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DIY Wood Trees Made From Fence Boards | Create. Play. Travel.

Do you enjoy creating custom wall art to decorate your home? It can be fun to repurpose scraps of wood and coordinate accent colors to make wall art. I made these colorful wooden trees using old fence boards. They’re painted in different hues of watered down craft paint to produce a colored stain look. I hope you enjoy the details of how I made DIY wood trees.

DIY wood trees made from fence boards

Wood Tree Materials

  • fence boards
  • circular saw
  • measuring tape
  • electric screw driver
  • wood screws
  • acrylic craft paint
  • paint brushes
  • sanding block
  • sturdy picture hangers

Design the DIY Wood Trees

It’s always important phệ have a clear kế hoạch when starting a DIY trang chính decor project. To make these monogrammed wood signs
trees, first I drew a rough thiết kế on paper. This allowed me béo create the concept for my trees before I cut or assembled the pieces. Ultimately, I wanted phệ make tam different trees of various heights.

Easy wood project using fence boards

Cut the Boards

Next, my husband Andy cut the fence boards in various lengths Khủng create a tiered tree branch look. This took some trial và error. We traced around a cardboard shape lớn make all the angled ends look identical. In contrast, these wooden trees would look wonky if we cut the fence board ends at different angles.

Cutting fence boards to make trees

Assemble the Wood Trees

Next, I carefully laid out each board lớn make sure the spacing & board lengths were correct. I didn’t want mập kết thúc up with awkward angles or uneven spacing when I started screwing everything together. I spaced each fence board một inh apart và cut the boards for the tree trunks long enough lớn kết nối all the branches.

make DIY wood trees using fence boards

Sand the Edges

Next, I sanded the edges of each fence board. Sanding may seem lượt thích an optional step, but it’s an important finishing step when creating wood wall art. I’ve found it’s much easier phệ sand all the pieces before I kết nối them. Alternately, it’s much harder phệ touch up rough edges later.

wood trees project sanding edges

Create the Wood Trees

Once we had cut, sanded, và arranged all the fence board pieces, I connected them together with wood screws. I used two screws per fence board lớn keep the tree branches from swiveling.

creative wood project wall art

Paint the DIY Wooden Trees

Finally, I painted my DIY wood trees with watered xuống dốc acrylic craft paint, Khủng create a colored stain look. To accomplish this, I added water Khủng acrylic craft paint & lightly brushed it onto the boards. I discovered that craft paint soaks into unfinished wood & creates a distressed wood look. Additionally, I considered sanding the painted edges phệ add extra distressing.

easy wood project fence board trees

I learned it was fairly straightforward phệ brighten up these DIY wooden trees using colored craft paint. Furthermore, I really lượt thích the look that the watered lao dốc craft paint gave my wood trees !

watered down craft paint colored stain

Thes e DIY wood trees made from fence boards are an eye-catching accent lớn hang up on a wall. I could also stand them up, by leaning the trees against a wall.

custom wood wall art hanger

I have enjoyed decorating with my DIY wooden trees for several seasons. They coordinate with my decorating phong cách và accent colors in both the summer và winter. On another note, I lượt thích designing decor because I can make my designs a reality và save money. Overall, I think my DIY wood trees liven up our trang chính with pretty màu sắc !

wood project trees wall art

This DIY wood tree project is easy Khủng complete with a little phút giây, some pieces of wood và a splash of craft paint. Which colors would you paint your trees ? Katie WallaceHi, I’m Katie ! I live with my husband và ba kids in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I love Jesus, coffee, creative projects, taking photos và traveling. I’ve previously worked as a website designer, journalist & barista. I hope you enjoy our creative projects & family adventures !

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