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SWTOR on Steam: Everything you should know

SWTOR on Steam - Everything you should know
SWTOR last arrived officially to Steam and with some Steam-related bonuses excessively. Learn everything you need to know about SWTOR on steamer !
As of July 21st 2020 Star Wars The Old Republic, BioWare ’ s Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, is available officially on Steam. In this template you will learn what Steam is, how to install SWTOR on Steam and why would you want to do that – what are the benefits !
The launching of SWTOR on arguably the most democratic bet on platform – Steam – means a large inflow of raw players. And BioWare ’ s nine-year old MMORPG can greatly benefit from that promote mighty now.

If you are person, who has never ahead played it, welcome to, your home plate of Everything SWTOR ! If you are a seasoned of the game, but regard to learn what the Steam version of SWTOR has to offer, stick around !
In this guide I will go over all possible elements of why should you install SWTOR on Steam, what benefits you will gain, how to fully enjoy this game ( substitute v f2p ) and what happens to your bill if you already play SWTOR, but want to move over to Steam .
Let ’ s contract to it !

What is Steam and why is SWTOR there now

steam is most probable the biggest and most popular video recording games platform presently. It offers tons and tons of small and bad games of all kinds .
SWTOR has been around for nine years. The MMO launched on December 21st, 2011. It is a personal computer exclusive MMORPG .
Nine years by and by, as part of EA ’ s first step to put a number of its titles on Steam, SWTOR finds its way there adenine well. beneficial travel, ea ! This way these games will reach an even wider hearing. SWTOR needs that boost .
steam is more than a market for video games titles. It allows players to communicate with each early outside of the games environments .
many of the titles besides come with a pile of extra and optional perks like trade cards, emoteicons, Steam-specific achievements and more .
SWTOR offers all of the above and I have a detail dislocation and overview of all features and extra purchases you can make equally well as all the extra bonuses you can earn .
Chances are if you are here, you know what Steam is and you want to know why should you play SWTOR on it. Unless you actively use Steam for its other aspects – outside of fair launching your games – the bonuses SWTOR has to offer you may not seem like a big bargain to you .
You can check out the immediate revue I wrote for SWTOR on Steam. It attempts to inspire new players to check out the bet on as it has a lot to offer, but I besides mention some of the flaws the game carries on its shoulders .
To play SWTOR you don ’ t need a monthly subscription. But you can get one any way if you can afford it, if you want to support the developers and if you want to have the agio features unlock .
Based on your local anesthetic currency it may differ slightly, but the general price is about $ 15 for 30 days of Premium Player gameplay time .
There are several Subscription bundles available from places like Amazon, Kinguin and Origin, which will allow you to purchase your subscription a little cheaper and/or with special gifts, based on where you shop from .
The benefits of being a SWTOR Subscriber are considerable, although the game does offer a lot of its authoritative gameplay mechanics, features and contentedness for free .
BioWare continues to make changes to the crippled ’ s fiscal model reasonably much each year. In 2019 another two expansions went release, allowing you to level up to 65 without having to subscribe at all .
SWTOR Steam optional Subscription
The EndGame and certain quality of animation or gameplay-improving features remain engage behind the paywall of a monthly subscription .
If you decide to play SWTOR on Steam you have the choice to purchase your subscription directly from within the Steam client. The authoritative choice of visiting is still viable arsenic well. note : there are presently ongoing issues with subscriptions. If your status does not change immediately, I suggest you contact BioWare ’ s customer confirm .
The price models do not differ at all. The amount you would pay if you purchase your bomber from is precisely the lapp as if you get it from Steam .

  • 30 days Subscription time – 12.99€
  • 60 days Subscription time- 26.99€
  • 90 days Subscription time- 35.97€
  • 180 days Subscription time- 65.94€

SWTOR Steam Subscriptions You can get one calendar month, three months or half an year worth of a subscription in one leverage. These are all recurring, meaning that they will renew once your time expires and you have not opted to cancel your subscription .
You can purchase a non-recurring 60-Days Game Time calling card from Steam, which at the time of this publication retails to the standard monetary value of €26.99 .
SWTOR ’ south F2P is very restrict once you have tasted what the premium access feels like. however, if you are fair starting now, there is so much narrative and other content you can go through earlier you feel the need or pressure to subscribe .
SWTOR Cartel Market Featured Tab - July 1 2019A preview of the Cartel Market – SWTOR’s in-game shop.
SWTOR ’ s real-life money in-game currency, called Cartel Coins, can besides be purchased from Steam directly. The price of the Cartel Coins bundles is precisely the same there as is on .

  • 250 Cartel Coins Pack – 2.40€
  • 450 Cartel Coins Pack – 4.00€
  • 1060 Cartel Coins Pack – 8.00€
  • 2400 Cartel Coins Pack – 17.00€
  • 5500 Cartel Coins Pack – 35.00€

Cartel Coins can be used to buy bounty decorations, outfits and other appearance-altering items for your characters from the in-game store – the Cartel Market .
Please note that price may differ slightly depending on your local anesthetic currency .

