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Buy silver coins online | The Silver Mountain

Buy silver coins at the best price

The Silver Mountain delivers silver coins at the best price. We are specialised in the trade of eloquent investment coins, such as the Maple Leaf and the Philharmoniker. As a consequence, we can offer these silver coins at the very good price ! You can always check the current silver monetary value in real-time on our web site and the delivery fourth dimension for these coins. We offer discount rate scales on investment coins, so that you receive an even better price when you buy in larger quantities. In accession to investing in silver coins, we besides offer collector coins. We have created an overview of the versatile coins and their benefits and disadvantages on our “ Kieswijzer ” page.

Silver coins such as the Silver Eagle or the Maple Leaf

We offer a wide range of silver medal coins, such as the Maple Leaf, the Silver Eagle or the Wiener Philharmoniker. These coins are cheaper than silver bars and are easy to trade for people who want to invest in silver coins. In addition, we supply newfangled coins from the current issue in the original promotion from the mint. We besides offer a buy-back guarantee for these argent coins : we will buy back argent coins at the best price in the Netherlands !

Investing in silver coins

If you buy as a private investor, then investing in silver coins is the best choice. This is due to the fact that silver medal coins are excuse from VAT and fall under the alleged “ margeregeling ” ( margin outline ). This means that VAT merely needs to be paid over the profit margin of The Silver Mountain. Silver bars are amply taxed at 21 % VAT and are therefore a less advantageous option for private investors. Silver coins are cheaper and easier to trade. In accession, you will receive a a lot better price if you wish to sell your silver coins again. The prices that you see on our web site are besides the prices that you will pay.

Silver price in real-time

The Silver Mountain offers silver coins and bars at the best possible prices. The prices that are displayed are about always linked to the real-time silver price, unless the product in motion is very special. We refresh our sales prices every five minutes based on the most up-to-date flatware price. This ensures that we always offer you the best possible price at the time of purchase. Your price becomes finalised at the moment that you place your order.

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