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The Meaning Behind Coin Necklaces – Muru Jewellery

The meaning behind a coin necklace…
Coin necklaces have been worn throughout history to bring luck and dear luck to the wearer. A singular silver or gold coin necklace is a dateless addition to your jewelry collection, they are perfect for casual wear and are even thought to promote wealth and prosperity !
We love the opinion and mean behind all coin jewelry design. ever since the 1600 ’ sulfur people have given coins to their love ones as a meaningful give. These “ Love Tokens ” were frequently engraved with bathetic messages and were either carried by the recipient role for luck or adapted and worn as a meaningful mint necklace .
During WW1 and WW2 soldiers sent unique silver medal and amber mint necklaces home plate to their wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters. This became known as ‘ sweetheart jewelry ’ and reminds us just how bathetic and personal coin jewelry can be.

Venus Coin Necklace
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The rise in popularity of coin necklaces…
today, mint necklaces are a fashion staple for celebrities, influencers and bloggers alike .
back in 2011, coin jewelry and in particular mint necklaces rose in popularity when Holly Willoughby wore a double mint necklace on ITV ’ s This Morning indicate. Her coin necklace featured two 22ct Sovereign coins and was hand made in the UK .
More recently, Kanye West designed a collection of jewelry in collaboration with Jacob Arabov ( A.K.A. Jacob the Jeweler and the Founder of Jacob and Co. ). The solicitation featured 12 mint necklaces and puff inspiration from 14th-century Florentine art. The collection of coin pendent necklaces are worn by Kim Kardashian and start from $ 1,530 .

Coin jewellery trends…

The current vogue for coin jewelry is towards hand made irregular coin pendants that have a vintage feel and a weather texture .
There is besides a vogue towards the ancient, with greek mint necklaces and roman coin necklaces increasing in popularity as consumers look for more history and mean in the jewelry that they wear for a modern heirloom feel .
How to wear a coin necklace…
Coin necklaces are perfect for everyday clothing, whether you ’ re adding detail to a casual jersey and jeans or looking for the perfect necklace for a night out. The intricate coin detailing makes them a real talking point and a singular necklace plan that holds veridical think of. They can be wear alone or we like to wear layer mint necklaces to make a veridical expressive style statement .
During the cold months, we like to wear silver medal or amber coin necklace over our cosy chunky knits, as an effortless means to dress up any attend. Whereas in summer we love layering mint necklaces with more amulet charms for a gypsy feel that is arrant for festivals and holidays ! Why not try mixing silver and gold mint necklaces to create your own singular spirit .
Our top tips for choosing your perfect coin necklace…

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1.When layer, mix and match the chains on your flatware and gold coin necklaces to create a expect that ’ randomness true to your personal style. We love using beaded chains to give our look supernumerary impact !
2.Most coin pendants have a meaning behind them, Roman coin necklaces may depict the goddess Venus who represents love and beauty. Or an ancient greek coin necklace could feature the goddess Athena for female authorization or Aphrodite for beloved. Find a meaning that suits your personality to make it feel particular to wear every day. The most popular coin necklace for men is the St. Christopher mint pendant, the patron enshrine of travellers .
3.A single coin necklace makes a great go-to necklace for everyday and elevates any look. Whether you want to add to your look by adding more amulet necklaces or barely wear your argent or gold coin necklace by itself, it ’ s a versatile piece of jewelry that will effortlessly enhance every equip !

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