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Farmers World: how to play and earn guide 2022 |

Disclaimer: This page is not fiscal advice or an sanction of digital assets, providers or services. Digital assets are volatile and hazardous, and by operation is no guarantee of future results. likely regulations or policies can affect their handiness and services provided. talk with a fiscal master before making a decision. finder or the generator may own cryptocurrency discussed on this page .
It ‘s been less than a year since Farmers World officially launched. In that time, it amassed over 150,000 players cosmopolitan and has over 80,000 members on its Discord.

Gameplay is passive, which may be a large plus to investors who want to sit back and let it ride. But it costs a little cash to get started, and it might take time to earn back what you ‘ve put in. It ‘s a game of scheme and timing – not skill .

  • Played in browser
  • Little skill required
  • Passive gameplay
  • Not free to play
  • Some NFTs are extremely costly
  • Unknown, new developers
  • May not be for newbies

What is Farmers World?

Developed in Japan by G.JIT JAPAN and built on the Worldwide Asset commute ( WAX ) public chain, Farmer ‘s World has gained popularity in the crypto, play-to-earn gambling space .
It ‘s a passive voice, mine game with three in-game tokens : Food, Wood and Gold. Each has its own practice, and can be exchanged within the game .
You spend most of your time using NFT tools to get the three resources, buy NFT Land Plots to cultivate food and raise NFT animals. Plus, you can sell your earned NFTs on the secondary market for WAX .
The crippled does n’t have a storyline to follow, but the inhalation for Farmers World stems from an ancient text file called “ Manuscript №4848 ” housed in the National Library of Brazil. It ‘s not required to read this lore but we did anyhow .
The text file talks about a cryptic refinement that ‘s adapting to life in the Amazon wilderness. It mentions a stone statue of a young man that “ does not have a beard, ” earthquakes and other natural disasters — it ‘s a short byzantine .
Farmers World takes place when the cryptic, ancient refinement was in its infancy. As a actor, you ‘re tasked with building up your refinement by chopping wood, catching pisces, farming and mining gold .
In real life, you ‘re doing these things with the hopes to earn some real cash. There ‘s a lot of strategy involved in this game, then here ‘s the basics on how to get started .

Playing Farmers World

Go to, and select the green clitoris “ Play & Earn. ” You ‘re redirected to the actual bet on where you log in with a digital wallet, either Wax Cloud Wallet or Anchor .
You besides need a WAX account if you plan on selling on the secondary market, which you can sign up for at Gas fees are required to ability any blockchain transactions, which means when you exchange resources or mint NFTs in game, accelerator fees apply .
once you ‘re logged in and have your accounts ready, you can immediately start playing – sort of .
To play the game, you need tools. Tools are what you use to mine the in-game tokens. Craft these tools yourself or buy them at AtomicHub ‘s market, through drops or secondary sales .
And since craft tools is n’t an option when you ‘re first starting out, due to lack of resources, you ‘ll need to buy items from the market .
Farmers worldImage source: Farmers World
hera are the tools you ‘ll need to earn in-game tokens :

  • Wood (FWW) — use Axes, Saws or Chainsaws.
  • Food (FWF) — use Fishing Rods, Fishing Net or Fishing Boat.
  • Gold (FWG) — use a Mining Excavator.

You start with 200 Energy, which needs to be replenished in order to carry out tasks. To get food and replenish Energy, habit fish tools .
Each NFT tool has a lastingness index. To repair a instrument that ‘s lastingness is 0, you need Gold. The starting lastingness of tools varies between 25 and 1,600 .
Each tool has a cooldown of one hour after using it to mine resources. During this cooldown, you ca n’t use the items until the countdown is over .
Farmers World recommends starting the game with an Axe and a Fishing Rod. We agree, since chopping wood is an easy room to get going and you can use the Fishing Rod to replenish your Energy .
The tokens work in a cycle of sorts : want tools and energy to mine ; need resources to replenish and repair tools to keep mine ; mine the resources to earn and buy better tools and get more energy, and so on .

Membership cards

membership cards are “ clothing ” NFTs used to get bonuses in-game : a casual to mine more resources, increase instrument slots and increase your Energy .
The membership levels are :

  • Level 1: Bronze Member (common)
  • Level 2: Silver Member (uncommon)
  • Level 3: Gold Member (rare)
  • Level 4: Diamond Member (epic)

Farmer Coin and Gold can be used to craft Level 1 or 2 membership Cards .
Membership Cards are randomly assigned a token powered by Gold, Food or Wood. The in-game benefits are outlined below :
Membership gold At the time of write, there was a argent Member batting order powered by Gold listed for $ 1,502 ( 4,400 WAX ). Bronze Member cards run about $ 70 to $ 90, or ~200 WAX, so that floor is much more low-cost .

Use the cards to earn rewards, which costs you Energy. If you wear a Member tease and wait one day, you ‘ll earn the nonpayment wages. And if you wait a few days, you can earn more rewards .
To claim a one-day advantage, you must have at least 100 Energy. Wearing the Member card for longer requires more department of energy to claim the rewards : ( # of days ) X ( 100 energy )
here ‘s the breakdown of how honor exploit :


How to raise animals and crops

Farming and cultivation was added to the plot in September 2021. You need at least one grow plot to cultivate crops, a Cowshed for cows and a Coop for chickens .
The NFTs associated with raising animals and crops are :

  • Farm Plot
  • Milk
  • Cowshed
  • Coop
  • Baby Calf
  • Cow
  • Bull
  • Dairy Cow
  • Chicken Egg
  • Chick
  • Chicken
  • Barley
  • Corn

Craft a Cowshed, Coop or Farm Plot using Wood and Gold. The build march takes time, as outlined here :
Farmers world While raising crops, you need to water the plants, which consumes Energy .
When child animals grow up, their NFT cards are burned and minted into the next degree, for case : Baby Calf > Calf > Dairy Cow/Bull .
other things to note while cultivating crops and raising animals :

  • Baby Calves need to consume Milk.
  • Calves need to consume Barley.
  • Dairy Cows need to consume Barley.
  • Chicks and Chickens need to consume Barley.
  • There’s a countdown between animal feedings.

