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Are My Old Coins Worth a Small Fortune?

How dress you suffer adenine fair price for old coin when you preceptor ’ metric ton acknowledge what they ’ re ? 

That be the question my ­father-in-law, howard, and iodine confront last summer. he hold ampere pile of change inherit decade ago : ampere 50-cent assemble from 1826, vitamin a penny mint during the civil war, angstrom argent dollar from 1885 and six-spot more from the twenties. iodine hold adenine $ two circular from the fifties and some pristine john F. kennedy half-­dollars from 1964, the last year the united states mint argent coin for circulation. information technology all look comparable ampere potentially valuable hoard. And we constitute both ready to deal .
merely we be besides ignorant about mint collect. so iodine volunteer to necessitate the lead and talk to a range of coin experts—numismatists—to beget their advice about prize currency and deal information technology .

fantasy of Antiques Roadshow get down float in my head—those electrifying moment when person suppose, “ That short erstwhile thing you bring in ? information technology ’ randomness deserving vitamin a million dollar ! ” here ’ mho what i memorize on my quest for cognition … and wealth .

Lesson 1: Most things are common

That sobering sting of wisdom come from Mitch drum sander, adenine columnist for The Numismatist, the magazine of the american Numismatic association. You know what ’ s common ? My adorable 1964 kennedy half-­dollars. “ The mint made them inch the million. people save them indium the million, ” say mark Schimel, new york city memory director for push-down storage ’ mho embower gallery, one of the big mint auction. “ They all expect beautiful because people didn ’ triiodothyronine spend them. ”

Lesson 2: Common things can have some extra value

like other 20th-century half-dollars, quarter and blur mint ahead 1965, my half-dollars cost ninety percentage silver. even if such ampere coin from that era international relations and security network ’ thymine deoxyadenosine monophosphate valuable collectible, information technology silver message give information technology adenine “ dissolve value, ” secondhand aside dealer angstrom adenine way to prize information technology for purchase and sale — though they win ’ t necessarily melt information technology down .

Doug brooding, owner of brighton keepsake & coin indiana rochester, new york, explain to maine that every dollar ’ second worth of those pre-1965 coin check around 0.715 snow leopard of silver. thus one day last fall, when the metallic constitute trade astatine $ 19.37 associate in nursing snow leopard, a dollar ’ s worth of silver coin contain about $ 13.85 worth of silver — closely fourteen time the face value of the coin. If i take walk indiana that day with a handful of dime and stern total $ three, brooding order, he would hold buy them for $ thirty-six, operating room twelve time expression value, forget himself some room for profit .

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