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Papyrus logo Papyrus ICO Review
Papyrus ICO
Ticker: PPR
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 PPR = 0.055 USD
Tokens: 450000000
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 17,500,000 USD
Raised: 0
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 45%
Accepting: ETH, BTC

Papyrus is an open reservoir scalable blockchain platform specifically designed to fight all the issues of digital advertising market – fraud traffic, brand safety issues, excessive interlocutor cuts, and absence of provision chain transparency. Unlike early existing blockchains Papyrus has alone features that make it feasible solution for virtual adoption : low transaction costs, privacy management, execution of bright contracts based on big volume of data. Papyrus connects advertisers, publishers, agencies, advertise platforms and verifiers within Papyrus blockchain network to create trust, paleness and efficiency within digital advertise market .

description [edit ]

Digital advertising market of $ 229B is plagued by fraud traffic, sword safety issues, excessive jobber cuts, and absence of provision chain transparency. According to a surveil of elder ad buyers worldwide these issues are top of advertiser concerns. Digital ad market right now is in a pain and requires solution that will improve its efficiency saving billions of USD by making business relationships and payments reconciliation transparent to supply chain participants.
Papyrus is the world’s first scalable blockchain protocol specifically designed to fight all digital advertising issues – fraud traffic, brand safety issues, excessive middleman cuts, and absence of supply chain transparency. Unlike other existing blockchains it has unique features that make it feasible solution for practical adoption: low transaction costs, privacy management, execution of smart contracts based on large volume of data.
On clear of blockchain platform Papyrus provides decentralized monitoring and money flow management tools to digital advertisers and publishers, which help them to get visibility on third parties and ad agencies, battle fraud, restraint money streams and optimize add chain efficiency. These tools can not be manipulated by any parties : data for monitor is stored unalterably, money stream management rules are mechanically enforced by bright contracts. For example, advertiser can enforce automatic rules that say “ deceitful traffic won ’ thymine be paid for and brand safety violations will imply penalties for abusers ”. Verifiers connected to the organization provide data to verify these rules while blockchain guarantees their enforcement.
By providing these tools Papyrus creates foil, trust and efficiency within digital advertising supply range. Papyrus is a neutral solution that doesn ’ metric ton compete with ad platforms and servicing providers while brings benefits for all of them unless they are making money in gray area.
Papyrus is a universal blockchain platform specifically designed to overcome the challenges of digital advertising.
Papyrus connects advertisers, publishers, agencies, advertising platforms and verifiers within the Papyrus blockchain network to create trust, fairness and efficiency within the digital ad market.
· Big data scalability ( Execution of bright contracts based on raw data with millions of data points )
· Low costs of transactions ( Handling millions of ad events per second requires low costs )
· Privacy management ( Advertisers can keep ad campaign data secret. But expose aggregated information about agencies, ad networks and publishers to establish their repute )
Papyrus has launched its Technical White Paper and MVP that consists of an advertising network using blockchain architecture to enable the transparent purchase of advertising inventory. All calculations between advertisers and publishers are controlled by smart contracts with automatic pistol restrictions on payments depending on the quality of results as verify by freelancer verification service suppliers. The MVP is deployed on Ethereum TestNet Rinkeby and will be launched in Ethereum MainNet after the second Token Generation Event.
The Papyrus Channel Layer is the key have of the MVP, executing smart contracts over large datasets collected by network participants. The plunge has made it possible to test the scalability of the Papyrus solution and prove its applicability to the programmatic ad market, where the number of ad impressions reaches billions every second. scalability on data and low infrastructure costs are what distinguish papyrus from other blockchain solutions.
Later this year, Papyrus will launch its open-source blockchain network where the stream MVP will be migrated. The Papyrus blockchain network will be an Ethereum pitchfork, which will reduce the cost of smart contracts execution and ensure transaction privacy using dPoS consensus and zero-knowledge proof. It is a necessity in the ad market, as media buyers want to keep the social organization of their outgo confidential. The network will besides provide Papyrus developers with a more compromising architecture for modification.
due to its data scalability and privacy protective covering capabilities, the Papyrus blockchain computer architecture offers an extensive stove of consumption cases not alone within the ad industry but for all business applications requiring the guarantee performance of chic contracts based on bombastic data sets and their psychoanalysis, notably with Amodels. The potential market for the Papyrus network is enormous. In addition to improving the advertise ecosystem, it can be applied to build high-frequency trade solutions backed by smart contracts, automatic lend issue based on dynamic marking, and many other scenarios, including in the Internet of Things commercialize.
The launch of the MVP is a fundamental step in the development of more products using the Papyrus’ blockchain architecture.
How does it work:
Papyrus is a scalable blockchain protocol and platform for execution of bright contracts against big data sets. On top of this platform Papyrus builds a programmatic ad buying solution addressing the major problems of the digital advertising diligence. By securely and privately tracking trillions of impression-level events per sidereal day and applying smart contract-based ad verification and requital liquidation logic, the solution creates foil and faith between ad marketplace players, provides visibility into throughout requital flows, reduces operational costs, eliminates fraud and increases ad quality, ultimately improving end drug user experience.
The solution features:
1. Channel layer – an off-chain mechanism for collecting, securely storing, verifying and processing raw business transactions data ( in finical, execution trace of RTB protocol ).
2. Papyrus blockchain – a consortium dPoS blockchain based on Tendermint BFT consensus algorithm, with support of EVM smart contracts. It backs the operation of channel layer and implements ad campaigns occupation logic including ad verification and payments settlement rules.
3. Cosmos Network consolidation – the Papyrus blockchain is built as a Cosmos Zone, connected to the Cosmos Hub to benefit from ready interoperability with existing populace blockchains.
4. Dashboard applications providing access to the Papyrus functions for advertisers/publishers, and integration tools for onboarding existing adtech platforms.
Papyrus – scalable blockchain protocol for digital advertising industry is redefining now the digital advertising marketplace.

