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Stereo Madness

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Stereo Madness

Game Released Level number Difficulty
Lite, Full Initial release 1 Easy.png
Mana orbs Stars Practice mode Normal mode
50 1 Colour06.png


Cube, Ship

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C, S, C, S,




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N/A Back On Track

Stereo Madness is the first level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite and the first level with an Easy difficulty .


Stereo Madness introduces the block form with sequences involving blocks and spikes with elementary jumping patterns. The ship shape is besides introduced with sequences involving broad manoeuvres around obstacles. ship sequences take place from 30 % to 48 % and from 85 % to 100 %.

secret coins

  • The first secret coin is located at 50% and collected as the cube. After the first ship sequence, jump twice up the first two columns, slide through a gap in the third column and jump again to collect the coin, or alternatively, jump thrice up the first three columns and slide down under the fourth column.
  • The second secret coin is located at 75% and collected as the cube. After travelling upon four adjacent narrow platforms, jump four times up onto a line of descending blocks and jump off the second to last block to collect the coin, clearing a short spike upon return to the main route.
  • The third secret coin is located at 98% and collected as the ship. After beginning the second ship sequence, pass the first pair of obstacles before entering a small crevice missing a block by the second ceiling obstacle. The background will turn red and the grid will shift to reveal a narrow alternate passage with close-contained spikes. Passing through it will lead to the third coin at the level’s end.


Geometry_Dash_-_Stereo_Madness Geometry Dash – stereo madness


  • Stereo Madness was the only level of the first nine levels to have its difficulty retained while the others were downgraded in Update 1.9.
  • Stereo Madness is the only level not to contain pads, rings or manipulation portals, and also the only level to introduce multiple forms.
  • The third secret coin passage is particularly unique:
    • Reaching its end is the only instance of being able to diverge from the main route and end somewhere different.
    • It reveals short spikes, small spikes and pulsating star decorations which are formally introduced in Back On Track, Clutterfunk and xStep respectively.
    • It was modified and made easier in Update 1.9, having five overhead small spikes that were directly above more small spikes removed and replaced with three overhead short spikes slightly earlier.
  • Stereo Madness gives programmed text instructions to “Tap to jump over the spikes” if colliding twice with the first spike in the level.
  • Stereo Madness takes 89 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 77 jumps.


StereoMadnessSecretCoin1 first secret coinStereoMadnessSecretCoin2 second secret coin

StereoMadnessSecretCoin3 Third secret mintStereoMadnessMenu Level selectionStereoMadnessMenuBeta This graphically enhanced screenshot was taken as the Icon Kit menu transitioned to the beginning of Stereo Madness in the ‘Geometry Jump – Icon Kit Preview ‘ television. It is stage on the Icon Kit article .

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