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Where To Buy Luna: How To Buy Terra Luna After Collapse

May 26, 2022: Updated to include references to Luna 2.0 and Luna Classic. Amid the Luna crypto doss and Luna delisting from several crypto exchanges, many users are silent wondering how to buy Luna, and whether exchanges are distillery offering LUNA/UST trade. With the Luna circulating supply floating in trillions, Luna ‘s convalescence is still a big question. however, it is not deterring users from purchasing the coin tied after it suffered a huge monetary value drop curtain.

many holders are banking on the Luna recovery design to help Luna come back stronger. As Luna continues to sit below $ 0.01, others are asking where to buy Luna now the cryptocurrency has been delisted on some exchanges.


How To Buy Terra Luna

Most of the headlines surrounding Terra Luna ‘s delist would suggest it had been in full removed from exchanges. however, you can still buy and trade Luna on most of the exchanges that in the first place supported the cryptocurrency. The likes of, Binance, and KuCoin, for exercise, temporarily paused transactions relating to Luna and UST. These have since restarted, however. The follow exchanges are among those that still support Luna purchases :

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Huobi
  • FTX
  • Bybit
  • Kraken


Luna is even available on respective early platforms not listed above. You can check on CoinMarketCap to see which platforms are still trading Luna. While Binance even supports Luna, it did remove respective trading pairs with the currency amid the collapse. UST besides suffered a exchangeable fortune. At the moment, users can spot craft Luna on the crypto switch over Binance in LUNA/BUSD and UST/BUSD pairs. While some outlets suggest you can buy Luna on Coinbase, this is not true. Announced as a new Coinbase list, the rally said it would list Luna by the end of June. however, the Luna Coinbase list will no longer happen, the switch over has confirmed. Coinbase does placid support Wrapped Luna, although alone until May 27. All the crypto exchanges have, however, issued alerts and warnings urging users to conduct proper inquiry before resuming trade in fickle coins such as UST and Luna. An inflow of new Luna holders has entered the market hoping to “ buy the dunk ” amid the crash. however, there is a big caveat here when buying Luna .

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How To Buy Luna 2.0 and Luna Classic

From May 27, the interview of how to buy Luna gets pretty slippery. This is due to the approaching plunge of a fresh Terra chain that will divide the existing Luna ecosystem.

After the Terra Luna vote passed a raw range, there will be two Luna tokens – Luna 2.0 and Luna Classic. Luna 2.0 is the new coin on the fresh Terra 2.0 chain. The number of Luna 2.0 crypto exchanges that will support Luna 2.0 is growing as its launch gets closer. These exchanges will support the approaching Luna 2.0 airdrop, besides, which will see Luna Classic holders allocated the newfangled coin. Luna Classic will be the existing Luna, mean that if you presently hold Luna, you are actually holding Luna Classic. Tickers and wallets are expected to make the name change in the come days .

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