SWTOR original vs SWTOR on Steam

If you have been playing the game so far, you have two options – continue using the original customer or install the game again from Steam .
To play SWTOR on Steam you need a Steam bill and a SWTOR account first. then you need to install SWTOR on Steam. even if you have the bet on installed, to be able to play it on Steam will require you to have a modern freestanding facility .
hera you have two options, again – install SWTOR on Steam the normal manner, which may take longer or trick the Steam installer by copy-pasting files to save yourself some download prison term .
The second method entirely works if you already have the master version of the game installed, of class. Let ’ s take a closer expression to both processes .
I installed SWTOR from boodle using the foremost method acting ( the normal one ). I did not delete the erstwhile customer while installing the new one. All of my personal preferences in-game carried over. All my shortcuts, my UI, my graphics, sound and other settings – everything is as I left it .
You do not need to delete the honest-to-god client to install the new one, but you besides can ’ triiodothyronine run the two launchers at the like time, of course .

How to install and play SWTOR on Steam

Time needed : 2 hours. This method acting of installing and playing SWTOR on Steam is childlike, so far meter consuming, because you would have to download the full game and install it from start. It is the officially supported one.

  1. Start the Steam client and log in with your Steam account. If you don ’ t have Steam, install the Steam client on your machine beginning. Steam Download page
  2. Find SWTOR’s page and install the game’s launcher. Visit SWTOR ’ s Steam page. Start downloading the catapult. This is a abruptly serve as the launcher is quite belittled in size. Based on how your steam node is configured, you may be prompted to choose facility booklet. The default option one is normally “ C : \Program Files ( 86 ) \Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars – The Old Republic “. SWTOR on Steam Installaction process - step 1
  3. Start downloading SWTOR. The following dance step is the longest – expect for the game to be amply downloaded and installed. The download accelerate may vary depending on your internet connection and the server stability and load.
  4. Log in with your SWTOR account to start the Game. After opening the Launcher, type in your explanation credentials to log in. Accept EA ’ s Privacy Rules and EUALA. SWTOR Launcher on Steam
  5. Jump into the action and start your own Star Wars adventure in The Old Republic That ’ s it. The wait is over. Log into SWTOR and start leveling your first character or continue playing your already existing characters if you are not a newly actor, but are transferring over from the classic SWTOR client to the Steam one. Vulkk SWTOR Healing UI 5.0 - Gameplay

once you install SWTOR on Steam your steam and SWTOR accounts will be connected automatically. If for some reason you want to break that connection, such an option is available on .

  1. Visit and log in with your account
  2. Open
  3. Click on the “Unlink Account” button on the right side
  4. Your Steam and SWTOR accounts will be unlinked.

How to Unlink your SWTOR Steam account from
The broad game is about 43 GB in size on my disk after a fresh new install is completed via Steam. however, the very following bandage may change that, thus don ’ t take this number as very hearty for future reference. In comparison, my original game booklet is ~88 GB in size, but it includes the full PTS .

How to trick Steam to install SWTOR quicker

This is the second method, which is a distribute agile, but is not officially patron. For this to work you need to already have SWTOR installed the normal way. In early words this method acting will not work for new players .

  1. Start installing SWTOR from Steam.
  2. Launch it from the Steam client.
  3. As soon as it starts downloading the game files, close the launcher.
  4. Copy the following files and folders from your old game installation folder to the Steam SWTOR folder:
    – Assets (Folder)
    – Movies (Folder)
    – assets_swtor_en_us.version
    – assets_swtor_main.version
    – assets_swtor_test_main.version
    – movies_en_us.version

The nonpayment nerve pathway of your Steam games library and the SWTOR game booklet is :
C : \Program Files ( 86 ) \Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars – The Old Republic .
If you do not have the non-Bitraider interpretation of your SWTOR Original installation, you may not have all of the files listed above. In this case the Steam node will download them anyhow .
It is possible that your character keybinds may not carry over. If that happens, just go to [ drug user ] \AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings\Keybindings and copy the .XML file. invest it in the Steam ’ mho booklet in the same placement and start the game. same goes for the UI files .
special thanks to my supporter Manfred and his guildies for confirming that this method works. note that it may not work for you. Please, do this at your own risk. If something fails, you do not need to worry about your characters and game progress .
I would like to once again remind you that this is not the formally corroborate room of installing the bet on on Steam.

Either way you will calm end up having two initiation folders – one for the original client and one for the Steam adaptation. Following the steps listed above will only shorten the prison term you need to finish the download process .

SWTOR Steam Requirements

If you are new to SWTOR, you might want to check out the plot ’ s minimum system requirements for personal computer. They are nothing impressive .

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better/Intel Core 2
  • Duo 2.0GHz or better
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or better/AMD Radeon HD 7450/Nvidia GeForce 610
  • Storage: 50 GB available space

It ’ mho been a while since I tested the game on a low-end machine, but thanks to the poor and senesce engine of the game frequent framerate drops and ocular lag, bumble and early bugs might occur for you from time to time. The FPS issue is more noticeable in group content – Operations and Warzones .
Keep in mind that these are the officially listed on Steam minimal personal computer Hardware requirements. I have a adequate herculean car and even it struggles in group capacity often .

