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CONSTANTINE the GREAT Ancient Roman Coins Guide

Video and Article Exploring the Types of coins from the era of Constantine the Great, his family and other important historical figures

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Coins of Constantine and related coins including family such as Saint Helena and more. Video discusses these coins in more detail.

Constantine the Great was Roman emperor butterfly from 307-337 A.D. His founder was Constantius I ‘ Chlorus ’ and beget was Helena, besides known as Saint Helena.
In this article, I explore different coins of Constantine I the Great and related. Watch the video recording above where I talk about these coins in more contingent.
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constantine I ‘ The Great ’ – Roman Emperor : 307-337 A.D.
Caesar ( Recognized ) : 306-309 A.D. | Filius Augustorum ( Recognized ) : 309-310 A.D. | Augustus ( Self-Proclaimed ) : 307-310 A.D. | Augustus ( Recognized ) : 310-337 A.D. |

son of Constantius I and Helena | Step-son of Theodora | Husband of Minervina and Fausta | Father ( by Minervina ) of Crispus and ( by Fausta ) of Constantine II, Constantius II, Constans, Constantina ( wife of Hanniballianus & Constantius Gallus ) and Helena the Younger ( wife of Julian II ) | Son-in-law of Maximian and Eutropia | Brother-in-law of Maxentius | Half-brother of Constantia ( w. of Licinius I ) | Half-uncle of Delmatius, Hanniballianus, Constantius Gallus, Julian II, Licinius II and Nepotian | Grandfather of Constantia ( wife of Gratian ) |

The Coins of Constantine the Great and Related

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Divo CONSTANTIUS I Chlorus CONSECRATIO 306AD Eagle Constantine the Great i43470

Constantius I ‘ Chlorus ’ – Roman Emperor : 305-306 A.D.
Father of Constantine I the Great
Bronze Follis 29mm ( 10.49 grams ) Lugdunum mint, circa 306-307 A.D.
Deification Issue Under Constantine the Great
reference : Bastien, Lyon, 387 ( 30 specimens ) ; RIC 202. Cohen 26 ( 2 Fr. )
DIVO CONSTANTIO AVG, head laureate right.
CONSECRATIO, eagle with diffuse wings standing right, point turned bet on and looking upwards.

* Numismatic eminence : Super rare coin.

HELENA Constantine the Great mother STAR 318AD Very Rare Roman Coin i19012

Helena ‘ known as Saint Helena ’ – Mother of Constantine the Great –
Bronze Follis 19mm ( 3.39 grams ) Thessalonica mint : 318-319 A.D.
address : RIC VII 50 ; Kent-Hirmer pl. 162, 637 ; LRBC 821
Pedigree : Ex Gorny & Mosch
HELENA N F, draped raid right.
Eight-pointed star in laurel wreath.

Theodora stepmother of Constantine I the Great Rare Ancient Roman Coin i42096

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