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Important Release Schedule Information

We realize that there is some confusion on the release schedule for the World of Dragons series. Please see where we explained how we are handling this series differently for more clarification: 1. Check out infinitesimal 18:45 in our October Facebook Live consequence
where our film director of Sales and Marketing Jake Haugen explains how the publish schedule for World of Dragons differs from past series. Q: What makes this release schedule different from other Provident Exclusive Series? A. You asked, and we listened ! We don ’ triiodothyronine want your orders for the 3rd free delayed because we ’ ra waiting on delivery from the mint for the final run of The Welsh ( like we experienced with prior series such as the 4 Horsemen, Zombucks, etc ). so here is how we will do things differently this time :

  • Our goal is for The Welsh to be sold out by the end of May. So in early April, we’ll forecast The Welsh Dragon sales through May. We’ll place a final order at that time with the mint based on this forecast. This way, they will be in stock and ready to ship when the 3rd release is available on the 1st of May. Where previous series have had just one single day of overlap between releases, our goal with the World of Dragons series is to provide a longer window for people to buy multiple releases and receive them at the same time.
  • We will still publish the final mintage number for The Welsh on May 1st. This will be the final minted number even though all of the silver and copper rounds may have not been sold out of our inventory at that point.

About The Welsh 1 oz Silver Round

Dragons have been one of the universe ’ s most democratic fabulous creatures through the ages. Almost every polish on earth has its own ancient dragon myth. And we are gallant to bring them to liveliness in our EXCLUSIVE WORLD OF DRAGONS series of 1 oz ash grey and copper rounds ! The second turn in this stimulate 6-design series celebrates the Welsh dragon, one of the most brawny creatures in Welsh folklore. Y Ddraig Goch, or the “ loss dragon ”, appeared on ancient british soldiers ’ war flags ampere early as 300 AD. At Queen Elizabeth ’ second coronation, it stood guard duty as one of the Queen ’ second Beasts to signify Her Majesty ’ second direct descent from the Welsh House of Tudor. And it remains a symbol of the Welsh people ’ s fierce spirit on the national flag to this day. Stories of the red dragon are abundant in Celtic lore. In arthurian legend, the Y Draig Goch ( symbolizing Wales ) famously vanquishes a whiten dragon ( symbolizing Britain ) in a boisterous, centuries-long battle. The red dragon has been celebrated as a symbol of the Welsh people ’ s persistent liveliness ever since. This limited edition 1 oz Silver Welsh Dragon beat will be minted to demand until May 2019. So haste and add the moment release in the serial to your handcart nowadays, while they ’ re silent available !


  • Second of six unique designs in the Dragons of the World series.
  • Contains 1 oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Limited mintage of 26,500 rounds.
  • Real-time prices are locked in at the time of the order.
  • Fast, free, and discreet shipping in flips, tubes, or monster boxes.
  • Quickly and easily sell back your coins to Provident Metals at industry-leading prices.


The obverse of the 1 oz Silver Welsh Dragon orotund features the awful loss dragon in exultant mid-roar after vanquishing the white dragon of legend. The inscription “ The Welsh ” besides appears on the obverse .


The overrule depicts the herculean reptile eye of the dragon. Its cutting gaze is surrounded by the inscriptions “ World of Dragons ” along with the metallic content, weight unit, and purity .

About The Golden State Mint

The World of Dragons series is produced by the privately-operated Golden State Mint ( GSM ). Since 1974, the Golden State Mint has manufactured millions of rounds and bars for bullion dealers across the state, with a silver purity that equals that of sovereign-minted rounds. GSM is a animation member of the American Numismatic Association, along with several other well-respected numismatic organizations. GSM is a family caller dedicated to stellar customer service, and remains one of the most highly-regarded popular secret mints in the diligence nowadays.


Your 1 oz Silver Welsh Dragon cycle ships in brand newly condition. Single rounds ship in an person formative flip. Multiples of 20 embark in mint-issued tubes, and multiples of 500 ship in sealed monster boxes. Orders over $ 199 are eligible for detached ship ! Place your secure rate on-line now by clicking on the product and selecting “ attention deficit disorder to cart ”. Or, speak to one of our knowing, friendly customer overhaul representatives at 800-313-3315. World of Dragons Silver rounds make thoughtful and valuable gifts! Order the 2nd release in the series today while it’s still available!

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