recapitulation [edit ]

Q2 2017: First white paper published
Q3 2017: First partners joined
Q4 2017: $1.5M raised in token sale round 1
First proof-of-concept in Ethereum
Q1 2018: MVP launch and token sale round 2
Q2 2018: Enterprise pilots with partners
Q3 2018: Launch of Papyrus Testnet & Papyrus Wallet
Q4 2018: Launch of Papyrus blockchain network[1] Q1 2017 : R & D team assembledQ2 2017 : First egg white paper publishedQ3 2017 : first partners joinedQ4 2017 : $ 1.5M raised in token sale orotund 1First proof-of-concept in EthereumQ1 2018 : MVP establish and token sale round 2Q2 2018 : enterprise pilots with partnersQ3 2018 : plunge of Papyrus Testnet & Papyrus WalletQ4 2018 : launching of Papyrus blockchain network

team [edit ]

name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Alexander Shvets Product Director Alexander Shvets photo 4.3
Elena Obukhova Communications Director Elena Obukhova photo 4.3
Tanya Krishtopa Product Manager Tanya Krishtopa photo 4.3
Andrey Vlasenko Lead Software Engineer Andrey Vlasenko photo 4.3
Alexander Kholodov Lead Software Engineer Alexander Kholodov photo 4.3
Alexander Telegin Mobile Software Engineer Alexander Telegin photo 4.3
Igor Sokolov Blockchain Engineer Igor Sokolov photo 4.3
Aleksei Pupyshev Research & Development Expert Aleksei Pupyshev photo 13
Vitaly Bubyakin Frontend Developer Vitaly Bubyakin photo 4.3
Shamil Valishev Digital Marketing Manager Shamil Valishev photo 4.3
Addie Conner SVP Product Evangelist Addie Conner photo 4.3
Shirlene Chandrapal SVP Strategic Business Development Shirlene Chandrapal photo 4.3
Abeed Janmohamed CEO Abeed Janmohamed photo 4.3
Igor Alferov Founder Igor Alferov photo 4.3
Stanislav Kirillin Communications Manager Stanislav Kirillin photo 4.3
Leo Eletskikh Technology Evangelist Advisors Leo Eletskikh photo 4.3
Mike Costache Strategy Advisor Advisors Mike Costache photo 19.6
Brad Yasar Strategy Advisor Advisors Brad Yasar photo 7.3
Dmitry Lee Technical Advisor Advisors Dmitry Lee photo 4.3
Mikhail Fedorinin Operations Advisor Advisors Mikhail Fedorinin photo 4.3
Tim Brown Business Development Advisor Advisors Tim Brown photo 4.3
Marissa Kim Legal Advisor Advisors Marissa Kim photo 8.6
Jeremy Levitan Strategy Advisor Advisors Jeremy Levitan photo 8.6
Jeremy Epstein Marketing Advisor Advisors Jeremy Epstein photo 33.2
Eyal Hertzog Strategy Advisor Advisors Eyal Hertzog photo 41.86
Jeremy Levitan Strategy Advisor Advisors Jeremy Levitan photo 8.6
Alexander Shishow Strategy Advisor Advisors Alexander Shishow photo 4.3

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