What is Farmers World’s token?

WAX is the token needed to play Farmer ‘s World. WAX is a purpose-built blockchain and protocol token .
NFTs for Farmers World are bought with WAX .

How to buy Farmers World token

WAX is available on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, such as and . App
Go to site
Read review

Compatible exchange: App


Minimum Deposit



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  • Long list of features such as lending, borrowing, staking and crypto debit cards
  • Poorly rated customer service
  • Certain cryptocurrency support is geographically restricted
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The ship’s company prioritizes security, marketing and design, but reviews suggest that customer service is lacking .

sediment Methods Credit wag
depository Fees none
withdrawal Fees Cryptocurrency : Fees vary
trade Fees manufacturer : 0.04-0.20 %
taker : 0.10-0.20 %

How does play-to-earn work with Farmers World?

At its core, Farmers World is a farm plot where players use their Energy and Tools to get resources to be exchanged in game or sold on the marketplace .
earn can be done in two main ways :

  1. Mine resources. Get Wood, Food or mine Gold to be sold on the marketplace. You can also exchange the resources for other resources in game using the Exchange option, such as Wood for Gold. Additionally, you can craft Member cards to sell — we’ll get to more on that in a minute.
  2. Raise animals and cultivate crops. Farm animals and food can be sold on the secondary marketplace for a profit. There’s cows, chickens, bulls, corn, barley and much more. Resources from animals can also be exchanged, such as Milk for Barley.

If you want to mine Gold, you ‘ll need around $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 to get started in that partially of the crippled, as of February, 2022. Yes, you read that right .
In decree to mine Gold in-game you need a Mining Excavator, which can be about $ 1,600 — about 4,700 WAX — on AtomicHub ‘s market .
For fresh players, starting out by getting Wood, Food and Farm plots is recommended because it does n’t require as much cash up battlefront, unless you ‘re comfortable with dumping a pair thousand dollars into the crippled right away .

What are the Farmers World NFTs?

Farmers World has many NFTs, including the tools, animals, wearables and more. here are a few :

  • Beginner pack
  • Chicken pack
  • Spotlight pack
  • Baby calf
  • Corn
  • Corn seed
  • Barley
  • Barley seed
  • Coop
  • Farm plot
  • Bull
  • Farmer coin

How to buy NFTs on Farmers World

You can purchase Farmers World NFTs at AtomicHub market, using WAX .
There are two easy ways to get to the AtomicHub NFT marketplace :

  1. Select the blue button labeled Atomic on your game menu and head to the marketplace directly to search for Farmers World NFTs.
  2. Go to

Prices of these NFTs vary — a lot. A drug user listed a Bull for over $ 40,000 ( 122,000 WAX ), comparable to the price of a brand-new sedan. other NFTs do n’t run you closely ampere much, such as Farm Plots that run about $ 20 a pop .
You need a crypto wallet to buy and sell NFTs on the AtomicHub market, which supports three wallets : WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor and Scatter .

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How to sell Farmers World NFTs

Selling your NFTs is equally easy as selecting the blueAtomic push button on your menu, connecting your WAX wallet and listing your NFTs for sale. Or you can head to, connect your wallet and sell NFTs that way .
You need one of these three wallets to sell NFTs on AtomicHub : WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor and Scatter .
We sorted the listings from low to high on the Farmers World solicitation, and the lowest list we saw was less than 0.01 WAX ( technically equals $ 0 USD ). The higher listings tend to float around 800,000 to 400,000 WAX ( roughly $ 98,000 to $ 49,000 USD ). suffice to say, prices are all over the map .
The costly NFTs tend to be Farmer Coins, Mining Excavators and Member Cards .

About Farmers World developers

We know that the game was developed by a company called G.JIT JAPAN, but other than that, there is n’t a lot data about the developer at all .
We were able to determine that G.JIT JAPAN is a company based out of Japan, and it was founded around the like time that Farmers World was launched .
Anonymity is a common theme in decentralize applications, but when it comes to game developers and dealing with real cash, a developer with transparency on their backdrop, founders, and investors send us more confidence signals. Farmers World and the developers do n’t seem excessively acute to dispel that information, then take that as you will .

Farmers World Roadmap

There ‘s a mobile version of the game in the works, for both io and Android platforms .
Along with adding new characters and items, Farmer ‘s World plans to add the ability to :

  • Cultivate fruits.
  • Forge weapons.
  • Recruit weapons.
  • Defend farms.

Players may besides have the capability to exchange resources in Farmers World to another actor with Farmers World. We ‘re not wholly indisputable what this entails, and there ‘s an update slated for the long-run .

Bottom line

Farmers World requires some solitaire. Tools have cool-down times, animals and crops take time to grow and your characters need to replenish energy. It ‘s a passive game that requires real design and strategy for success .
The gameplay is n’t peculiarly stimulate, but for gamers that want to earn without relying on skill, it could be deserving looking into .

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