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Banana Coin price today, $BANANA to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

What Is Banana Coin (BANANA)?

Banana Coin ( BANANA ) is a charity-centric BEP-20 token that runs on Binance Smart Chain. Freshly launched in June 2021, BANANA aims to donate to colleges and presenter higher education for students, and plans to make its first base contribution in Q3 2021. Banana Coin ’ randomness vision is to help students overcome the issue of sky-high college education fees which besides often leave them in heavy debts. The team behind the coin are supporters of the access to education for everyone, careless of their setting. Receiving education impacts not precisely a person ’ south life sentence but besides their class, community and their state. Banana Coin accepts college sponsorship requests from anyone and selects winners based on voting systems on social media platforms. All an applicant has to do is submit a video of themselves answering questions such as why they deserve the fund. \ \ In addition, Banana Coin besides makes donations to the cordial reception industry to tide through the negative impact from the pandemic, through their charity-oriented ‘ The Hospitality Monkey Coin Project ’. \

Who Are the Founders of Banana Coin (BANANA)?

only two members of Banana Coin have doxxed — the fall through and co-founder. Banana Coin is founded by american very estate investor and serial entrepreneur Chung Ong, who is besides a license FL Business Broker. Chung made his foray into the business world at the age of 19 and has since been in appoint of more than 200 people across his businesses, which include F & B and retail companies. \ \ Co-founding Banana Coin with Chung is YoYo, a erstwhile teacher in China who says she has experienced much inequality in the education celestial sphere.

The remaining members of the Banana Coin team have chosen to remain anonymous and have stated that they are waiting for fluidity to grow before they dox themselves. These anonymous members have said on the mint ’ s website that they are committed to the coin for the hanker campaign .

What Makes Banana Coin (BANANA) Unique?

Like early charity coins, Banana Coin gives its investors a stake in participating in socioeconomic and political change. What makes Banana Coin stand out is that it gives holders a high reinforce for their support to charities, with a redistribution rate of 5 % that is automatic for every transaction made. Banana Coin is said to be rug-proof as the founders have renounced the shrink, locking in the code on which the mint runs and thus creating an stadium for peer opportunities for all. \ \ The mint is besides singular in the high gear sum of tax it channels back to the liquidity pool, which will stabilise prices as the coin ’ mho trade volume rises .

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How Many Banana Coin (BANANA) Coins are There in Circulation?

BANANA has a total provision of a quadrillion coins. For all transactions, 50 % of the add will be burned. Each transaction is taxed at 15 %, with the breakdown divided into three equal segments for the follow : 5 % to the jacob’s ladder wallet for donations and projects, 5 % redistribution to holders and 5 % to the liquid consortium .

How Is the Banana Coin (BANANA) Network Secured?

BANANA has an auto-lock officiate which utilises a multi-signature wallet where all donations must be verified by at least five of BANANA ’ s founders before gaining access to distribute the tax from each transaction of the fund. \ \ BANANA ’ mho code has been audited by Techrate and Dessertswap. Can Banana Coin ( BANANA ) Coin Hit $ 0.0001 ?

Banana Coin ’ south monetary value is relatively stable between $ 0.000000002 and $ 0.000000003 after launching in June 2021. To reach $ 0.0001 would imply an over 30,000-50,000 times price increase from the stream average. While this is not entirely extraordinary in the crypto space, it would greatly depend on the project team reaching its objectives and the community backing it .

Where Can You Buy Banana Coin (BANANA)?

BANANA can not be bought immediately for decree money, but coins can be obtained by buying Binance Coin ( BNB ), or other cryptocurrencies, on any of the decree currency exchangers for cryptocurrency, and then transferring it to the exchange where the BANANA token is present. BANANA is presently listed on PancakeSwap ( V2 ). Cryptocurrency newcomer ? You can read more about how to enter the market and how to buy BTC, BANANA or any other keepsake in CoinMarketCap education portal vein – Alexandria .

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