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What is Pi Network: How Does The Pi Network and Pi Coin Work?

One late cryptocurrency project to make a squelch comes from Pi Network, but what precisely is it ? There are a overplus of newfangled cryptocurrencies releasing in 2022 or gaining far grip. While Pi Network project first started in 2019, it has been able to take advantage of the care cryptocurrency has garnered in the early parts of 2021. here ‘s a brief front at what Pi Network is.


What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a project developed by Stanford graduates that claims to let users ‘mine ‘ its currentness on their phones. As explained in the whitepaper, Pi Network has opted for this to reduce the barriers to cryptocurrency mining. table of contents What is Pi Network ? Pi Coin Price Pi Network Phase 3 Date To do this, it uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol ( SCP ) and the Federated Byzantine Agreement ( FBA ) algorithm. here, nodes interact to reach a consensus on the adjacent obstruct. however, as explained by the Pi Network Reddit, this is not ‘mining ‘ in the traditional sense. This is because both Google and Apple do not allow mining apps on their shopfront. alternatively, the subreddit offers this explanation :

The role of the phone app is to generate Pi vouchers which will be redeemed for the Pi on the mainnet after you pass KYC.

As a consequence of this, the Pi Network states in the FAQ ‘s : “ Pi does not affect your call ’ randomness performance, drain your battery, or use your network data. ” Users are prompted to log in once a day to press the lightning button to start mine, which Pi states is to verify they are not a automaton.


Pi Coin Price

While the Pi Network has received praise for handiness, there remains a hefty amount of agnosticism about the Pi Network and its currency – the Pi Coin. Pi Coin is presently in pre-release mode. This means it has no actual respect, and can not be traded on any exchanges as of 2021. The total add of Pi is 99,997,179,484 Pi, according to the testnet dashboard. The Pi FAQs give a obscure answer to questions of its monetary value. It states : “ nowadays Pi is worth approximately 0 dollars/euro etc, like to Bitcoin in 2008. ” however, this gives the stamp Bitcoin had zero prize when it first base launched, which is incorrect. Bitcoin ‘s monetary value was close to zero, but it did not have no rate. Pi Coin is worth $ 0 as it has not launched, not because its respect is close to zero. As such, it is impossible to know whether Pi Coin has any value, or to predict its price for when it does release. That is, if it even does release .

Pi Network Phase 3 Date


The all-important period for Pi Network will be its Phase 3. This phase will, according to the whitepaper, see the launch of the Mainnet blockchain. here, Pi will be able to connect to exchanges, allowing for Pi Coin to be traded.

The Pi Network mainnet launched on December 29, kicking off Phase 3 of the undertaking. Despite this, there seems to be no indication that Pi Coin is anywhere near its full dismissal. As you ‘d expect, the Pi community is getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of updates.

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