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Cuphead: all the secrets of the game (hidden coins) – Notes Read

In this guide, we are going to tell you about all the secrets that are hidden on the Cuphead game map: the location of short routes, hidden coins and hidden quests

Inkwell Island – World I

Before moving into the crippled world, be sure to complete the tutorial ! Although it may seem like a little overkill, even if you understand the game, do it, because this is where the first base gold coin will be obtained .
first coin in trail
After you leave the theater of the old teapot, you will see a map of the game global, where you can interact with respective characters and go to certain levels. There is a hidden route here. Follow the river to the union ( up the map ) until you see that there is a ledge ahead without a ladder. You can get around this invest and get to another separate of the island. To do this, take a scantily noticeable way to the justly and go down to the bottom to get to the early english of the river.

The begin of a abruptly journey
The end of the unretentive reduce
If you haven ’ metric ton unlocked the accomplishment even, get the Corner Cutter accomplishment for finding the first shortcut .
There is besides a hidden coin hera that you can add to your wallet. First, go to the ax-headed guy and look at the trees behind him to spot a glazed coin. The character will block the passage to it, but will move away after you deal with all the bosses of the location. After that, come near to the coin .
The character covers the approach path to the mint
The ax guy walked away from the trees and let him take the mint

Inkwell Island – World II

The second area is an entertainment park. There are besides assorted secrets here. vitamin a soon as you enter hera, you can see three geeks. talk to them and find out that the fourth member of their melodious group is missing. After you fight Baroness Bonbon, go up through the tent and attend behind the tent on the leftover side, located next to the stairs and the girl character. It is necessary to go around this tent from above so that the fourth singer jumped out of the bushes. Talk to him, return to the three friends and find that the whole group is assembled. You can talk to them and listen to the song .
good seat
The lost singer will appear here
There is besides a hidden path here. Go upstairs and go behind the huge rock near the birdhouse. You can follow the rock to the right and reach the draco column. After that, return to the candy girl just below the birdhouse, spill to her and receive a amber coin as a reward .
A shortstop cut over the birdhouse, behind the batch
conclusion of the swerve near the tugboat of the green dragon

There is besides a juggler at the location. Parry four opponents at any level without touching the anchor. then talk to the juggler again and receive a gold coin from him as a reward .
Another amber coin is hidden in front of the dawdler, located next to the transition orient to the third gear global .
Hidden mint

Inkwell Island – World III

If you approach the junkyard at the top, then try to walk behind it to find a concealed path that leads to the field .
The begin of the shortcut at the junkyard
The end of the short ignore
There is besides a humble stall behind the shop. Walk around it to pick up the hide mint .
Hidden mint

Underworld – World IV

The last hidden mint is hidden behind the dice in the passage to the casino, on the forget side. See screenshot .
The last coin
If you collected all the obscure coins, and besides collected each of them in the Run and Gun levels, then you should immediately get the High Roller accomplishment.

Additional secrets

There are two characters that hint at likely quests and achievements .
The turtle, which can be found in the northeast of the third world, where the pier is besides located, talks about shades of gray. After completing the Pacifist quest ( complete the Run ‘ north Gun degree without killing a individual enemy ), you will be able to see the game world in total darkness and white ( shroud modality ). The legal quality will besides become significantly outdated .
The Fork Man is always telling something about the A rat. He will communicate that those who are adenine sophisticate as he can see the world differently. Having received an A denounce everywhere in this area, you will learn the secret and get an accomplishment. It is not necessity to get an A + rate. Any denounce with the letter A ( even A- ) is enough .

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