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Rare Nickels: These Are The Scarcest Jefferson Nickels (And Yes… You Can Still Find Them In Circulation!)

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Did you know that a few Jefferson nickels, the 5-cent coin that Americans have seen in their pocket switch since 1938, are actually considered scarce ? Believe it or not, the Jefferson nickels serial contains a few coins with less than 10 million full strike — a low enough number which, for a popularly collected series like Jefferson nickels warrants these especial dates to be considered relatively barely.

Making matters all the better is that these rare nickels actually can be found in circulation — with a piece of luck, of run ! Must read: Rare Coins five. scarce Coins : What ’ s The Difference ? therefore, which Jefferson nickels are considered relatively barely, with mintages of less than 10 million ?

Rare Jefferson Nickels

Except for proof issues ( with numbers under 10 million each but quite common in proof sets ), here the 9 scarcest, regular-issue (produced for circulation purposes) Jefferson nickels: The Denver issue from the inaugural year of the Jefferson nickel series, only 5,376,000 of these coins were minted. The 1938-D starts at a price of about $ 1.50 for an average-circulated Jefferson nickel. The San Francisco mint churned out entirely 4,105,000 freshman Jefferson nickels, among the 3 scarcest coins of the regular-issue Jefferson nickels. The 1939-S has a basis price tag of around $ 2.50 for a typical, circulated Jefferson nickel. Coming in as the moment scarce regular-issue Jefferson nickel, the 1939-D is among the top of Jefferson nickel collectors ’ wish lists. This man, has risen in measure a sting over holocene years, with a low-end price tag of about $ 6. Though not quite a scarce as its Denver cousin, the 1939-S is even a mint that is identical difficult to locate in circulation and does cost a slender premium over other regular-issue Jefferson nickels in average-circulated condition. With a mintage of 6,630,000 the 1939-S Jefferson nickel typically costs about $ 1.50 in decent circulated condition. With some 9,716,000 being churned out, the 1949-S nickel is among the least scarce of the nickels listed here, but still under the 10,000,000 brink and, thus, among the hardest-to-locate Jefferson nickels in the entire serial. The 1949-S Jefferson nickel can be had for about 75 cents in circulate grades. 1950 was a reasonably lean year for nickel production. only 9,847,386 1950 nickels rolled out of the Philadelphia batch, making the 1950 Jefferson nickel a coin deserving looking for — and one that is surely needed if you are completing a Jefferson nickel series collection. The 1950 Jefferson nickel can be purchased for around $ 1 in middle circulated grades. Every good mint series has its “ key ” coin. The Lincoln cents have the 1909-S V.D.B., the Mercury dimes have the 1916-D, and the Standing Liberty Quarter series would not be the challenge it is without its 1916 key. Which one coin is the most sought Jefferson nickel ? none other than the 1950-D Jefferson nickel. That ’ s veracious, a contemporary “ rarity, ” with fair 2,630,030 produced. A democratic key coin ever since it beginning was released, causing people in mainstream America to look for and snap up these 1950-D Jefferson nickels, this mint at one time cost many hundreds of times its boldness value in uncirculated condition. While the excitement has since quieted around the 1950-D Jefferson nickel since its peak in popularity decades ago, this is hush a coin that has people in the Jefferson nickel and mod coin communities buzzing. Because it was saved in bulk quantities early on, most 1950-D nickels you find in dealers ’ cases will be uncirculated. however, wear 1950-D Jefferson nickels surely exist, and it is not at all impossible to even come across one in your switch nowadays. To buy a 1950-D Jefferson nickel will set you back about $ 15 or so in circulate grades, but only around $ 20 in uncirculated — remember, many were saved from day one.

not about vitamin a barely as the 1950-D but still a hood, the 1951-S Jefferson nickel comes in with a coinage of 7,776,000 — distillery a mint which will be difficult to find in circulation. The 1951-S Jefferson nickel costs around 75 cents to purchase in average-circulated condition. With 8,266,200 minted, the 1955 nickel demands a good eye and a bit of fortune to spot in circulation. It besides commands a rebuff premium over other average-circulated, more common Jefferson nickels, starting at around 50 cents to purchase a circulate 1955 Jefferson nickel .

Where To Find These Rare Nickels

As you can see, evening the scarcest of the Jefferson nickels are not at all cost-prohibitive for the average coin collector — making Jefferson nickels a very well series to assemble for most anyone. incredibly, these rare nickels can, on occasion, silent be found in circulation. so with a keen eye, patience, using a very well tooth comb through many rolls of Jefferson nickels, and keeping your eyes on your change… you fair may be able to complete a series of even strike Jeffersons without paying more than grimace respect !

however, if you are like many people, you may rather decide to buy these rare nickels — since they ’ re then difficult to find. The good part : prices are presently identical low-cost.

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