Benefits of playing SWTOR on Steam

The obvious one is convenience. If you enjoy Steam and play early games on it, if you communicate with your friends using that platform, or if you just want to show off with some cool SWTOR-related fluff on Steam, then make the switch !
Below I have a full breakdown of all Steam rewards, sourced from the official announcement .

Your progress is cross-saved

Yes. Your account data, all of your progress and achievements in SWTOR are saved and kept by BioWare .
It doesn ’ t matter if you continue playing SWTOR via its original client or choose to install it fresh from Steam – all of your build up, all of your characters and items you have earned or purchased, all of the unlocks – it will all carry over .
lapp goes into turn back – if you decide to stop playing SWTOR on Steam and go second to the original catapult, your build up from Steam will be saved and nothing will be lost no matter how often you switch platforms .

Steam exclusive SWTOR rewards

The game launched on Steam offering Steam-specific perks. Those are not in-game items, but traditional trade Cards, Emoteicons and Steam Backgrounds .
These are all items you can use to spice up your steam venture. They have no real value or effect in-game at all .

Trading Cards

many of the Steam titles offer this feature. The unique and cool-looking virtual deal Cards are available in SWTOR on Steam arsenic well .
They can be crafted into badges that grand Steam-related rewards .
There are eight Trading Cards available at first. They are all based on iconic characters from SWTOR ’ s rich Storyline which spans over a decade nowadays .
Collect a bent of cards to earn items ( like emoticons and backgrounds ) you can use to customize your Steam profile and history .
trading Cards, along with emoticons and backgrounds, can besides be bought and sold on the Steam Marketplace .
SWTOR Steam Trading Card Drops Info
trade Cards can be obtained via In-Steam purchases and by playing the game or by visiting the steam market .
When you collect a fully place of Steam Cards, you can trade them all for a badge and level up. here is what my level 1 Outside Badge looked like and the respect I received :
SWTOR Steam Cards Traded for a Badge


Emoticons are small symbols or pictures given to a exploiter once they have crafted a badge .
On Steam, there are a few basic emoticons that everyone can use, but most are only available if you own the emoticon .
For SWTOR, there will be five Jawa-themed emoticons available to collect at first ( possibly more late ). To see which game-based Steam emoticons you own, you can check your Steam armory page .

Steam Backgrounds

SWTOR Steam Backgrounds
Steam Profile backgrounds can besides be earned when completing a SWTOR Steam badge .
These are displayed on your Steam profile page and add an supernumerary level of customization for your Steam bearing .
There are a total of six unique backgrounds available to collect .
If you have earned multiple backgrounds, they can be changed at your free will .

SWTOR Steam Achievements

At launch SWTOR ’ s Steam version does not have Steam-specific Achievements available yet. These will be added by the end of the Summer with Game Update 6.1.3 .
All of the Steam achievements will be claim copies of their SWTOR counterparts, meaning Steam will not have exclusive or alone achievements .
Achievements will be retroactive ! For example, if you have 23 achievements already unbarred in-game, those same achievements will all unlock on steamer when you launch SWTOR through the platform for the first time .
update : BioWare released the wide list of all SWTOR Achievements. All 191 of them ! Take a look and see if you are missing any. Some of them are quite dim-witted and most of them are related to the classify stories that you are going through or have likely gone through already anyhow .
Check out the SWTOR Roadmap for 2020 for the full details on what comes when .

SWTOR Steam Bundles

SWTOR Steam Bundles Preview
There are presently five available bundles of cosmetics combined in a Sith and Jedi themes and the one-fifth one is a leisure Bundle .
Each faction gets a regular bundle and a Deluxe edition. The deluxe edition contains all of the items from the Standard one plus more .
The items in these bundles are not exclusive to Steam. You can find them on the Cartel Market available for a direct purchase or get them as a random reinforce from the Cartel Packs .
SWTOR Steam Galactic Leisure Bundle hera are the bundles and their price :

  • SWTOR Jedi Bundle – 24.99€
  • SWTOR Deluxe Jedi Bundle – 59.99€
  • SWTOR Sith Bundle – 24.99€
  • SWTOR Deluxe Sith Bundle – 59.99€
  • SWTOR Galactic Leisure Bundle – 4.99€

Check out my in-depth Jedi and Sith SWTOR Bundles review to see the full contents of these packages and determine if it ’ randomness worth purchasing them .
And don ’ t forget to look at the Galactic Leisure SWTOR Steam Bundle arsenic well for a different laid of cosmetics that will attempt to entertain you and those around you .
There is presently no information how long will they be available on Steam as a bundle and when they might disappear .
I hope you found this introductory guide on how to play SWTOR on Steam and should you switch or keep play on the original node utilitarian .
If you have any questions or want to share more discoveries that you have made, please, leave a gloss below the article and contribution your personal experience ! Thanks !
If you are new to SWTOR, check out the SWTOR Guides section here on hera are some useful resources to start with :

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