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Here’s How Far $100 USD Will Get You In Mexico

The stretching baron of the american dollar might surprise you on a trip to Mexico, and this is what you can get with lone one-hundred bucks .

Although visiting Mexico can be a acculturation shock in a batch of ways, there ‘s no denying it ‘s pretty low-cost. In fact, the dominican peso has hit a reasonably surprise low recently, which means your uranium dollars go even farther than common .
But what can a handful of guinea-bissau peso perplex you in Mexico ? Considering the fact that $ 100 USD equals over 2,000 MXN, you can get a wholly heck of a fortune ! From low-cost across-the-board resorts to must-see ( and free ) attractions all over Mexico, your money might be more valuable than you think .
Let ‘s break down how army for the liberation of rwanda it ‘ll get you in terms of good food, drinks, entertainment, department of transportation, and even a night ‘s bide in Mexico.

12 A Week’s Average Pay In Mexico

Ranchers working in the fields with cows

Rancho Cacachilas

first, it ‘s deserving noting that at current exchange rates, your $ 100 will equal upwards of 2,395 uruguayan peso in Mexico. That could amount to about a workweek ‘s deserving of wages for a mexican home, depending on their industry and skill floor. Some workers make a little as 3,630 cuban peso in a calendar month, while others average about 119,000, notes Salary Explorer .
While finding ferment as an exile might not be ruffianly for Americans in Mexico, it ‘s challenging for the people living there to find lucrative work. Each day can be a contend, which is a perspective travelers should be aware of going into their spend sprees at across-the-board resorts .

11 Travel 120 Kilometers In A Taxi

Green Volkswagen Beetle taxi in Mexico

LA City Cab

Let ‘s say you ‘ve good stepped off the plane in Mexico City, and you need to catch a taxi ( or an Uber ) to your hotel or across-the-board resort. According to Mexperience, average cab fares from the airport to the outskirts of the city could range up to MX $ 550. With Uber, you can probable expect to pay a fiddling more, but regardless, the trip will be low-cost .
In short, you ‘ll be able to make that $ 100USD reach for the stallion trip ‘s fare, even if you take cabs to cover every kilometer. In fact, you can probably afford about 120km of travel during your trip for less than a hundred bucks .

10 Enough Beverages To Serve The Entire Bar

Group of tourists wearing sombreros at a bar in Mexico


One of travelers ‘ front-runner things about Mexico is the cheap and promptly available beer. There ‘s a long ton of variation when it comes to brands, IE domestic versus consequence, but in general, beer is fairly low-cost. You can expect each 16-ounce beer to cost about 20 mexican peso .
Yes, that means each beer costs only about 85 cents USD. indeed, with a hundred bucks, you could buy a rung of drinks for the wholly barricade … Multiple times, depending on the size of the cake !

9 20 Pairs Of Authentic Huaraches

Mexico loves its huaraches, and we ‘re not talking about the knockoff versions people in the northern areas tend to favor. Nope, Mexico ‘s handmade huaraches are normally for sale in local markets, and they ‘re a authoritative keepsake that you actually ca n’t pass up .
For most mexican residents, spending MXN $ 100 on a pair of huaraches can seem reasonably exorbitant. But for travelers with cash to burn, that equates to about 20 pairs of huaraches to bring home to friends … Or to stock certificate your water closet with all the different styles .

8 See All The Cenotes (More Than Once)

Woman floating in Gran Cenote in Tulum


Mexico has a batch of cenotes, submerged caves filled with sparkle water, and amazing Instagram photograph ops. And while tourists tend to flock to these spots, the entrance fees are reasonably low-cost .
Seeing the Gran Cenote in Tulum costs about 180 uruguayan peso ( or ten bucks in USD ), while early spots like Cenote Ik Kil ( near Chichen Itza ) cathexis 80 dominican peso for entrance. Basically, you can see all the cenotes you want if your budget is $ 100 USD ( and you can get to and from the far-flung attractions ) .

