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Battery, Replacing the battery | Dell OptiPlex 755 User Manual | Page 25 / 248

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User’s Guide

Replacing the battery

Replacing the Battery

A coin-cell battery maintains computer shape, date, and prison term information. The battery can last respective years .
The battery may need replacing if an faulty fourth dimension or date is displayed during the boot routine along with a message such as :
Time-of-day not set – please run SETUP program
invalid shape information –
please run SETUP platform
Strike the F1 key to continue ,
F2 to run the apparatus utility
To determine whether you need to replace the battery, reenter the time and date in system frame-up and exit the program to save the information. Turn off your
calculator and disconnect it from the electrical exit for a few hours ; then reconnect the calculator, turn it on, and enter organization frame-up ( see
Entering system
). If the date and time are not correct in organization frame-up, replace the battery .
You can operate your computer without a battery ; however, without a battery, the shape data is erased if the calculator is turned off or
unplugged from the electric mercantile establishment. In this case, you must enter system apparatus ( see
Entering System Setup
) and reset the shape options .

To remove the barrage :

1 .
If you have not already done indeed, make a imitate of your shape information, found in arrangement frame-up.

2 .
Follow the procedures in
Before You Begin


3 .
Remove the calculator cover.

4 .
Locate the battery socket.

5 .
Remove the system battery.

a .

Support the battery connection by pressing down securely on the convinced side of the connection .

b-complex vitamin .

While supporting the battery connection, press the battery check away from the positivist side of the connection and pry the battery it up out of the
securing tab key at the damaging side of the connection.

Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide .

To prevent electrostatic damage to components inside your computer, discharge electrostatic electricity from your consistency before you touch any of your
computer ‘s electronic components. You can do thus by touching an unpainted alloy surface on the calculator chassis .

A new battery can explode if it is incorrectly installed. Replace the battery only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the
manufacturer. Discard used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you pry the battery out of its socket with a blunt object, be careful not to touch the system board with the object. guarantee that the object is
inserted between the battery and the socket before you attempt to pry out the battery. otherwise, you may damage the system board by prying off
the socket or by breaking circuit traces on the system display panel.

To avoid damage to the battery connection, you must firmly support the connection while removing the battery .

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