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Coin Master with connection error: how to fix it? – Android Guides

Coin Master

From clock to time problems of some sort arise with video games becoming popular on the Android platform, it is not the first fourth dimension this has happened. The many reports in the forums make many users can fix and repair a specific bug in this particular game.
Coin Master has been experiencing a connection error problem that normally happens to most titles that require the manipulation of an Internet connection. This popular gamble game exceeds 100 million downloads in the Play Store and has been recently updated .

connection error in Coin Master

Coin Master Connection Error
The connection error in the game is not always because of your bandwidth, sometimes they can come from the main game servers. It is necessary that your ADSL / Cable connection works correctly and you will not be downloading large files from Peer to Peer networks or direct downloads .
One method to know how fast you are is to check one of the pages available on the Internet, besides check that it works and has not fallen for any cause from the ISP ( Internet Service Provider ). Try loading multiple pages and then trying to open the Coin Master app .

Stop the action

Coin Master Stop process
Another thing that has worked recently to remove the connection error in Coin Master is to remove it from recent applications. In this lawsuit, it is best to stop the app process in Settings > Applications > Coin Master, then reopen the title and it should start as convention .
It is a solution that normally works in most games when it gives a connection error, the same happens with Coin Msster and others of recent exit. The title has had a great acceptance among the general public for the development of the crippled, which is quite significant .

clear the cache

One of the possible solutions is to clear the cache of the video game, it is normally frequent when the application does not open, but besides when it gives a connection error. many users have reported this trouble and have ended up with the simplest solution, clearing the hoard .

To clear the cache you must go to Settings> Applications> Coin Master> Clear or delete cache, once you do, go to start the game again as normal. On rare occasions, the first gear solution is enough, that of stopping the process and starting it so that everything returns to normal .
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detached up storage space

Coin Master Free up storage
In addition to clearing the Coin Master cache, another thing to do is free up the storage space, necessary when the joining is failing. once you have eliminated the hoard, the process is to complimentary separate of that storehouse that is being made by the title created by Moon Active .
To free up storage space go to Settings> Applications> Coin Master and within this application look for “ Free up storehouse space ”, click on it and delete all the data. Once you do, this option and the one in the cache will appear in grey .

Close apps and restart the device

One of the solutions given in the Moon Active official forum is to close all the applications and restart the mobile device to fix the association erroneousness. This is required to have the latest update of Coin Master If you do n’t have it, you must go to the Play Store and download it manually .
Finally we will go to restart the phone to see if it is a problem with any of the many applications that you have installed, either a process or an internal thing that is not within your reach. Restarts are always essential even for the best operation of the smartphone .

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Clean your device

Clear Coin master storage
There are different tools to clean our phone, two of them that we consider useful and important are clean Master and the other is iClean. With the first base we can do a general clean, whether they are duplication files, edit capacity that is not necessity and thereby free up space, remove applications and early assorted things .
IClean goes further, clears the cache, removes applications that you are using in the setting, frees up RAM and even cools down the device. You can try either of the two, being necessary to install both to do a total clean of your system and with it that everything works again, fixing all kinds of problems, tied the connection error .
At least once every several months it is appropriate to do a thorough cleaning To free up space, remove apps that you do n’t use and clean up duplicate files, downloads, impermanent files, and early files. They are slowly to use and no tutorial is necessary to sweep everything up .

The last recourse, reinstall the game

Reinstall Coin Master
Moon Active via the trouble-shoot page suggests that if none of this has worked for you you get to reinstall the Coin Master video game. Remember that Facebook saves all the progress, thus do not worry, since it is adequate to uninstall and install once you have deleted it from your mobile phone.

To uninstall the application you can do it in two ways, the first and the simple is click on the game icon on the desktop and move it up to uninstall quickly a, The second is what many people normally do, access Settings – > Applications – > Coin Master and uninstall, fair to the leave of Force stop .
Finally, the installation process goes through locating the game within the Play Store Remember to download and install the updates if it asks for it within the application or through Google Play. The developer released a small update on September 21 with many functional improvements and some extras within the game .
Download the application, once the megabytes that the crippled occupies are downloaded, it will be installed mechanically on your device and the icon will be installed again on your background. Use the same Facebook account and enjoy Coin Master .

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