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Super Bowl 2017 coin toss: Former President George H.W. Bush will do the honors –

Super Bowl LI will take place in the state where George H.W. Bush started his political career. As a result, the early President of the United States will be on handwriting for the coin flip to determine who starts the biggest game of the year .
Bush took to Twitter Wednesday to express his excitation over his latest job .

The appearance marks an impressive turnaround for the Houston native after both he and his wife were recently hospitalized. Bush was admitted to intensive care while battling pneumonia and was merely released final Monday. Former First Lady Barbara Bush wasn ’ t acute to let a dangerous illness ruin their Super Bowl experience.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that both the early president of the united states and first lady would be help with the coin pass.

“ I approached them in December, and they were very enthusiastic about wanting to participate, “ Goodell said at his Super Bowl imperativeness league. “ We ’ rhenium honored to have them. obviously, you all know that both of them have had a short piece a reverse health-wise recently, but I ’ ve listen from both of them and they ’ rhenium excited and anxious to be here. ”

President Bush moved to Houston in 1959 and was the first gear Republican to serve Houston in the United States House of Representatives. His election win in 1966 set the stage for an ambitious career that peaked at the White House. He served two terms as Ronald Reagan ’ s vice president of the united states before riding Reagan ’ south unparalleled popularity to a victory over Michael Dukakis in the 1988 U.S. Presidential election. He served precisely a single term in agency and is the only President to lose an election while running as an incumbent since 1981 .
Bush has been involved in the global of sports since his college days. He played inaugural root at Yale, where he participated in the first two College World Series, and was a extremity of the university ’ second cheerleading squad and soccer team. In the intervene years, he ’ sulfur been a hunter, tennis musician, golfer, and jogger .
This won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be the beginning time he ’ mho been show for an important pregame ceremony in Houston. Bush threw out the beginning pitch of the Astros ’ season in 2015. In October, he handled coin flip duties before a game between the Lions and Texans .

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