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7 Fun Facts About The Super Bowl Coin Toss

The Super Bowl Coin Toss Is A tradition That Dates second To The Very First Game In 1967. The Coin Toss Winner Gets To Choose Whether They Want To Receive Or Kick Off The Ball To Start The Game .
The Odds Of Winning The Coin Toss Are 50-50, But Some Teams Have Managed To Win More Than Others. Super Bowl Coin Tosses Have A Bit Of History Behind Them .
here Are Some Fun Facts About The Super Bowl Coin Toss .

Fun Fact #1

The First Coin Toss In A Super Bowl Was Between The Green Bay Packers And Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers Won The Toss And Elected To Receive The Ball. They Would Go On To Win The Game 35-10.

Fun Fact #2

The Coin Used For The Super Bowl Coin Toss Is A Specially Designed Commemorative Coin Made By The United States Mint .
The Coin Is Made Of Bronze And Has A Diameter Of 26.49 Millimeters. It Features An persona Of A Football Player On One Side And The Words “ United States Of America ” And “ E Pluribus Unum ” On The early .
The Coin Is not legal tender And Is not Meant To Be Used As Currency. It Is alternatively Meant To Be Collected By Fans Of The Super Bowl. only One Coin Is Made For Each Year ’ s Super Bowl Game .

Fun Fact #3

In 2017, The Atlanta Falcons Won The Coin Toss Against The New England Patriots But Elected To Defer Their Choice To The Second Half. The Patriots then Won The Game In Overtime .
If A team Wins The Coin Toss In The Nfl And Chooses To Defer Their Choice To The Second Half, The other Team Automatically Gets The ball To Start The Game. It ’ s so That One team Can ’ t Just Choose not To Play In The First Half And then Get An advantage In The moment Half .
The Atlanta Falcons Made This Mistake In Their Game Against The Patriots, And It Ended Up Costing Them The Win .

Fun Fact #4

Super Bowl Coin Tosses Are Always An excite consequence, But The 2002 Matchup Between The Patriots And Rams Was Especially Memorable. The Rams Won The Coin Toss And Chose To Receive, But The Patriots Defense Managed To Hold Them Scoreless In The first Quarter. The Patriots then Took A 17-0 lead In The second Quarter And Won The Game 20-17 .
The 2002 Super Bowl Coin Toss Was A Nail-Biter, And It ’ randomness Sure To Provide Some Exciting Memories For Years To Come. Be sure To Watch This year ’ s Coin Toss – It Could Be One You ’ ll Never Forget !

Fun Fact #5

In 1997, Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan Chose To Kick-Off Rather Than Receive The Ball To Start The Game. This decisiveness Backfired, As They Lost The Game To The Green Bay Packers .

Fun Fact #6

The Ceremonial Coin Toss At The Super Bowl Is A tradition That Started In 1967. The Coin Used For The Super Bowl Coin Toss Is Unique For A Few Reasons. First, It Is Engraved With The Nfl Shield On One Side And The class On The other. And This Makes It A collectible token For Fans Of The Game .
second, It Is Made Of Solid Silver And Weighs About 26 Grams. last, It Is not Just Any Old Coin – It Is A commemorative Coin Minted Each Year specifically For The Super Bowl. now, Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop Betting Enthusiasts Everywhere Are Looking To Get Their Hands On One Of These Unique Coins.

Fun Fact #7

According To Space.Com, The Coin Used In Super Bowl 45 Made 171 Orbits Around The earth, According To Space.Com. It Stayed Over Two Weeks Aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis. It Is nowadays On Display At The Pro Football Hall Of Fame In Canton, Ohio. The Shuttle Made Its Final voyage concluding year .
“ This Is A unique Opportunity To Showcase Both The Nfl And Nasa As Leaders In Innovation, ” Said Pro Football Hall Of Fame President And Ceo David Baker .
The Coin Was Part Of A Promotion By The Nfl And United Way To Raise Money For Charity. The League Donated $ 100,000 To The United Way In Honor Of Each Touchdown Scored In The Playoffs .
“ This Unique Space-Flown Super Bowl Coin Will Be A valuable addition To The Pro Football Hall Of Fame ’ s Collection And Serve As A Tribute To The commitment Of Our Astronauts And The Nfl ’ s Commitment To Charity, ” Said Baker .


The Coin Toss Is An integral Part Of The Super Bowl. It Is Used To Determine Which Team Will Receive The Ball First, And It Is besides Used To Determine Which End Of The Field The Teams Will Start Playing From. The Coin Toss Is besides Used To Determine Which Team Will Have The Chance To Score First. It Can Be A crucial decision Because Scoring First Can Give A Team A Lot Of Momentum And Help Them Win The Game .

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