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The Hunger Games: Why Katniss Had To Kill Coin

here ‘s why Katniss changeable that black arrow at President Coin in The Hungers Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. The Hunger Games movie franchise is based on the bestselling books by writer Suzanne Collins. The floor takes place in a future where a totalitarian government rules over “ Districts ” in the state of Panem, and each year candidates are chosen to take depart in a beastly, telecast game of death. The franchise heroine is Katniss Everdeen, who takes the put of her younger sister and becomes a symbol after she wins – which finally leads to rebellion .
The Hunger Games helped propel Jennifer Lawrence to stardom aboard X-Men : first class. Lawrence returned for all the sequels and Katniss became one of her specify roles. The achiever of the franchise besides created a thread of big-budget, dystopian YA adaptations, including The Maze Runner and The Divergent Series. The fallible box-office of the latter franchise ‘s third base entrance Allegiant led to the planned final examination movie being abruptly cancelled, which marked the end of the YA boom. The Hunger Games : Mockingjay – separate 2 was besides considered a balmy fiscal disappointment, though it was hush a achiever .
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A major actor introduced in the final two Hunger Games movies is Alma Coin, played by Julianne Moore. Coin was the erstwhile President of District 13 and led the rebellion against President Snow and the Capitol. While she initially seemed in line with Katniss – particularly with her promise to end the Hunger Games for dependable – it ‘s gradually revealed her quest for office will see Coin stop at nothing. Coin comes to realize she ca n’t control Katniss either, though they must work together since Katniss is the rebellion ‘s symbol. After Katniss ‘ sister is killed Prim in a bombing raid she learns from the capture President Snow that it was Coin, not him, who ordered the fail dropped.

Hunger Games President Coin julianne moore

Coin by and by gathered the remaining survivors of the Games and proposed they hold a symbolic Hunger Games that uses the Capital ‘s children, in a bid to quench the people ‘s desire for revenge. needle to say, Katniss is horrified by the suggestion and comes to realize that – good like Snow – coin is pitiless and will do anything to hold on to power. Katniss then agrees under the condition she can execute Snow personally. At the murder, Katniss aims at Snow before quickly taking purpose at Coin rather, shooting an arrow into her chest of drawers. In addition to gaining revenge for Prim ‘s death, this besides stopped Coin before she could become another monster like Snow, who is late stomped to death by rioting herd.

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In showing a willingness to use the Hunger Games to score political points, President Coin made it open she had learned nothing from the bloodshed, and this is one samara rationality Katniss had to stop her. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 at least showed Katniss went on to lead a repose biography following her nightmare, even though she ‘d probably be living with the trauma of what happened for the stay of her life.

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