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Why You Should Put A Coin In A Cup Of Frozen Water In Your Freezer

If you ’ ra committed to a life style of homestead and prepping, there ’ s a full find that you own a deep-freeze that ’ s fully stocked with the essentials .
From kernel to vegetables, you might have thousands of dollars ’ deserving of food socked away in your deep-freeze .
Author’s Note: If you ’ rhenium prepping, don ’ thymine trust entirely on freezing your food. Make sure you have a stockpile of farseeing shelf-life foods, like canned goods and dehydrated foods, in your pantry adenine well. The deep-freeze food should merely be an accompaniment .
Freezing food for long-run repositing is a capital manner to get ahead – but what do you do when a power outage threatens everything that ’ s inside ?

You can ’ thymine inevitably prevent or bode power outages, though having a functional generator and early emergency readiness supplies can help .
however, you can avoid the all-too-common think game that occurs during and after a office outage when you ’ re forced to ask yourself, “ is this food safe to eat ? ”
It all has to do with putting a coin in a cup of water in the deep-freeze .
It sounds simple, but this proficiency could help you save thousands of dollars – and help you keep safe in an hand brake, besides .
here ’ s why you should put a mint in a cup of freeze urine in your deep-freeze – and how to do it correctly .

Why You Should Put A Coin In A Cup Of Frozen Water In Your Freezer

When we focus on hand brake readiness and survival as preppers, we much think of how to stockpile food and how to make indisputable we have electricity even when the upwind ’ randomness regretful .
however, very few of us think about how we ’ re going to keep that food safe in a storm .
Why You Should Put A Coin In A Cup Of Frozen Water In Your Freezer If you have a power outage – particularly a long one – there ’ s a good probability that the food in your refrigerator will spoil .
That ’ s not always the sheath with a deep-freeze, though – particularly a well-stocked one where the solidly freeze food serves as extra security for all the rest .
During a world power outage, you might wonder how much your food has thawed – but opening up the deep-freeze to check is a recipe for disaster since it will let warm air in and cause the food to thaw more quickly .
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alternatively, you should wait until after the storm has ended. The problem with this is that you ’ ll never truly know precisely how frozen or thawed the food was – and you won ’ triiodothyronine know whether it ’ s dependable to eat .
Enter – the coin in a cup of water antic. This is something you can do before a storm to help you know whether you can safely eat the food in your deep-freeze .
Why You Should Put A Coin In A Cup Of Frozen Water In Your Freezer All you need to do is fill a cup with water. Put it in the deep-freeze until it ’ sulfur frozen solid. then, place a quarter on top of it and put the cup back in the deep-freeze .
After the ability outage, check the cup. If the quarter is however on top, your electricity didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go out for a significant total of time and the food is likely safe to eat .
If the quarter has sunk to the bottom, that indicates that the frost thawed wholly and the might was out for quite some fourth dimension. You should credibly get rid of the contents of your deep-freeze to avoid getting vomit .
And if it ’ s in the middle ? It ’ s a tossup. If your deep-freeze is one that ’ s attached to your refrigerator ( not a freestanding whole ), you should get rid of the contents of your refrigerator if the coin is in the center. The freeze food is probably hush okay, but the food in your electric refrigerator decidedly is not.

What To Keep In Mind

Although this method is by and large reliable, it ’ s not goofproof. There are some other variables that need to be considered here .
For case, the size of your deep-freeze plays a function in how much the ice in the cup melts, as does the stead of the cup in the deep-freeze .
We recommend placing the cup in the spot of the deep-freeze where it would be most likely to melt first ( like the door rather than deep in the center of piles of frozen food ) .
That room, even if the methamphetamine partially melts, you ’ ll placid have a reasonably adept theme that your food is safe to eat. Ice is not deoxyadenosine monophosphate dense as water so the frost will float on the water it creates as it is melting .
It ’ s potential that the internal-combustion engine could melt partially before refreezing and the coin would however be in the same situation – but putting your cup in a more tattle position will help you determine this .
Of course, you ’ ll besides need to consider how much other food is in the deep-freeze and what the temperature inside the house is .
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These can impact how long it takes your food to freeze and thaw, excessively – and impact the dependability of the mint frosting quiz .

Keep Your Food Safe

In any event, you should follow the Food and Drug Administration ’ s guidelines to keep the temperature of your deep-freeze below zero degrees Fahrenheit and the refrigerator no higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit whenever possible .
You can freeze containers of ice water to help your food persist cool longer in the refrigerator. If you have any refrigerated items that you won ’ triiodothyronine manipulation immediately, put them in the deep-freeze to help them last long, even in a exponent outage .
Remember, refrigerated food will stay safe arsenic long as the door is kept shut and the ability international relations and security network ’ t off for more than four hours .
Frozen food normally stays freeze for 24 to 48 hours a long as the deep-freeze is unopened. Some freezers can keep food cold even longer than that – up to five days, in some cases, and of course, depending on the conditions .
Try putting a mint in a cup of frozen water long before a storm is forecasted. Do this nowadays so you ’ re fix for any power outage – specially if you ’ re living off the grid, you probably already know how common these can be !
The mint in a cup of freeze urine hack may not be perfective, but it ’ mho hush a bang-up way to determine whether your food is safe to eat – or needs to be tossed. Give it a judge so you ’ re train no count what Mother Nature throws your way .
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