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PascalCoin V3 — Next-gen blockchain solving the scalability issue with SafeBox Technology

PascalCoin V3 — Next-gen blockchain solving the scalability issue with SafeBox Technology

Version 1 (V1) — How it started:

100% code written from scratch — not a clone / fork

PascalCoin was written in Free Pascal, a modern, system-level, object-oriented program language with progress features. By designing a raw and alone blockchain using Free Pascal, PascalCoin has been able to achieve many technical advancements by writing in a high-performance, cross-platform native code. This by itself differentiates PascalCoin from all the other thousands of coins that use the same engineering and code bitcoin uses or are forks of it .PascalCoin’ Logo

SafeBox Technology — a unique PascalCoin feature

Fact: PascalCoin is the first crypto to break the 100 tx/s barier, but will soon achieve much higher throughput — 72.000 tx/s PascalCoin entirely keeps the concluding 100 blocks of the blockchain whilst retaining the cryptanalytic security of the full blockchain. It achieves this by using the SafeBox to keep cut of user report balances and ownership whilst simultaneously retaining the aggregate proof-of-work difficulty within the SafeBox itself.

Simply put, PascalCoin allows the chain to be “ snapshotted ” and later deleted, to free up outer space. How this works is the SafeBox saves balance data from pascal accounts every 100 blocks, and archives it. As a solution, PascalCoin achieved “ Deletable Blockchain ” ! While hush solving the double-spend problem and well reducing the size of a wallet, which is now able to sync in under a minute from the first use, and dramatically reducing the environmental foot-print cause by PoW. In fact, using SafeBox technical school it is desirable to run wax node flush on a smartphone .

Account Block Structure

Getting money in your account is american samoa simple as 1234–56 — that ’ s how an account looks. Or write your world wide web page or ship’s company name. No more need for long hashes that no one can remember. PascalCoin works in some regards as a bank, while distillery maintaining the decentralised, trustless, peer-to peer net, the mint features pascal Accounts ( i.e. PASA ) which are stored in the wallet. They offer casualness to the average exploiter but besides a lot of early functions not possible with a normal wallet. For exercise, one can transfer a phone number of PascalCoins ( PASC ) into a PASA and then anonymously transfer that PASA account and it’s content to a friend or anyone ’ sulfur wallet .

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account are created via PoW just as the coins are created and are frankincense commoditized assets ( meaning they have respect and are transacted ), but if you join the community on Discord or Telegram, you can still have a PASA for free by using your wallet public winder. precisely like every transaction on each barricade, that is besides release or charge. Did I citation that ?

No ICO, no pre-mining, no centralization of coin allocation

PascalCoin was a 100 % fair launching without any pre-mine, Initial Coin Offering or investing rounds. The developers and community have worked on the project using their own resources and not money allocated from sold coins — as compared to other coins that released billions / trillions of coins Implies respective benefits : No one can run away with anyone ’ mho money, the management team can not dump millions of coins that lead to lowering the price ,Albert Molina — The creator of PascalCoin

Version 2 (V2) — How the tech advanced

translation 2 addresses shortcomings in report distribution model and delivers the key feature of Checkpointing, and more. The addition of Checkpointing now delivers the promise of true ” Deletable Blockchains. “ The blockchain in V2 is now permanently deletable from the Network itself without affecting Proof-of-Work establishment for fresh nodes. This means new nodes can join the network without the want to download the infinite history of blocks. alternatively, they download the latest checkpoint and a few twelve latest blocks in holy order to amply synchronize with the demonstrably most-work-chain. This paves the path towards, to what this is called, “ Infinite Scaling ” In Wallet PASA purchase Along with the built-in market, the official Pascalcoin wallet besides includes a real-time Blockchain explorer, active node statistics, an code message protocol, and an history explorer. The market can handle address numbers, accounts, domains registered with PascalCoin. Investors can besides use their accounts ( PASA ) and PASC within it to vote on community decisions via PIPs ( Pascalcoin Improvement Proposals ). rather of forking new coins at each major discrepancy, PIPs are an easy way to achieve consensus. Monetized API due to dependable 0-confirmation transactions, PascalCoin allows a new form of decentralized application coined here as ” Monetized APIs ”. In a Monetized API, PascalCoin accounts serve as “ ports ” that listen/send “ monetized-messages ” to other “ ports ”. It ’ south complex, but the applications are dateless — let me give you some examples. There have been several applications of this therefore far, which you can check out at the succeed links : and These specific sites offer the possibility of a open PASA market. future examples of monetize APIs include : pascal Chat ( running in beta ), Monetized Content ( browser plugin with requital function ), One-click e-commerce orders/ shops, Anonymity Mixers, Layer-2 Side-Chains and more. We have written more in astuteness about the monetize APIs. Please chew the fat and the Medium impart .

What precisely lead to V3 being necessary?

due to the competitiveness, most mine is now pooled jointly into mine pools. In PascalCoin ’ randomness event, a one pool ( “ Pool-X ” ) is creditworthy for 99 % mine centralization — specially via dual-mining with ETH. basically, miners get to mine the non-memory-hard coin for free. This spark advance to the acute problem of centralization of mine, with one pool having over 90 % of the PascalCoin miners. This lead to respective issues that had to be addressed : ● Centralization of mine ● Dual-mining PASC “ for loose ” even when unprofitable and then dumping the coins for whatever profits miners could get ● Difficult for PASC to develop own ecosystem, not determined by ETH And then there was the problem of lack of community funds for critical costs such as getting PASC listed on more exchanges, which inevitably lead to the price being held back and unbalance due to lack of arbitrage opportunities .

