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No Country for Old Men Chigurh’s Coin | Shmoop

Head(less) or Tails?

Chigurh carries around a coin like he ‘s Two-Face from Batman, except Chigurh only has one face—the face of malefic. Chigurh actually has an affinity for coin tosses. Some are apparently random, and some are planned—though is n’t a coin toss the effect of randomness ? Basically what Chigurh likes to do is make people call heads or tails, and then if they ‘ve called amiss, he shoots them. He pulls the ol ‘ coin-toss antic on an unsuspecting cashier at a gasoline place, for example, making him call the coin, while heavily implying that if he calls wrong, it ‘ll be the last call he ever makes. “ What ‘s the most you always saw lost on a coin flip ? ” ( 2.4.58 ) he asks. The answer ? Your liveliness.
Chigurh casts the coin toss a weird desegregate of fortune and destiny. merely by nature of it being a mint toss, some fortune is involved, but Chigurh acts like the ultimate result is destiny. “ You ‘ve been putting it up your wholly biography. You just didnt know it ” ( 2.4.74 ). fortunately, the old serviceman calls the coin correctly. The thousand prize : the mint. Wow. A whole twenty-five cents. Do n’t spend it all in one set, dandy. As Chigurh tells him, “ Dont put it in your pocket. You wont know which one it is ” ( 2.4.95 ). Which is a lie down, because Chigurh already told him the coin is from 1958. It ‘s the one with 1958 on it.

Carla Jean is n’t as lucky. She calls the coin incorrectly, and Chigurh kills her. But he had already promised that he would kill her if Llewelyn did n’t give back the money, thus is it destiny that Carla Jean called the mint improper ? Would Chigurh have not shot her if she called it right ? Would she ever have been able to call it correct ? Our heads hurt precisely thinking about it.

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Carla Jean complicates things by telling Chigurh she did n’t do anything to deserve this. He agrees with her, saying “ You didnt do anything. It was bad luck ” ( 9.2.119 ). But by and by he says, “ The form of your path was visible from the begin ” ( 9.2.143 ). So which is it, buddy ? Is it destine, or is it fortune ? We good do n’t know anymore.

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But Carla Jean makes another compass point that Chigurh truly ca n’t duck out of : “ You make it like it was the coin. But you ‘re the one ” ( 9.2.134 ). She ‘s right : Chigurh is the one who shoots her in the front, not George Washington. This echoes something Chigurh said to the convenience store salesclerk : “ It ‘s good a mint. For example. Nothing particular there. What could that be an instrument of ? You see the trouble. To separate the act from the thing ” ( 2.4.97 ). Carla Jean ‘s point, though, is that in a way, Chigurh is trying to make it so he ‘s not truly responsible for the crimes he commits. Is this actually something he tells himself in ordain to make himself feel well ? It ‘s indecipherable. If it is, then possibly there ‘s some humanness to him, after all. We truly ca n’t be indisputable. It ‘s besides possible that these coin tosses symbolize the fact that the drug barter is then huge, so mighty, and sol evil that everyone involved in it—and everyone who incidentally gets in the way of it—is either just an instrument or a victim. good as there ‘s no escape from destiny, there ‘s no escape from the evil unleashed by the drug trade .

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