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What is Boho Style Home Decor? – A Complete Guide

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, or bohemian phong cách, originated some 40-50 years ago but is still predominant in today’s homes. But what is boho phong cách home page decor ? Here’s our answer :

Think wacky and weird and you’ve got bohemian design. Boho design and decor combines elements of new and old, loud and obnoxious colors, plants, antiques, chill vibes, funky wallpaper, and wood and wicker elements – sometimes all in the same room! This style is meant to grab the attention of your guests and pull them to the edge of their seats.

There’s not really a wrong way mập bởi vì bohemian phong cách as long as you keep some interior thiết kế principles in kiểm tra. It’s a very flexible và relaxed phong cách. It’s warm, colorful, & comfortable, but also eccentric. With this phong cách, your trang chính is meant mập look lượt thích someone has lived there – not everything is modern, neat, & tidy. Thos e old rocking chairs at Grandma’s house are actually used & sat in for boho kiến thiết, not just decoration !

Also, there are often quite a few loud elements that make the room pop .So, how vì we tackle bohemian phong cách, & vì we need phệ listen bự Queen while we bởi it ? Yeah, you should probably listen Khủng Queen, but you should be listening bự them regardless. Throw on their greatest hits và keep reading !There are a couple of ways lớn incorporate boho phong cách : either you’re all in or you’re more subtle. Mixing & matching every pattern, màu, texture, wallpaper, rug, và piece of furniture can immediately mix a loud, almost chaotic tone for the room. Boho renovation overhauls lượt thích this will work great in your bedroom .But, you can also phong cách the space more subtly with neutral colors by just adding some boho accents here và there, which might look good in a dining room or family room .So, let’s get into some different ways bự include bohemian phong cách into your home page ! Not all of these ideas will fit your trang chính, but part of the fun with boho kiến thiết is that it is highly customizable bự your phong cách. In fact, perhaps here your personality is more important than ever since this kiến thiết is far more expressive than others .Much of the hype with boho kiến thiết và decor is the simple fact that you can combine so sánh many textures together và create organized chaos. Bringing in different types of fabric with different patterns, wicker baskets, wooden pallet containers, và unfinished wood decor & furniture are what really define the bohemian phong cách .Different types of funky seating arrangements are also a huge plus side of boho kiến thiết. Rocking chairs, wicker chairs, large “ nest chairs ” with pads & even bean bags are important additions that will help you send the bohemian phong cách trang chính .Finally, add some throw blankets, pillows, và wall decor. Bamboo is often a favorite choice, especially for wall decorations !As far as colors go, keeping the colors light và bright is the way Khủng go ! White, tans, faded yellows, & oranges are the best colors lớn use for a base màu sắc .If you want more information on how béo decorate with colors, kiểm tra out our 60-30-10 màu sắc rule article .But, back phệ bohemian colors for now : keep them light và airy. You want lớn keep the space bright with less dark colors lượt thích browns và blacks .But if you’re wanting mập add dark colors, forest browns, deep reds & purples, và even evergreen greens, you can. Thes e are beautiful dark additions, as long as they’re accented correctly. Just be sure lớn not overdo it, especially if your room doesn’t have a lot of natural light. The bright colors will inject some life into the room .

If you take away one thing from this article, it’s this: bohemian design thrives on plants…and sunlight! The more plants, the better. You can literally have a greenhouse in your home. Make sure you’ve got a nice open space to store all the plants and place them next to a large window! You wouldn’t want to have those plants die on you.

