatware and platinum coins sold by U.S. Money Reserve are graded a perfect 70 or nearly-perfect 69 by PCGS. Grading can be important to the top likely of a gold, silver or platinum coin, because grade determines the population of a given type of coin, and consequently, its potential rarity. Grading besides serves to physically protect a mint because once a rate has been issued, a marking service sonically seals the mint inside an impact-resistant case.

Strike Type


Proof ( PR ) coins undergo a special mint process that produces a coin with a beautiful, mirror-like eat up.

Mint State

Mint state ( MS ) coins are struck with the same coating as circulate issues but not intended for regular distribution. Mint state coins are normally produced in much higher numbers than proof coins.


Specimen ( SP ) coins are a hybrid between a proof coin and batch country coin that are produced with a bright matte-like coating.

Sets & Date Runs

Most precious metals mint programs are produced in diverse denominations. Those programs have all of the denominations for a given class combined into what is known as a set. It is quite an accomplishment to own a full put for a year of publish, but there is still a far greater skill that rewards a precious metals owner with great profit potential. When a series of consecutive years of sets are acquired, that is called a date run—the ultimate feat. identical few date runs of a especial coin in a very high grade exist, making them an elect addition to any gold or silver owner ’ mho portfolio .

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