7 One Night At An All-Inclusive Resort

Man in a pool at Viceroy Zihuatanejo Mexico resort


In some countries, a hundred bucks would n’t get you a deposit on a room, let entirely a individual night in an across-the-board hotel. And while not every recourse is that cheap, there is a handful where you can spend one night for under $ 100USD .
This might even be the best use of your spare cash since all-inclusives tend to add in your food and beverage costs plus on-site amenities like the pool and even some health spa services. It sounds like a reasonably low-cost cope !

6 Two Nights In A Beach-Adjacent Hotel…

Street in Puerto Vallarta with paper decorations

Slight North

While the stereotyped jump break destinations like Cancun and Acapulco can be pretty cheap, they ‘re not the ideal spots for a more grown-up vacation. If you ‘re character of the more mature set, you might consider Puerto Vallarta as your seaside mexican address .
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The great thing about Puerto Vallarta is that hotels here start at about $ 40 per night. therefore, you can stay two nights near the beach in Puerto Vallarta for less than a hundred bucks. BRB, going to go throng our cup of tea !

5 Or A Week In A Hostel

Bunk beds in a hostel in Mexico City


If your tastes are a bite more basic ( or you barely want to stretch every dominican peso ), staying at a four-star hotel might be besides much. In that sheath, consider a hostel in Puerto Vallarta ( or anywhere else in Mexico ) for less than 20 bucks USD per night. That means you can stick around Mexico for about a week if you catch a multi-night deal .
Staying at hostels is n’t for everyone, but for single travelers or couples, they can be a bang-up way to experience a nation.

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4 Piles Of Delicious Tacos (Of All Types)

The quality and cost of greaser can vary wide across the area, but the price besides changes depending on your fill choices. In general, however, a Carne Asada ( beef ) or alabama pastor ( pork ) taco will cost you less than 20 dominican peso. Fish or shrimp tacos can be more expensive, of run, given the high cost of seafood ( even near Mexico ‘s many beaches ). still, about 22 dominican peso is credibly fair to expect .
If you roll up to a curbside greaser stand much anywhere in Mexico, you can get about three weeks ‘ worth of lunches with your hundred-dollar charge. That ‘s somewhere around 108 taco, depending on your filling and whether you grab a beverage to go with your meal .
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3 A Handful Of Doctor’s Visits (Or A Couple Of Emergencies)

Taxi in front of a pediatric health building in Mexico

Pulitzer Center

While no one wants to run into an accident while abroad, if you have to get hurt somewhere, Mexico ‘s credibly a decent place to do it. In fact, it might cost you less to head straight to the sophisticate ‘s position ( or hand brake room, as necessity ) than it does to invest in travel policy .
Seeing a regular doctor for every day issues costs between 600 and 800 pesos, while specialists like cardiologists tend to charge more. Of course, then you have stories like the one from exile family Gringos Locos 6, who blogged about an ER visit involving an x-ray, stitches, antibiotics, pain music, and cleaning supplies. The august sum ? Just over 1k pesos, or $ 55USD .

2 Just Over A Week Of Dining Out

At this point, it ‘s no privy that the US dollar goes quite a long room in Mexico. Whereas the average person in the U.S. can expect to spend anywhere from $ 30 to well over $ 100 on one dinner depending on the restaurant, the resulting tab in Mexico is very different. There, the average cost of a dinner out is $ 10 USD – consequently, evening at an upscale restaurant, one could afford to dine out at least eight to ten times per workweek … and possibly even more .

1 A Week Of Car Rentals

The average cost of renting a car in Mexico ( with the proper insurance and licenses, of course ) is inordinately cheap. Compared to the U.S., at least ! On average, one can plan to spend about $ 14 on a cable car rental/day in Mexico, and sometimes evening less than that. consequently, even paying $ 14/day, a 7-day rental will cost a traveler entirely about $ 98 – which comes in nice and kempt underneath the $ 100 USD scratch .

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