As for types of plants béo include that bring out the bohemian phong cách, , it’s mostly up béo you. But here are a few suggestions .Leafy plants are more work but they will provide the jungly vibe you’re looking for. Palms và snake plants work super well for the floor since they are super tall. And cactus plants are beautiful additions for making your room look straight out of an Airstream desert dream .Don’t forget, since you’re adding lots of plants, be creative with the types of pots và planters you use. Try out a variety of sizes, colors, & textures. Wooden, wicker, & ceramic potters are some of the favorite types for bohemian thiết kế. You can even paint them lớn bring out more colors ! Finally, air plants are skyrocketing in popularity – they’re fun & chất lượng, especially if you make them yourself !Lights, camera, action ! Here’s where you can add some real màu. A good mixture of a variety of light sources can really brighten up your room – especially if you have limited natural light .But, alas, there comes a giây phút when the sun sets for everyone, even on the British Empire ! Just kidding … the sun chưa bao giờ sets on the British Empire ! Does it ? I don’t know, I just love that phrase .Think of it this way : the only lights you probably don’t have control kết thúc are the ceiling lights, so sánh adding lamps, desk lamps, side table lights, fairy lights, và chandeliers are all fair game. The more variety, the better !Ideally, your room is already bright because of the colors và these lights will bounce off of the bright surfaces, giving your room a lively feel .Ideally, yellow lights are the best for bohemian phong cách as opposed bự white lights. They create a more calming environment, &, since they usually aren’t as bright as LED lights, you’ll need more lớn make sure the room is brightly lit !Rugs are a huge staple for boho decor, especially overlapped rugs ! Here, you can live out your rug fantasy và include as many as you want in the colors you want ! There isn’t a right or wrong here, except for the bolder, the better ! You can choose lớn go with a simple rug ( or carpet if you have it ) & accent it with multiple smaller area rugs, throw pillows, thick cushions for seating, và tossed blankets .The kích cỡ is up Khủng you. For your bedroom, maybe go with a smaller rug that is a nice accent piece in your room. But for your living room or dining room, you may need a larger rug lớn make a bolder statement .The point for this section is Khủng live as comfortably as possible. It means relaxed vibes, thick rugs, cushy seat options, và the softest blankets .The best part about adding rugs béo your decor is you can easily replace them if you don’t lượt thích them – or if you need a chance with the turning of the seasons ! You’ll be able lớn thrift rugs và go lớn antique stores và find the perfect rug for your bohemian phong cách room .Everyone loves a lãng mạn candlelit dinner, right ? Isn’t it nice bự surprise your partner with a lovely home-cooked meal with candles lighting the way ?With bohemian kiến thiết, you don’t need Khủng worry about overdoing the candles. In fact, the more candles, the better ! Just make sure they have similar fragrances in case you want Khủng light them all at once. Your best bet here is mập go with unscented candles ; this way you can light as many as you lượt thích .Candles can also help out with lighting in your home page during the evening. Do you need bự phối the mood for a night of wine & conversations ? Lighting candles will give you the perfect ambiance you’re looking for. Place them all around your living room, family room, kitchen, & bedroom for the easiest ( & cheapest ) decorations around .

Brighten up your home with these unscented candles from Amazon.

Or, try out this sweet-smelling candle from Amazon, perfect Khủng light while you enjoy a lãng mạn dinner .Bohemian thiết kế is built around relaxation & comfort, even the things you put on your floor ! Make your bohemian living room more inviting with bean bags, throw cushions, daybed cushions, và back cushions. Who needs a couch when you can be comfortable on the floor ?Rugs are particularly practical in bohemian interior thiết kế since they are easily movable. If you have guests end, take them out of storage béo increase your seating capacity ! Or, keep them in separate rooms và bring them out when they’re needed most .Throw in some loud designs, fuzzy blankets, & pillows too if you’d lượt thích. Since everything is relaxed in this thiết kế, throw blankets will work perfectly ! So, strew them across your seating và you’re a boho kiến thiết expert. Well done !Finally …. go big or go trang chính ! Boho kiến thiết is all about showing your personality so sánh chưa bao giờ be afraid bự go all out. Bring in items that tell a story about you ! Think of all your boho elements as your own scrapbook or photo bức hình brought mập life in your home page .So add the abstract painting, your beautiful photographs, the art projects you’ve done in your spare giây phút. Get that dreamcatcher & funky mirror you saw at the antique store. Add those bright colors & bring it trang chính with some plants. Remember, the more plants, the better ! And you can không bao giờ have enough patterns in one room. Layer them, put them on the walls, the floors, wherever you want ! Go crazy with your boho decor .By now, we hope you’ve got the basics of bohemian interior kiến thiết lao dốc. If you’re looking for more information or inspiration for your boho project, kiểm tra out our bohemian Pinterest board ! We’ve got multiple sections for you, including bathroom, bedroom, & living area sections so sánh you can find what you’re looking for with ease .Good luck và happy planning ! Didn’t listening bự Queen this whole article really brighten your mood ? Revisit the article & maybe try Bob Marley next phút giây. Thanks for reading !

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