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Qwark vid-comics

Qwark vid-comics


2.5D side scroller


Starship Phoenix


Captain Qwark, narrator, Dr. Nefarious

Associated mission

Play all Qwark Vid-Comics


( when 100 tokens obtained ) Titanium bolts (when 100 tokens obtained)

Skill points

Strive for Arcade Perfection Set a new record for Qwark (one for each vid-comic) Qwark vid-comics are television games themed around Captain Qwark in Up Your Arsenal. They are minigames that Ratchet and Clank play on a VG-9000 game system, which reveal more about Captain Qwark ‘s and Dr. Nefarious ‘ past. Qwark vid-comics have introductory and ending cutscenes that inform Ratchet and Clank ‘s decisions throughout the fib. however, it is suggested frequently by the narrator that they are inaccurate, and the stories are based on eyewitness accounts, toilet chitchat, fantastic speculation, and a charming 8-Ball. [ 1 ] Despite this, Al believed them to be entirely accurate. [ 2 ] several vid-comics in the series were published, with only four of those being playable, and a fifth that was found in Qwark ‘s quarters. [ 3 ]

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The minigames are 2.5D sidescrollers in which the actor controls Qwark himself in one of five different worlds. The vid-comics besides provide platforming challenges, as Qwark must jump across the obstacles and platforms to reach the conclusion finish. Each vid-comic has one or two types of enemies encountered, which Qwark can either frustration with his fists in a melee attack, or fire one of the weapons that neglect in that specific vid-comic. Each vid-comic has one or two types of enemies encountered. Two of the vid-comics, Issue 1 : Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder and Issue 4 : Deja Q All Over Again, feature a boss battle at the end, which must be defeated before the end finish can be reached. A timer appears at the exceed of the screen door recording how long the actor has spent in the level ; beating the degree in a certain time will award a skill point. If Qwark dies in the level, he will be reset to the nearest checkpoint which, unless the checkpoint is the starting signal of the level, will not reset the timekeeper .
There are 100 tokens Qwark can collect, including blue tokens worth one, and red tokens worth ten-spot. Collecting all tokens will earn a titanium bolt, and the tokens determine the act of bolts awarded to Ratchet at the goal. The first time a vid-comic is beaten the run off reward is multiplied by ten-spot, bolt rewards are besides dependant on the number of tokens gathered and the time it took to complete the charge. The actor can collect a health power-up hide at some point in the level, which restores Qwark ‘s health to wax and adds an extra health prevention for any charge. This supernumerary health will stay permanently added to Qwark, no matter if an older or new vid-comic is played. The difficulty of the vid-comics do not change when the actor enters challenge mode .


There were five issues in all seen in the series, all of which make up the “ Dr. Nefarious ” series :

The one-fifth comic was suppressed by Captain Qwark, who edited the ending of the fourth comedian to hide its events. An extra nameless vid-comic can be played in the Insomniac Museum, a well as a beta version of Issue 1 .


A cheat is available in each Qwark vid-comic, similar to the Konami Code, which changes Qwark ‘s equip into a tutu. This chess is obtained by pressing the following button sequence when Qwark holds a gun : Up Down Left Right Circle Square. Al uses this cheat on code following the completion of Deja Q All Over Again in a cutscene. By pressing on the vid-comic selection screen, a code remark corner appears with two possible codes that can be typed into it. Typing in ‘ _MEGHAN_ ‘ pressing start will allow the actor to play the “ Pirate vs. Ninja ” minigame in the Insomniac Museum, while typing ‘ YING_TZU ‘ will allow the musician to play a “ Bombs Away ” minigame. These cheat codes can be found on computer screens in the Insomniac Museum itself .

Behind the scenes

The Qwark vid-comics were developed by Ken Strickland and Sean Wissler, though Mike Stout designed the original concepts. Stout ‘s vision was for the vid-comics to be very like to Mega Man X in 3D but with a videogame. The three underestimated how many resources were involved. [ 4 ]

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The Qwark vid-comics changed well as a consequence of negative feedback from playtesters. This was because gameplay on a 2D plane was challenging as they predated the Nintendo DS and mobile games, and the original levels were challenging. As such, they were made much less difficult and complex than the original design. [ 5 ] In the Insomniac Museum, two unfinished levels, the original adaptation of the first base vid-comic named as the Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder – Special Edition, and one nameless Qwark vid-comic. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Elements of both levels can be found in the museum. There was in the first place going to be a 6th vid-comic known as “ Issue 6 : On the Q-Team Room Floor “. [ 8 ] Additionally, idle negotiation implies Qwark was going to be able to carry four unlike weapons and quick choose between them. [ 9 ] TJ Fixman had desired to write for a Captain Qwark 2D side-scroller prequel as a full game, alike to the vid-comics, but was never able to before he left Insomniac. [ 10 ]



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