Version 3 (V3) — The Kaizen Journey

PascalCoin is on a Kaizen journey — meaning a community is always seeking continuous improvements and as a consequence PIPs have been developed and encouraged. PIPs? PascalCoin Improvement Proposals as they are known, is a PascalCoin specific methodology to propose improvements of any kind to this decentralised plan. Consensus is attained by changing types to numbers corresponding to the coveted vote. The rest of the community can then vote by using their PASC and PASA. once approved by the majority, the changes can be implemented in the code without motivation for disagreement or generating a wholly modern mint via a hard-fork. In fact, the first PIP vote school term ended recently and they will have a significant impact. Please read below about PIP09, PIP10, PIP11 and future PIPs that are in the pipe-line .

PIP09 — RandomHash

The centralization emergence for PascalCoin is being addressed by PIP-0009 . After community debates among different hashing algos, it was proposed that using RandomHash is the the most optimum solution — esentially, PascalCoin will be CPU-mining friendly and will discourage GPU and ASIC mining, and the rehearse of dual-mining PASC and ETH in the X- Pool. serial hashers ( CPU ) are able to mine easier than parallel hashers ( GPU ). serial hashers have an easier prison term with branched, recursion, and the hoard of partial calculations of other nonces. Parallel hashers, however, are significantly penalized by these features. The addiction on other random nonces incurs hard memory custom and subsequent waste. ASICs, specifically, would become economically impracticable if they had to support 16 hash algorithm and were confronted with Mersenne Twister, expansion, and contraction. This marriage proposal requires hard-fork activation. Block difficulty : to be reset upon energizing to an “ appropriately broken number. ” Over approximately 200 blocks, barricade mine times will stabilize.

For more information on PIP-0009, see hypertext transfer protocol : // Or see in depth explaination : hypertext transfer protocol : // @ pascalcoinmktg/pascalcoin-pip-0009-760d9041ceb4

PIP10–50% Inflation Reduction

Per the proposal, it was identified that PascalCoin ’ randomness growth has been stunted due to its high ostentation. It may have grown doubly arsenic much as it has now and the price may have been upwards of four times greater than that of its current price. That ’ second about 50 % of lost price value according to one of the main devs — which is going to be corrected after PIP10 is going to be implemented . The stream block reward is 100 PASC. Every four years ( an epoch presently ), this wages is halved — an estimate of 420,480 blocks per epoch. The proposal is to reduce the epoch to two years, or 210,240 blocks per epoch. This would halve the ostentation. last, this will go into effect in epoch 0 and it will have a low-impact to make this change now, in era 0, as stuff 210241 hasn ’ t been reach so far ( the first barricade in epoch 1 ). By reducing the inflation, each mint is worth more. Moving forward, without dual-mining being allowed, those that remain and help grow this ecosystem will be rewarded with a more valuable piece of the pie. PIP 09 and 10 complement each early nicely to bring the ecosystem back into a state of equilibrium. Best thing about it ? This proposal can be implemented with a single line of code. For more information on PIP-0010, please see : hypertext transfer protocol : // Or see in depth explaination here : hypertext transfer protocol : // @ pascalcoinmktg/pascalcoin-pip-0010-1801f31e41ce

PIP11 — Developer & Infrastructure Funding

extra financing is necessary to ensure the proceed rival of PascalCoin relative to other cryptocurrencies . other cryptocurrencies, such as DASH, have implemented a developer reward to provide this extra support. It is with this proposal that PascalCoin wishes to implement the same idea of a developer reward so the development of PascalCoin can continue in areas such as layer 1 and 2 protocol development, selling, exchange listings, and more. This proposal suggests that the developer reward should consist of 20 % of the PASC and PASA ( 20 PASC and 1 PASA ) reward for a successfully mined block. additionally, it would provide developers with the ability to provide accounts to modern users. Upcoming PIPs further PIPs have been proposed : PIP 12, 13…. PIP 19. All of them are interesting and prepare PascalCoin for a distribute of more future developments. Remember, PascalCoin is a decentralize stick out precisely like Bitcoin, so you can submit your own PIP to the benefit of the integral community that can be voted on. hypertext transfer protocol : //

A future of development and real-life uses

If you ’ ve been following PascalCoin ’ second roadmap, you could see that lots of developments on our road-map have been made and some modern things have or will be will be added for development. One such exemplar is the Layer-2 protocol that will enable PascalCoin to provide a multitude of use-cases and respect overall to the company we live in, such as : ● PascalChat — chatting via blockchain, fully private ● Decentralized exchange on the PascalCoin blockchain itself ● Releasing tokens ( similar to ERC20 tokens ) ● Better-than-DASH Anon capability ( in-protocol transaction/account desegregate ) ● Enabling Blockchain Proof-of-ID ● PascalCoin Market — Craigslist on Blockchain or even eBay style

Want to get started?

Get yourself a PASA by heading over to the Discord hypertext transfer protocol : // ( or Telegram Channel ) where a commit and friendly residential district awaits you. In fact, they donate the PASAs to newfangled members. then you can continue by following the guides available in a dedicated channel on the Discord. Join PascalCoin on this exciting journey!

Important links:

PascalCoin web site : discord : hypertext transfer protocol : // Telegram official channel : hypertext transfer protocol : // Twitter official explanation : hypertext transfer protocol : //

Facebook : hypertext transfer protocol : // Reddit : medium -PascalCoin : @ pascalcoinofficial

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