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SETHER (SETH) – ICO rating and details


Customer Loyalty
Give discounts and promotional offers to specific customers if they promote your product on social channels. For exercise, if they tweeted about the last 5 items bought from your company, they automatically get a 15 % discount rate on their next purchase. Using a smart shrink .
Customer Targeting and Guaranteed Promotions
​Use Sether to offer aim promotional discounts based on your followers social activeness. For case, one of your Facebook followers posts about a modern telephone that he likes. Offer him a 30 % discount on that phone if he buys it from your web site, in the adjacent 5 days. mechanically, using a chic contract, to prove the offer and rebate are real .
Marketing Campaigns
​Set clearly terms with your promoters, enforcing targets and deadlines with a smart condense. Monitor, pay or give bonuses based on their sociable activeness, reach, and populace chemical reaction, without actually getting involved. For example, you hired an influencer to promote your product and you need at least 1000 Facebook likes and 500 retweets by the end of your campaign. Pay him 0,1 ETH when you get 50 %, and pay the rest if you get 100 % by the deadline. automatically, while you do something else .
Bounty Campaigns
​There is no way to make sure that both sides of a bounty campaign, the client and the showman, keep their promises. Using a ache contract, you could mechanically pay a promoter 0,1 ETH only if they make a minimal of 40 posts, with a minimal of 70 characters. Both sides are happy.

Transparent political support
​There is a huge press to be guileless about how a political campaign was financed, and who was involved in it. Be transparent. Set your budget and pay your supporters using fresh contracts to openly run your campaign on social media. Prove to your electors that no ghost companies, shallow investment funds or unwanted parties are involved

Incentivize good PR
​Hire fresh members for your PR department using chic contracts. You can then reward them your if your ship’s company, stigmatize or product gets incontrovertible feedback on social networks. For model, if the general public public opinion gets a positive boost regarding a intersection, you can mechanically bonus the team creditworthy for its success, using a smart-contract .
Proof of Action
​Enhance your stream business and build newly services and applications that engage your users on social networks through gamification. Ask them to carry out specific actions : post keywords, links, pictures or videos, give reviews, mail comments, like specific targets, retweet messages. Use Sether to validate their actions, give rewards or take business decisions. Both for blockchain and off-blockchain applications. With Sether .
Develop applications
​Use Sether inside your smart contracts or off-blockchain applications to integrate with social network APIs. Post messages automatically, react when sealed keywords appear on you social channels, find influencers, see what is the general opinion about your party, trade name or products and more. Don ’ t hassle with all the technical differences between different social net platforms. Leave that to us .

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