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What are the 5 Best Silver Coins? | Provident Metals

Investing in valued metals doesn ’ t have to break the bank thanks to silver bullion Though sometimes considered a second base rate metallic to gold, silver possesses much of the same historic meaning as its more popular yellow precious metallic counterpart. In fact, it can be said that flatware is actually flush rarer than amber. According to some analysts, there is seven times more gold above ground than silver ! Although this may seem like a crazy statement, it makes a little more sense when you think about all of the industrial applications silver is used for—some of which include : electronics, photography, jewelry, solar panels, chemical output, aeronautics, medicate, mirrors, automotive engines, and more. even another great manipulation for silver is as an investment. Silver coins offer investors an low-cost way to diversify their portfolio with valued metals.

If you are interest in purchasing silver, consider ordering one of these five popular silver bullion coins to start your collection. Junk Silver

5. “Junk” Silver Coins

When it comes to the easiest and most low-cost direction to invest in silver, “ debris ” silver is the answer. Named for their metal property ( 90 percentage ash grey and 10 percentage bull ), debris silver coins can be bought at low mark-up levels and come in respective denominations : dimes, quarters, and half dollars. The relatively low cost and high historic value of these coins is why they continue to be one of the most popular choices by both silver investors and coin collectors. Silver Panda

4. Silver Chinese Pandas

Everyone loves pandas. Each time a new giant panda cub is born in an american menagerie, there ’ s a entire media circus surrounding the adorable child. And in the mint collecting world, a similar craze ensues every meter a new Panda coin is released. Like the endangered animal constantly depicted on the coin ’ s reverse, there are only a specify number of Silver Pandas released by the China Gold Coin Corporation and the People ’ s Republic of China each year, making them highly valuable to investors.

Silver Philharmonic

3. Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins

Though eclipsed by early popular silver coins here in the US, the austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin is extremely well-loved by european investors. Minted by the austrian Mint in Vienna, the Philharmonic mint series celebrates the state ’ s proud and distinguished melodious inheritance by celebrating composers like Joseph Haydn and Mozart. These silver medal bullion coins are ideal for any ash grey investor who besides has a love and appreciation of classical music. Silver Maple

2. Silver Canadian Maple Leafs

second to precisely one other ash grey coin in terms of popularity, Silver Maples have been a staple of the coin collecting world for over 25 years. Each year, the Royal Canadian Mint releases a new translation of its classic design – a maple flick on the reverse ( the national symbol of Canada ) and a profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. As Canada ’ s official silver bullion mint, demand for the Maple Leaf has risen dramatically over the years due to economic uncertainty and the coin ’ sulfur universe renowned purity.

Silver Eagle

1. American Silver Eagles

As the world ’ s most democratic silver coin, sales for the vastly popular Silver Eagle coins have soared to record highs in the last few years, beating out all early silver coins and rounds. Despite a behind start to 2014, Silver Eagles have been flying off the shelves ever since, surpassing 2013 annual sales by close to 1 million coins by the end of the year. In accession to the other dynamics of the silver commercialize, Silver Eagles boast one major advantage over early similar coins : they are backed by the united states government. This factor alone makes the Silver Eagle coin a must-have for any silver collection. To learn more about these and other top precious metallic coins – such as their history, specifications, and denominations – visit our bullion & mint buy guide. besides, be certain to check out our blog for announcements about our latest coin releases.

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